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  1. I constantly swap between my PS3 and PS4 using the same cables and never had this issue. I just wait for the light to disappear and the console to make no noise.
  2. It's a good game but a weak Final Fantasy.
  3. All I'll say is that if you're hunting in a game that you don't love, and put it down, it can be very hard to find the motivation to pick it back up again! Personally I tend to have 2 or 3 games on the go at one time, usually different genres to keep the grind fresh. I prioritise games I actually want to play, rather than forcing myself to play ones I fancy a break from. I also prioritise multiplayer trophies as collecting them naturally relies on an active player base, single player trophies can be achieved anytime.
  4. The sale runs between 9th-21st June. I'm assuming this also applies to the PS+ discount but not 100% sure.
  5. I'm glad, we don't want to keep being fed little snippets over the next 3 years. Keep it hush and keep it a surprise.
  6. You can order the Icon Edition now on the store. It's only £89.99. I promise my eyes didn't pop out of my head when I saw that.
  7. I'm happy to keep jumping back in every now and then. The last few updates didn't hook me gameplay-wise but collecting the trophies never gets old. I thought it was closer to the trophy cap than it actually is. (If we're assuming DriveClub 4,740 points is the limit)
  8. As far as I can tell it's random so you're obviously just having bad luck. Keep destroying 3 shield beacons per level, keep playing on at least Veteran, keep doing UFO ship runs and eventually you'll get it! Good luck.
  9. If you're short of money then I'm surprised you aren't a PS+ member, you get dozens of games per year with it. I get that you can't choose the selection, and they may not all appeal to you, but generally they offer some sort of entertainment even if you've never heard of them. Anyway, I think the PS4 is well worth it without PS+. Think of all the great single player games released this year alone.
  10. Video games have never been cheaper and that will get even better when we fully accept the digital switch. You can also play the market tactically, if you want a AAA release but don't want to pay £40/$60? Just wait a month or two and there's bound to be a discount. Then there's indies, maybe they don't always have the bells and whistles of a AAA but they usually deliver with pure gameplay and at a bargain price. There have been many indies I've bought that I would have been willing to pay more to show better support.
  11. This has probably been patched but online events do count towards this trophy. I just got it and have literally only done 5-6 missions solo. (not as a host either)
  12. Heads up that this pack is now half price if you change your mind!
  13. Should have posted spoilers with that video, it gives wayyyy too much away...
  14. I was literally looking on the store for the OG Paperboy game the other day. They need to add it to Arcade Archives.
  15. You could get the other 3 games of the Arcade game series, they happen to be together in a pack at £6.49