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  1. You know you have to watch the whole race, right?
  2. Fine with me. Some games are worth more than $60, and there are plenty of sales to wait for if you would prefer a discount. Vote with your wallet. Sorry but gaming can be an expensive hobby but still represents value considering how long games can last
  3. It reminds me of Child of Light but with pinball puzzles instead of battles!
  4. Any tips for the Hill mission after you blow up the tank? Reinforcements come and I’m having trouble taking them on or where to go. My team don’t kill anybody and the enemy runs straight past them to reach me. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to kill them all or if they keep spawning until I do something with the tank again. There are guys literally stood in the open and my team don’t do anything.
  5. Based on my experience, yes.
  6. After playing for an hour or two I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if this is a more uncommon plat than expected. If you’re not into brick-breakers I can easily see people getting frustrated with this, especially once 4 paddles are in play. I’m pretty much playing for trophies at this point. Glad to support Colin though.
  7. Hope it’s a rare plat, can’t wait to play.
  8. The frustrating thing is that it’s not that hard once you upgrade weapons. The platinum is very achievable in terms of difficulty, it’s just impossible to grind for trophies when the game stops counting kills.
  9. I restarted a new game and trophies were popping fine until I reached the end of the tech dungeon too. Yeah trophies have been bugged since release.
  10. Thanks. I think trophies have just stopped popping for me as I can’t get perfect Energy Flux to pop either. I had high hopes a few days ago but it looks like the plat isn’t worth the investment.
  11. How is the green monster not spawning?
  12. Most of the trophies are popping for me now, though I’m not convinced the trophy for killing 1,000 tech enemies is counting (and therefore possibly the 10k kills) I’ve made it to tech stage 3 at least 20-30 times so should have killed 1,000 enemies by now. Not sure if collecting loot confirms a kill because that’s the only thing I’m not doing compared to other dungeons.
  13. Only really know Brian and Mystic. Colin Moriarty too if we’re talking anyone in the biz
  14. Probably more like 25%.
  15. First speedrun 95:00 and left me with motion sickness. Think this platinum will be out of reach for me!