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  1. Hey, thanks for those words. I am finally finished with Bad Company! And it feels nice to have Platin now!
  2. I enjoyed playing this Game inspite the massive connection failers (I had to reduce my friendslist to under 20--hopefully all guys I had on my list will accept my request and get back on friendslist), inspite the poor map choice, inspite being teamkilled for reasons I never unterstand, inspite all insulting messages for being such a noob, inspite of the guys in a boost group who took advantage to get their achievements first though actually it was my turn, inspite my weakness in MP throwing grenades ( for some reason they either hit places I never aimed, drop into my front or go ways into Nirvana), inspite those sharp shooter aiming artists, inspite all other strange situations....Thanks to all guys (Even to those I do not like now and won't like in the Future) for the fun and help in Bad Company. Thanks also to EA, they supported me with excellent advice to solve my connection failers, but it did not helped. Thanks to those who still are on my friendslist, and very special Thanks to blackjudas and this community here. I am almost done and hopefully finish this game as my 25th Platin. It is a small anniversary worth, what you think?
  3. Hey, thx for your helpful answer. Topic can be closed. Everything ok now!
  4. Hello, since last Friday my profile does not update anymore. From Thursday on Friday night I had problems with my ps3. For some reason my friendslist vanished, the textchat was closed and I had to restart my system too often. Hopefully someone can help me.
  5. Hello, after 5 days connection failer I went through different possibilities. I got a very helpful answer from EA-Support but nothing helped, accept to quit friends from my list who played Bad Company. When the list reached 20 finally the game starts without connection failer. Why that failed occurred nobody nows, perhaps EA does....
  6. Hello, did you find a solution concerning the connection failer? I have this problem now, which is strange. All other MP Games don't fail to connect. And whats strange about it, Bad Company never had this before...
  7. Hi, I am located in Germany. I stumbled into this forum via invitation for the achievements at Bad Company. I play games since 2009 and love it when that "pling-sound" appears! Beside that I am very interested in traveling, reading and cooking. My playing time depends on my job and I have to balance onlimetime with real life. Thats it for now. Update: One of my favorite game is "Resistance-Fall of man". That game I played so often I can not remember. And it was the entrance to Shootergames. I never played games before the PS3. I like reading Science Fiction. My favorite here is Isaac Asimov and his Foundation. Beside him I like Arther C. Clarke and at the moment I enjoy reading Stieg Larson. His way of writing scares me sometimes.
  8. Moin Moin

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      Ok. I guessed as much after seeing your introduction thread. Welcome to the site! Hope you don't think I was mocking your language - around here Moin could have been an anime character or something!

    4. McSilversurfer


      It is a greeting by northern germans, for example Hamburg or Bremen. Thanks for your welcome.