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  1. I think that if you're going to release a game, you should at least know the audience you're releasing it to - if it's Playstation, put a platinum trophy on it. So disappointing. If this was on Kickstarter I'm surprised the backers didn't suggest it.
  2. Of the ones I have Rayman Legends, The Escapists, Tropico 5, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Mercenary Kings were all relatively easy. Games that have been on the IGC tend to have low percentages so look at those.
  3. Best game I've played in ages. Loved everything from the style, to the level design, to the music. The level of challenge is spot on, and the structure and concept of some levels is fantastic. It's got a really charming story too. I'm not normally drawn to this type of game but was sceptical after IGN's 10/10 - it's worthy of that in my opinion. Still listen to the soundtrack every now and then, highly recommended game.
  4. Could be wrong but I don't think you get a rating for the final arson case (A Different Kind of War), and the DLC missions don't count towards Shamus to the Stars.
  5. Most games get overhyped, this is why I'd much rather listen to the Colin Moriarty and Jim Sterling's of the world because they aren't afraid to point out the flaws in a game. I saw gameplay of GoW and it just looked like Horizon or AC in another package. Most people just seem to rave about the axe throwing.
  6. Do the brightness trick and have a very thorough search. They are particularly hard to find around the mountainous areas, especially those with a golden ?
  7. Personally I think it's worth it. Even if the PS5 is 2020 that means you'll still be getting 2 years playtime from a £300 purchase (+games obviously), that represents good value nowadays in my opinion.
  8. The free games are a bonus to the service. They don't have to give us anything.
  9. Been waiting for this since last E3, so pleased it has a platinum. Can't wait to get started!
  10. Can confirm the only missable in the game is the Good Brief trophy. None of the stickers or cupcakes are missable.
  11. That's great, thank you! I haven't used anything other than potions so far so that's where I was going wrong.
  12. Could anyone explain how to get Bunny Business please? I'm a good chunk through the game and don't know what it entails, it has a fairly high % so I'm guessing I must be missing something...
  13. I don't care about physical BC, I just want all previous games to be available on the store. For example, my PS3 is plugged in because eventually I want to play inFamous, Far Cry 3, maybe some old Tales games and the like, I'd rather just have the ability to play them on my PS4 (and PS5 going forward). It wouldn't be a deal breaker though, I'm Sony through and through unless they really mess things up. Just hoping the PS5 isn't for a while because I still got a backlog.
  14. I've been waiting to play this game for nearly two years and these glitches continue to put me off :/
  15. Maybe it's wishful thinking but it would be pretty cheeky if any of the stickers are missable, surely they'd allow you to complete the full book! Hopefully it's only the Good Brief that is missable, I think that's acceptable.