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  1. I got Flip Flop from following Brian's method from PS4Trophies. Play Solo, Comeback map, Heavy class, Keep one guy alive at the end of each round and wait for your Goliath to respawn. You have to be patient but it's a pretty effective strategy that worked for the average player I am.
  2. Every generation ends at some point, they'll continue to remaster PS3 games on newer consoles and you can still use the console for as long as it works. It's crazy to me that a lot of games and, in particular, DLC are still full price. They're leaving tons of sales on the table, even at lower prices, by not reducing them. I've been patiently waiting for DLC to drop so I can complete some older games but it's rarely on sale, I'd buy them in an instant if they were.
  3. I don't see the point of having an army at all in COD, they do fuck all and when the enemy approach they only target you anyway. I always hate having to do Veteran, it's not much fun having to be so patient and persistent.
  4. You can't. You can't filter consumables as specifically as players.
  5. Seen tons of people comparing FIFA to BF2 but they are nothing alike. In the multiplayer of a shooter, the payers and non-payers typically compete against each other directly. In FIFA you can totally avoid FUT and play other online modes unaffected by microtransactions. This year with Squad Battles you can even play FUT and avoid people. Players also don't seem to realise that people buying packs if beneficial to all players, paying and non-paying. While many people discard their unwanted cards, many don't and flood the market with their unwanted copies. This increases the quantities for sale and lowers their values, making them more affordable for all. If you stop people buying packs you lose the audience that don't have time to grind, and it negatively impacts the market. Saw someone above saying "you should be able to play with your favourite players if you want to" - obviously that is the goal but initially I disagree entirely. If everyone had access to the best players from the start it would defeat the purpose of the mode, and dareisay, make it less fun. FUT is a card collecting mode, opening packs and finding players is kind of the whole point of it. And it's a seperate mode you can choose not to play. This is coming from someone who doesn't buy packs. I've played 300+ matches this year, none against a human, and built a great team fairly easily. It really hasn't affected me if Bob from down the road spent £300 a week on packs.
  6. Honestly the leaderboards are one of the things I care least about on this site, I have no motivation towards them or any desire to compare myself against any other trophy hunter. Personally I don't go for the notoriously easy trophies, but others are free to spend their time and money on whatever they want.
  7. Can confirm you still get the trophy if your challenges stick at 1/10. Same with War matches.
  8. The concern is that it starts with cosmetic items and a few sidequests but where does it end? Do they strip back bigger quests or endings? Publishers will push and push until we stand up, and if we don't then the content of a game we get as standard could be a totally different proposition to how it was. Think how quickly microtransactions have seaped into the AAA space, one of the first questions I ask about a new game is "Does it have microtransactions?" rather than "What is this game?"
  9. It sounds harsh but addictive tendencies are exactly what they're preying on. Microtransactions work for them because it's an ongoing source of income, raising the price would of course get them slightly more money but it's still limited to the copies they sell. They rely on a very small group of people that seem to throw crazy money at these games.
  10. I'm only getting 1/10 too despite completing 7 today alone.
  11. This is the excuse that publishers use but games have not been the same price for years. Take a look at the upcoming AAA releases and see how many editions there are. The standard game is now $60 but if you want to experience the full package of content you now pay upwards of $100. They can hold back any content they wish and lock it to more expensive editions, initially it was just cosmetics but now higher edition include extra sidequests. Personally I now look at games more closely before I buy them, if I find the microtransaction system in a game too intrusive then I'll refuse to buy it. I passed on Shadow of War, I'll pass on Battlefront 2. Maybe years ago that would have been a hard decision but there are so many other great games at the moment I don't miss them so much.
  12. If they are going to port 8 then I don't know why they released them out of order. I'd buy a FF collection tomorrow if they made them all available, it's been my biggest gaming wish for years.
  13. Saw this for the first time and it looks pretty good, definitely a game I could see myself clawing through.
  14. You don't have to use the fart in a fight, and the skin colour is irrelevant. I unlocked the first 3 farts during the story, completed the story and then got the trophy the instant I crafted the Chocolate Memberito after the story. I have never used the last fart and have no idea what it even does. The trophy description here says it might not pop until you finish the story (if you haven't already)
  15. The delay before the trophy pops is one hell of a troll, a part of me wouldn't be surprised if it's deliberate! Can confirm only selected Mastermind when prompted in-game.