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  1. Top 3 games: 1. Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment / 145 hours <- Not surprised. 2. Grand Kingdom / 69 hours 3. Metro Exodus / 61 hours Days played: 141 Day played at 876 hours clocked. Longest gaming streak was 15 hours (huh, I didn't realize I played that long at some times). Trophies earned: Total: 432 Trophies earned Platinum: 10 Gold: 47 Silver: 91 Bronze: 284 Edit: Oh yeah, I also got Action Hero title.
  2. I got around to measuring the total space I have available (a table placed in corner of the room - the only spot available for TV) at 40 inches, so 43-inch TVs would barely squeeze in. But that's at diagonal so there's probably not enough room for frame stands, so that means 40-inch TVs are the maximum I can safely fit onto the table. Good thing I made some measurements because I didn't realize how limited space I had, so that narrows down my choices. As far as I can tell, Vizio's 405-G9 is the only 4k and HDR TV in that bracket, and it doesn't seem to have earned good reviews unfortunately. Everything else is 1080p. Well, considering that I've been with 1080i for a decade, even a true 1080p is still an improvement. Plus Smart TV capability. For the record, this is the TV I'm currently using. I do plan to eventually get a larger 4k TV for living room in future, so I think I can settle for a better reviewed 1080p TV to fit into my room at this point. Or I could wait a while longer for more 40-inch 4K TVs to hit the market. Either way, I appreciate all the input from you guys. Thanks a bunch! @HuntingFever I already used that option, but it doesn't work for all games. Atelier series are one notable example.
  3. I really appreciate your advice. When I started looking The past I kinda had a good rough idea of what to look for, but only got confused and more uncertain as I researched further. So this is very helpful as starter point. I was fine with my current TV up until last summer when I started streaming and realized that having a smart TV would be more conivent. That and my current TV can't display screen properly; small part of the whole picture is always cut off. Especially with TV shows as text onscreen is always cut off. Something to do overscan? Since due to limited space and this being my bedroom tv, my budget will probably be $250 or so.
  4. I'm planning to purchase a new tv to replace my very old Vizio 1080i (yes, that's right 1080i not 1080p) TV. Thing is, I don't have much space in my room so 40 inch is best I can get (43 inch might be pushing it, depending on width). I only have slim PS4 and no plans to get PS5 for at least couple of years. My PC is also capable of 1080p gaming that I plan to connect to tv. So the question is, what tv should I go for when looking for a new one? At first I thought about getting 4k TV but I once read that 1080p games don't look good on 4k even with downscaling so perhaps I should stick with 1080p TV?
  5. Wasn't really paying attention, but it was probably either Clash of Clans of Fire Emblem Heroes. But if it's about actual gameplay (as opposed to few minutes of play for sake of daily rewards or whatnot), then that would be Honkai Impact 3rd- actually started on the 1st, I think. Was curious about it and so enjoying it so far but I have a feeling that it won't last. Not quite ready to start gaming on PlayStation/PC yet despite having bought or got gifted games,
  6. I got interested in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana about a month ago and was trying to get a physical copy, but it's stubbornly sticking at $50 or higher. With this current sale, the digital is at $30, but that's bit higher than what I'd prefer for a digital copy ($20 is my ideal price point). Plus even if I got it right now I likely won't be playing it for a while as there are few games in my backlog that I'm more interested in playing soon. However according to psprices.com this game rarely goes on sale. So I'm debating whether I should grab it now, or skip it and wait for next sale.
  7. I think you have to actually log out of the account you don't want trophies on first before switching to another account to avoid accidental trophies, as opposed to simply changing accounts.
  8. Seeing this thread made me wonder- is it possible to have trophies/games on my PSN account hidden from whoever checks out my account on PSN but leave them visible and not hidden on PSNProfiles in order to keep my trophy stats accurate?
  9. Yeah, it's unfortunate that the servers are down. Although we no longer received the war updates, I could tell that servers were still online because I was able to search for guilds online and follow them (as well as scoreboard and rank history). But now all those options are no longer possible, confirming that servers are truly gone. While I had enough flags to unlock the trophy, I had hoped for one more time with elderly man to get a specific flag I was trying to get. Think it's possible to contact someone at the developer or publisher to see if they could check whether flags do drop offline (or maybe patch the game to make that possible)?
  10. It seems that the general consensus among Grand Kingdom players is that the Flag Collector trophy will be unobtainble after shutdown if players have not obtained at least 2 flags via online wars and thus rendering platinum unobtainable. There are 8 guaranteed offline flags and 10 additional DLC flags that can be bought, for total of 18 flags (or just 8 for those who don't want to pay for DLCs), short of 20 required for the trophy. They supposedly drop as extremely rare drop offline but so far this has not been confirmed making online the only viable method of getting flags.
  11. It just occurred to me- There likely will be some players who haven't had their war contract expire or cancelled before server shutdown for various reasons. In that case, they're going to be limited to quests whose nations aren't hostile with the current war contract. But wouldn't it be possible to cancel the war contract post-shutdown and make a new war contract to temporarily open up those locked out quests? One could then repeat this method of cancelling and making new contract to open up the nation quests as long as there's plenty of gold.
  12. I noticed that when I went to another nation that I wasnt contacted to report my quest progress I wasn't allowed to see the ruler. That made me wonder, once servers go down does that mean we will no longer be able to meet the rulers? I know that doesnt really affect gameplay or trophies, but I've kinda gotten used to having rulers praise or admonish on my quest progress. 😆
  13. I got the Gold Baku statue on first trip to the Eclise map, except it wasn't from the TP chest mentioned above but the furthermost left TP chest on the map.
  14. Thought I'd share my experiences with powerlevel system so others can use it more efficiently... For those using Fiel powerlevelling method, the first tier will be bit hard because you're just starting out with little mobey, items, and gears to support your starting party. Your leveling units wont be strong or fast enough to finish off the enemies that the paladin doesn't 1HKO before they attack. And you'll be losing money somewhat since you wont be earning enough gold from operations to at least break even on hiring fees (in this case, farm the travel quest and sell resource drops you find). However once you hit 2nd tier, it becomes easy onwards, especially if you minmax stats (I maxed agi first then vit, and finally atk stat- str for physical damagers and mag for magic users). Getting movement flag helps as well since with it the hired paladin can reach the middle where most enemies are positioned. Stepping just past of the middle group and turning around before using over strike will knock any survivors closer towards your units where they can then finish them off. Once you're able to hire level 30 paladin, you're pretty much set as long as you have a supply of morale potions from Guild shop as you'll be clearing enemies so fast that you'll lose morale quickly. Level 51 tier is pretty much profitable as because faster you clear enemies, more enemies you get to fight resulting in better rewards. I was easily earning 20k+ gold in large scale wars. This also helps toward flag trophy as more enemies you fight means more chances of flag dropping. Tier 75 and higher, though, are more expensive and harder to break even even with quick clearing of enemies. So it's better to just stick with level 51 unit as most of time your enemies are under level 50. Even in few cases that you encounter higher level enemies that the pally can't 1hko your minmaxed units will pick them off. As of now, I've reached level 90+ just by sticking with level 51 paladin, and still making profit in gold. I also should mention that I'm still using only gears bought from Guild shop despite being high levels.
  15. I just realized something, if we don't recall our dispatched units in war before server shutdown, would they be forever unrecoverable since we have to be online to dispatch or recover our units?