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  1. Not really into these games but I've seen Quill18 playing and it looked quite cool. Honestly the fact this has a platinum might tempt me to pick it up.
  2. This shouldn't happen because I don't want a hacker deleting my shit. Yes trophies are worthless, and one day they will mean nothing to me, but I want to let them go on my terms. If my account was wiped I'd go insane. Same reason we can't delete games from the library. I don't get why people can't see the potential issue.
  3. Can confirm this works by answering someone's call, dropping the reviver hive and throwing a grenade on yourself. I tried the normal method of reviving someone else and it didn't work multiple times, tried the hive method once and it popped.
  4. Isn't the point with Days Gone that the game was in bad shape pre-release and that could have contributed to certain low scores? Anyway, reviews are just someone elses's opinion and should only be used as such. The context is also more important than the score at the bottom. I would much rather pop some gameplay on Youtube than read a review. I also cynically feel that, in this digital age where certain companies are fighting to stay relevant, there is an aspect of clickbaity extreme scores. If you are commited to reading reviews, find a reviewer you trust but still research the gsme yourself first.
  5. Yes that appears to be the rumour at the moment. I can't believe it will stay that way.
  6. This may well be patched but according to a post on reddit the raid will have no matchmaking and can only be participated in through clans/friends. Looks like I'm not taking part then...
  7. I think Spinosaurus needs to also consider that many devs don't really care about trophies that much, and that could also be the case with Celeste. Trophies aside, this is a difficult game that has an assist mode to help struggling players experience the whole game IF they choose to use it. I'm presuming the trophies were an afterthought (as they should be) and I doubt the devs really lost sleep over how rare the platinum would be. We all love trophies here but the game is the most important thing (apart from those shitty ones that were only made to sell a platinum). And I don't really see the "I could just watch it on Youtube" point of view, you could do that with any game.
  8. All of mine are under 50%, and it will remain that way.
  9. Honestly I'll go with Kingdom Hearts collection and Last of Us. They may be awesome games, and I may still return to them one day, but they have awful trophy lists. Not least confirmed by the fact that I played both for a significant amount of time without unlocking 1 trophy.
  10. I know, I'm not saying that. I'm saying that people complain as if they're expecting Day's Gone and Red Dead 2 on PS+ and it's never going to happen. Then when we finally get 2 good games it's still not good enough. And the irony is we now have a shit ton of 15 minute platinums because people support them.
  11. That's still more expensive than a month's sub isn't it? Therefore it's good value this month. For all the complaining I'm seeing, this seems like a strange month to protest.
  12. I'm really at a loss this month. Finally we get 2 good quality, critically acclaimed, popular games and people are still complaining. I get that we're in a "people expecting the world for free" culture but I really don't understand what people realistically expect anymore. All you can ask from PS+ is that the monthly games are of at least a decent quality and value-wise cover the cost of a months sub - these do. I appreciate that many people might already own PS+ games but I don't accept it as a complaint. If you're in a position where you often already own the free offerings then you probably aren't signed up for the free games anyway. I already own Overcooked but I'm excited that a new audience might find and enioy it this month.
  13. You could probably get a bunch of trophies fairly quickly in Minecraft and Rocket League. Life is Strange could be completed in a day or two and offers a nice amount of trophies.
  14. It didn't peak my interest in trophies but it started my love for hunting them. I check the site everyday, both for my progress and to look around at other games. Unfortunately it does influence games I play, for example, I refuse to platinum a game that has 50%+ rarity. This has stopped me playing some good games but it's my own irrational choice! I would probably only have a handful of plats without this site.
  15. Because some people don't want to drop $60+ without knowing if they'll like it or not...