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  1. Just read the descriptions for each trophy in the guide and it'll give you a rough walkthrough of the story. I'm doing it right now and the story is going pretty fast.
  2. Trophy hunters tend to have high attach rates so you've got to assume that the lack of a platinum does affect sales. I can't tell you how many non-trophy hunters, or even rare gamers, that I heard rushing to buy the Crash Trilogy and were hooked into getting all the platinums. We don't truly know exactly how many more sales they could get but surely Sony, the devs and publishers want to get as many as possible. Whether the decision ultimately comes down to Sony or the dev, the point I always make is that Sony added the trophy system so they should enforce consistent rules. Just give everything a platinum if you're going to introduce the concept.
  3. Ah, that's great! Thanks for the tip.
  4. How did you get the artifacts with this glitch? I have 4 remaining.
  5. What a fucking let down.
  6. Is this permanent? I really can't be bothered finding all the vehicles everytime I wanna update.
  7. My tip would be to go mining when it rains. Rain obviously saves you watering plants and you can spend this time working the mine. I neglected the mine at the start of my game because I struggled to fit it in, and as a result, I fell behind with the quality of my tools. Devoting a full rain day to the mine can allow you to build a big stash of ores without worrying about crops.
  8. I would say cricket is still easily ahead of football in the UK (If you mean American Football). There's no doubt football is making big strides though.
  9. Pretty happy with that. Was going to buy Downwell anyway and I'll give Just Cause a go.
  10. Given how deep and replayable the game is, it's criminal that Hitman doesn't have one.
  11. I have a Very Rare item if anyone would like to trade me for it
  12. Unless I'm mistaken the first opportunity for a trophy pop doesn't occur until Ch. 5, so it may seem troubling to play so long without earning one. I also get nervous when I'm playing a game for a while and don't seem to be earning any. As for when achieved ones pop, it tends to be when a chapter or the game ends, unless it's a collectable.
  13. I was pleasantly surprised to see that CSH has such a big discount already. I hope it's not a sign that it sold poorly though, I wanted to see more of these on the PS4....I guess I'm part of the problem by not buying on launch ._.
  14. Quite a few indies are tempting me this week. The Witness, Enter the Gungeon, Volume, Cosmic Star Heroine, Rogue Legacy and Stardew Valley. All at low prices. Also gonna get AC:Brotherhood and Red Dead DLCs. The backlog grows ever longer...
  15. I'm not sure if you have to pet it AND give it the bone. I pet the wolf and it gave me the butterfly effect that I had befriended the wolf, and then I also gave it the bone after and nothing happened. On my girlfriend's playthrough she did neither and the wolf still followed Mike. (But she didn't barricade the door so we missed the trophy anyway)