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  1. After playing the DLC naturally I farmed dirty glasses on Level 1-4 quite a few times and the trophy didn't unlock. I then washed 1 plate on Level 1-3 and the trophy popped. It may have coincidentally been my 150th wash or maybe the trophy only pops after a plate.
  2. There does seem to have been a few more platinum earners recently so I'm guessing this is just down to determined grinders than trophy fixes?
  3. It has it's problems but I would still say it's worth playing, and worth a platinum run if you like it. I'm not a fan of the cheap difficulty tricks such as the hidden spikes, or enemies suddenly changing direction as you're jumping them. Something like Celeste has much classier design in my opinion without relying on these things. Also hit detection can be somewhat inconsistent, and levels don't have checkpoints. But hey, the concept is fun, some of level theming is actually pretty cool, and the platforming is decent.
  4. I think the point is that those devs push to get a platinum. The whole point of My Name Is Mayo was that it had a platinum, that's why people bought it. Other devs just don't understand that trophies can be a selling point, or a point of interest at least.
  5. Couple of amendments to the guide. The fruit labelled as Zx Spectrum Lv1 is found on Lv5 The one labelled as BBC Micro Lv7 is found on Lv4
  6. I generally ignore the leaderboards, I know my account will never be anything special plus I don't pad it with cheap plats. That said I do occasionally look at my country position, I guess it would be nice to make the top thousand one day or something.
  7. Hi, the Guardian monument can be found by travelling left once you leave the tutorial area, as shown in the video linked above. Once you reach the Guardian monument, reload the save in Peaceful mode and start exploring inside. You'll find some Wet Sponge inside but it's like a maze in there!
  8. I knew it was Kawakami before I even realised she was an option, then she wore the maid outfit. My God.
  9. In terms of trophies I had a fairly decent year. More importantly, this was the year I decided to vote with my wallet and refuse to carry on buying worn out, annual franchises. No COD or Battlefield, no FIFA for the first time in 20 years. I played other great games in their place and feel much better for it.
  10. This trophy popped for me when I was randomly running across some land, I can't find a shipwreck anywhere.
  11. Is this another special e-mail I'll never receive?
  12. You'd lose games that are tied to the old account (plus trophies) Not for me either, I honestly never saw the commotion over this. Even if you had an embarrassing name do many people even see it or care? Guess it's something that should have been in from the start though.
  13. Haha. It's one thing for those leaks to be false, it's another to see that absolute shite.
  14. This exactly. What choice is more important than life or death? Not sure what the OP is talking about.
  15. Built my hopes up for a fix so I can finally start it