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  1. Do any of the free DLCs work with the Greatest Hits editions (red boxes)?
  2. In Icey, there's a series of trophies that the narrator will react to when they unlock, and eventually goes into a full-blown rant about trophy hunters in general.
  3. Nice guide on availability of TT games. Maybe you could add those on PS Now to the list for extra clarification because it seems confusing to tell whether any of TT games on it are complete or not, for those who want to go PS Now route.
  4. Do any of the now free DLCs affect trophies in any way other than adding the said trophies (I.e. better weapons, exp boosters, etc)? Or are they just cosmetics?
  5. I had been hoping for Atelier Trilogy DX to be on sale as I missed out on the sale last month because it was during the first week of two-week long sale thinking that I could wait another week to see if there was any new additions during the 2nd week. Instead, it left during the second week. Or perhaps even other older Atelier titles on Vita that I haven't bought yet like Ayesha Plus and Shallie Plus. Actually now that I think about it, it's been few years since the last time any of Atelier titles actually went on sale during Golden Week sale. I know I got the Arland Trilogy Plus during the golden week sale (and that was a couple of months before I finally bought my own copy of Vita as I'd been borrowing a friend's).
  6. When I did the Kobold mission to max out my Scimitar skill, I kept going on and maxed all other weapons that I haven't maxed out yet - including the katana - while at it. Just lure one or two Kobolds away from the group and around the corner, then just hack away using weakest weapon using all speed buffs and potions (if you have any). Doing this is actually beneficial because not only do you max out all weapons, you also gain shitload of skill points. Once I had skills maxed out, I just simply left because it just wasn't worth it spending 3 hours to kill the rest, even with best weapons when there are other easier hollow missions and implements to complete towards their respective trophies. edit: lol, just realized sephiroth4424 already beat me to the answer.
  7. darkalphar, Valley Wanderer (Shadow of Colossus) Kinda apt considering that I'm no longer trophy hunting and am now just content to play whatever I want to play.
  8. How'd you lose your save? I wasn't aware of any potential save loss in either version of SAO:HF.
  9. I just platinum'd SAO Re:HF, about 11 months after I plat'd the Vita version. I'd forgotten how much of grind some of implements had been, though but at least the improved online mode for the PS4 version made it little easier than the vita version. With that game done, I doubt I'll plat any of other SAO games I've got (Lost Song and Hollow Realization).
  10. Just platinum'd Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment. Actually, I had platinum'd the Vita version about 11 months earlier, but because I had enjoyed it I decided that I'd do the PS4 version as well whenever I felt like playing HF again. As a nice bonus, the UR platinum bumped down the rarest trophy I had that wasn't 100% legit. I know it doesn't really matter much, but it just kinda bothered me.


    I hadn't realized how rare some of Wipeout 2048 trophies were when I decided to boost them upon realizing that the MP servers was going to be shut down. So the rarity of SAO Re:HF platinum gave me an extra motivation to go back and finish.


    With that platinum (and the legit rarest trophy) achieved, I'm officially quitting the trophy hunting activity. I realized that I'd become too obsessed with trophies to the point that it's discouraged me from playing other games that I wanted to play or just to try out. Especially when factoring in the fact that I'm working almost 60 hours every week and pursing my interest in anime and manga. I say enough is enough...


    It's been a fun ride, even with its enjoyable and terrible parts of hunting I went through. :)

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    3. MidnightDragon
  11. How unexpected, I got 1,000 points thanks to having completed the platinum pass even though this was AFTER the Sony Rewards program overhaul began. So this confirms that pass progresses did carry over.
  12. I gave up on waiting for any updates to my sonyrewards account so I just went ahead and redeemed for $10 PSN code. I only needed some 500 more before I could get $20... oh well.
  13. I just recently tried to log on using my email address as usual to see if anything got fixed... and it said my email address didn't match any of their records. This despite me having logged on using same email address successfully multiple times in the past. Their website is slowly getting more and more broken.
  14. Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment Collect all trophies Collect all trophies Rarity: 1.80% (at the time of writing) Until this one, my rarest platinum were in range of around 4.30% or higher.
  15. Spec Ops: The Line MFWIC Complete game on "FUBAR" difficulty. I generally don't bother with higher or hard difficulty levels unless they look reasonably not too difficult. But sometimes I do give it a try, and this one is pretty much the hardest trophy I've tried to get in fair way (although there WAS an option in-game to bypass a harder battle entirely which I took). Wipeout HD Meltdown Obtain a medal for every cell in Meltdown. This one also gave me a lot of trouble as I had to get medals in every cell in the game in order to unlock chrome skin for the Bling Brigade trophy that was being boosted soon; at the time I not very familiar with boosting sessions so I was worried that it would be long time before another one might come up. Needless to say, the last couple of cells in Meltdown as frustrating, especially the ones that featured Sol track.