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  1. You'd lose games that are tied to the old account (plus trophies) Not for me either, I honestly never saw the commotion over this. Even if you had an embarrassing name do many people even see it or care? Guess it's something that should have been in from the start though.
  2. Haha. It's one thing for those leaks to be false, it's another to see that absolute shite.
  3. This exactly. What choice is more important than life or death? Not sure what the OP is talking about.
  4. Built my hopes up for a fix so I can finally start it
  5. Sucks that it's still not fixed, really wanted to get the platinum while I was still addicted to the game. Guess this is the problem with indie teams that don't really care about achievements, it shouldn't be that hard to fix.
  6. I actually felt like there was more food variation than the first. Personally we just found it to be more of the same, which in this case was good. On the first playthrough we found some of the actual levels to be quite challenging but the score targets to be too generous (or perhaps it's easy to score high with combos). The online mode is quite decent but you have to rely on people working with you. Looking forward to the DLC and, hopefully, an online co-op.
  7. On Level 5-5 complete a combo of 5 if playing solo, or 8 if playing co-op
  8. I'm pretty sure most of the fortnighly sales are almost identical at this point. Quite disappointed that there weren't a few more top quality indies on there. Haven't digested the list fully yet but last week's double discount sale seemed better.
  9. I'm pretty average and found the plat achievable. The Flip Flop trophy can be done solo (and may be just as easy to do so). Wouldn't like to guess how hard the DLC is, I've never tried it as I imagine the player base is minimal now.
  10. Delighted with the platinum and this is a game I wouldn't mind participating in the multiplayer. Looking forward to it.
  11. Thanks for the update. I'm still not returning to the game until some more platinums start getting registered, "some trophies solved" is a bit too obscure for me.
  12. If the lighthouse has blown up you'll have to complete the story and wait for it to be restored. That sticker was the first I got because I randomly started hitting the door right at the beginning.
  13. Go to the Lighthouse area, where the band are sat around the fire, and start smashing the door until you get inside the lighthouse. Once inside walk to the end to find the sticker.
  14. The root beer is at the very start of the 4th stage of Fungal Crevice, you literally can't miss it. The vote might not happen until you have found the beer. No stickers are missable in this game.
  15. This looks cool, hopefully the trophies work unlike other indies I've played recently.