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  1. Pretty sure I was the first person to complete Sparkle 2 100% on the PS5 version - I am ranked number 1 for beating the game on Nightmare (and a few other trophies too I believe) which would arguably be the last trophy you would earn.
  2. Oh my god, I finally got Mitzurella’s final challenge beaten last night after trying on and off since writing this post. Even the attempt I finally passed it on came right down to the wire; one of my workers was carrying finished car #26 to the truck as the final car #27 was being built at a workstation. When I later loaded a save from right after that, those two cars were sitting in my inventory and therefore hadn’t made the truck technically, so I scraped through by the skin of my teeth. Just posting some of my tips and preparation in case this helps anyone who stumbles on this thread later: I went through my factory and tidied up as much as I could. I did have zones in front of doors so I moved those, used shelving as much as I could, removed any stations I wasn’t actively using (mostly wood work things) and either replaced them with additional machines used in this challenge, or with decorations. I bought a LOT of arcade machines as they don’t take up much space and provide a fair bit of happiness to each room. When I checked the room happiness lense, all my rooms were at least +50 happiness and had a green tinge to them. I upgraded any non-specialised workers to advanced assemblers, and had 12 of them ready to go for the attempt. I started using billboards to minimise the amount of oversight I’d have to do, I still did some manual moving around but billboards actually really helped. I had at LEAST two stations of each kind linked to billboards, but for many billboards I had at least four machines linked to power through creating the parts. I had nine advanced assembly stations linked to one billboard as every attempt I’d done so far failed at the assembly stage. I “batched” the order into smaller chunks. This failed the first time, so I re-loaded and tried without batching, which also failed. I did batching again on my third attempt which was the successful one. I don’t know if it helped, but about 50% through when I had a little bit of green time, I used the perks of volunteers, overdrive, and pushing it to the limit to try and get a bit more green. AS SOON AS I noticed the green time slipping back towards “on time” and then “behind,” I used the delay associates perk. This buys you an extra 24 hours and pushed me enough into the green to scrape through. This perk is vital for this challenge. I found if you wait til you get into red time before using it on this challenge, you’ve already failed the attempt. I noticed the amount of stations I had wasn’t going to be enough, so as non-assembly stations finished their jobs, I purchased more assembly stations to put in front of them and manually kept assigning them batched tasks. I ended up with five extra assembly stations that I purchased during this challenge, and just sold after I got the trophy. Batching really helped as instead of working on 50 tires at once, it broke them up into small chunks and assigned stations 4-5 tires (or other parts). As mentioned I got through by the skin of my teeth when the trophy unlocked with car #26 being walked to the truck as the final car was being assembled. I was so relieved when the trophy popped. My “assembly time” was 6 days 8 hours, and the deadline was 6 days 3 hours, so I was really pushing hard. Don’t be afraid to buy more machines mid-run, don’t be afraid to manually line up tasks to machines, don’t be afraid to use perks. Grinding out level 40 and mopping up a few other trophies now!!
  3. Hi all, I’m writing this half because I’m looking for tips, and half because I find whenever I post asking for help, I end up doing the thing a few minutes later hahaha so I’m hoping my luck holds there. How on Earth do you finish Mitzurella’s final challenge? I have to make 27 cars in 6 days and 3 hours. When planning I end up about 9 hours “over” time, but when I actually get into production I find I get ahead quickly. Until I get to assembly. And then it all turns to crap. I have to micromanage EVERYTHING. I have 22 machines on the job and as said I get very far ahead whilst producing parts, maybe about 30 hours ahead. Then come assembly the workers just don’t work. I ratcheted up the priority on some which helped me gain a bit of time, but no where near enough. Workers walk past benches with high priority to work on other projects or just do nothing. I can have 9 assembly benches with plenty of work to do, micromanage and move jobs around to avoid bottle necks, and find everyone in the break room, or only 1-2 people doing things. By the time the deadline rolls around I’m lucky to have 10 cars finished to deliver because no one is doing any work. The moods in my rooms are neutral at absolute worst, and “two thumbs up” in assembly room and most other rooms. I don’t think tripping / slow down is an issue as they move around the room very freely during other projects and get them done well within time. Just this friggin’ one that I can’t pass and get the trophy attached to it. Any help would be appreciated?!
  4. I made peace with never getting the Plat due to Emperor and so just play for fun and try to get other trophies. I haven't played the game in 2 years but I do very much enjoy it when I do jump in. I have 81 out of the 124 trophies currently available and while some were grindy, nothing was that difficult. I am a casual player and by no means an expert, got most of the trophies I have BEFORE figuring out DPS and good skills, etc. So that might tell you most are more grindy than hard and certainly doable if you have the time. I think it's worth playing and if you're able to get Emperor more power to you. But if you don't have time to dedicate to that trophy and are concerned about that trophy making you miss a 100%, then I wouldn't start.
  5. Hi, this happened to me as well. I am playing a PS4 disc that got the free upgrade to PS5. I initially thought one of them was for kicking a guard into fire, as I did that and then these two trophies popped lol. I assume this doesn't mess up the ability to get the rest of the 100%?
  6. Well, at least they have acknowledged the issue. Thanks for that, HuskyCode. I will cross my fingers that they fix it. I only need those death runs for the plat and sadly your fix is a bit too complicated for me.
  7. Hi everyone, my profile hasn't updated in over 12 hours. It just says "updating soon." I have earned about 6 trophies in Nioh in that time and have synced my trophies. Is this what others have been experiencing? EDIT: Updated as of 15 minutes ago so whatever was holding mine up has been fixed.