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  1. Interesting find. Guess I'll pick this up next time it's on sale then.
  2. So now that the sonic origins trophy list is revealed what are people thoughts on it? Personally I'm a little bit disappointed with it, they could have done so much more. The trophy images are just boring static sonic statue with a bronze silver or gold background. I am looking forward to the challenges in the game as there's a silver trophy for each game to complete 10 challenges with a s rank wich will be fun. I just hope there's a physical release like mania.
  3. Just wait for the ps8 re release deifinitive release HD HD super HD 4k 4k x2 remake remake anniversary release to auto pop the same trophy list 😄
  4. Not being able to get a ps5 in UK isn't his fault its due to scalpers and a shortage of chips. Saying he's gonna switch console has nothing to do about owning or not owning a ps5 its more about what one covers what he wants. I think Sony do great job of making themselves look bad take the new ps+ this was supposed to be there rival to xbox game pass but there's hardly been a peep from Sony about its like they don't give a shit or forgot their actually releasing it or they know its not going to be as good.
  5. I agree with you on buying games again due to upgrades/stacks I own every resident evil game on ps4 disc versions why would I spend all that money again for slightly better graphics? It doesn't change the game in any way there's nothing new or changed there's no new or changed trophies. Sure the free upgrades are nice but the last year's (2022) been kinda bad for playstation it's all remakes,re releases or just hoards of fucking jumping taco shite and 79p bollocks. I'm just waiting for the new ps+ to see if it's worth keeping my playstation or switch to xbox or even nintendo at this point.
  6. AFAIK the only ps2 games the now are all the ones from the ps2 classics program and there's roughly 10 ps1 games 4 or 5 have trophies which is OK I guess every ps1 should have trophies honestly to make it worthwhile why pay 100 bucks to play tekken 2 when I can load it up on my ps1 console
  7. Oh shit just wait till atari gets my letter about how they MUST support the 2600 as I own one. Ps plus wasn't mandatory to play ps3 online
  8. Yeah that's probably the best way to go about it. I learned my lesson with preventive strike which ruined my alt account as its been broken since launch
  9. I know alot of the trophies are still glitched but is it best to pick up the now as its on sale with a 90% discount and hope it gets fixed in the future or is it best to skip it seeing as the game will be 3 years old in october.
  10. Wouldn't it be the same as those servers for warhawk and other games with shutdown servers? Plus wouldn't you get banned for having unlockable trophies after the shutdown date.
  11. Difficult choices to choose 5 but 1.legend of dragoon 2.grandia 3.dino crisis 4.legacy of kain soul reaver 5.breath of fire 3 I have 2 obscure choices wich would be koudelka and jade cocoon.
  12. This devs getting as bad as ratalaika.
  13. For the necromancer trophy I was playing darklords. I fusioned the first darklord used its effect to special summon superbia from gy then used superbia effect to spec sum another dark fairy from gy. (Works quit well with dramaturge of despia as that can spec sum itself from gy on use equaling 3 spec sum from gy in 1 turn. You can miss the timing on superbia though so don't it chain it. For the lets duel trophy you have to actually attack an opponent or monster 100 times (I think it's tracked with the attacks declared by monsters heading in your stats. Also if you concede stats will not track what so ever.
  14. Glad I missed the sale on curse of the dead gods as its been on my watch list for a bit. Not heard of tribes so will look into that and fifa is the same old shite it always is. (I don't like football games so it's my opinion sorry if anyone gets butt hurt because of it.....maybe)
  15. Guess I'm watching that when I get home from work.