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  1. 24 minutes ago, Property_Damage said: You have my full support no plat no play we go for platinums, not bronze Yet you have 5000 bronze trophies. That's a bit hypocritical but if that's how you deem a game good/bad or worthy to play then you have and will miss out on some great games.
  2. Have to trade Helldiver's complete ultimate edition (All dlc and ps3,PS4 & ps Vita versions) Fallout 4 season pass (All dlc packs) Full set of final fantasy 7 remake dlc codes (Midgar bangle, Shinra bangle , corneos armlet, superstar belt and mako Crystal) Would like $10 psn card per item or $25 for all Please note codes are redeemable on EU psn store.
  3. Thanks that seemed to have fixed it 😊 though I'm sure I did that previously
  4. Your right I'm extremely jealous of someone who got a free game I have no interest in whatsoever there was even a tear or two lmao.
  5. 1.They can revoke your purchase or license if they want to as it was gotten due to a technical glitch and wasn't actually paid for. 2.i wouldn't post about selling accounts etc as that's what gets you a perm from the site.
  6. I figured it would be something like that. I'll just get a disc version or get goty edition in a sale
  7. Yeah I added all of the dlc when it was on plus. I went on the psn app and found it in my download queue but when I click it I get a message that says "unfortunately Hitman cannot be queued to your PlayStation 4 at this time try again later". Might post Sony forums or just get a disc copy
  8. Hey just wondering how I can play this if I grabbed it when it was ps+ and you could keep it forever. On my main account it lists it as Hitman 2 with the legacy levels and in my alt account Wich I grabbed it on as well it shows Hitman 1 but when I download it doesn't have any separate dlc files or is it all one big file now???
  9. Have for trade in EU psn store as digital codes. Fallout 4 season pass (all dlc) Would like $10 USA psn card Also have Helldiver's ultimate complete edition (all dlc and the PS4,3 and Vita versions of the game. Would like $10 USA psn card or other psn game code.
  10. Honestly ratalaika games are meant to be short fun completions. If you only ever bought a game because psnp forums slam it, the trophy lists easy or it takes under 6 hours to plat then you'd miss out on some great games. As an example I'll use resident evil 3 remake is it good, yeah is the trophy list easy kinda yeah is it worth the 50-60 bucks price tag I'd say no as the games only about 4 hours long and be platinumes in under 6 hours
  11. Thanks for the detailed explanation I was wrong before and hopefully this helps OP with their initial question. Are there any specific places to buy pre paid credit card? If looked online but some of the sites looked dodgy as hell.
  12. You can play ps3 games by streaming them but only on the account the psnow sub is on.
  13. You can play games on another account but only from the "downloadable" section. They have it sorted on a filter of downloadable, PS4, ps3,ps2 then exclusives. My only gripe is you need credit card info for the trials USA psnow has a few games we don't have in the UK
  14. Pinball fx is a hefty cash grab to 100% at current total to get all tables is £232.87 think I'd rather save my money
  15. I spoke to someone who has the war theatre platinum and they said you need to buy dlc to play the Ai in a skirmish match. Afaik that is the only trophy behind a paywall Unless it changes in the future