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  1. Still have a PS3 backlog but there always seems to be a new PS4 game that stops me going back. I really need to press on with it before it's too late.
  2. Is there really much of a difference between 4.49 and free? It's been in sales for that price for at least a couple of years. Don't feel bad for purchasing games, the industry wouldn't exist without support.
  3. If we're talking AAA then The Last of Us is one of the obvious ones. Personally I just get disappointed when cool looking indies don't have a platinum or many trophies, recent examples being Little Nightmares and Iconoclasts.
  4. I mainly just play simulation games on PC because they don't require expensive rigs and aren't common on consoles. The rest of the time I prefer PS4. I love trophies but don't actually care about achievements on other consoles.
  5. It's not difficult, it just takes a little planning to do it with a minimum of playthroughs. It's a great game and worth playing regardless of trophies.
  6. I got 6 members from playing the full campaign and then I had to farm the 7th heir from replaying the first mission. Keep replaying until you get the dynasty task, if it doesn't involve a new heir (e.g. the birth, the competition etc) just restart and try again. Took me 3/4 attempts.
  7. Thanks for the information. Maybe it's permanent now that the sequel is out?
  8. Isn't this just an extended version of the other collection? Edit: Nevermind, just noticed the console
  9. I'm not defending DFS's devs but my understanding is that patching a game also costs devs money, so it may also be the case that they didn't find fixing a trophy worth it from a financial standpoint. As you've already acknowledged I think it's much more likely to be patched with this game.
  10. Just found out about this game and was disappointed to see the poor trophy list. Probably still pick it up in a sale down the line.
  11. I'm not proving anything, I just find it extra satisfying to complete the trophy checklist along with the game itself. I also use my trophy list to document my gaming history and I find it makes working through a backlog more manageable. Trophy lists aren't really a competition to me, I don't care about leaderboards or who has the most. I sometimes take trophies into account when buying a game but have no interest in buying 15-minute platinums. That said, everyone is welcome to do what they enjoy.
  12. Not remotely the worst game ever. Just a quite boring, repetitive, middle-of-the-road game in my opinion.
  13. My girlfriend isn't a gamer at all (apart from the odd mobile game) but she absolutely loved Overcooked and Until Dawn to the point where she was asking me to play it. Ask them if they'll play with you and they might end up enjoying it!
  14. It may have "hurt the games reputation" amongst trophy hunters but I don't see anything beyond that. The game did extremely well critically, and many gaming outlets and consumers actually praised it FOR having assist mode. I would imagine that most players that want to 100% Celeste will use assists, and I don't see what's wrong with that. For as much as we love trophies you guys seem to be forgetting that the game is still the most important thing, certainly in the eyes of the developers. Many developers don't care or see the audience's love for achievements, which is why many don't fight to have platinums or better trophy lists. Developers that do care about trophies gave us My Name Is Mayo. At least Celeste has a platinum, and you are free to achieve it with or without assists, does it really matter which you choose?
  15. I'll pick up some the 'Under £4' deals, much more interesting list than EA's.