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  1. I'd buy it if it wasn't so over priced. 28.99 on uk store.
  2. Spread over 7 games for me. every trophy is unlocked by less than 4.00% of the community. Marvel pinball-ps3- 17 ninja senki dx-ps4-18 that's the entire trophy list 0.o Capcom arcade cabinet-ps3-2 xcom enemy unknown-ps3-9 helldivers-ps4-2 battlefield4-ps4-1 gems of war-ps4-1
  3. lots of good and interesting items. you said 1 item but what about a item that has different abilities,and versions if that's allowed my item would be materia from final fantasy 7. Bad day at work no problem fire helps with that. Boss moaning again silence and sleep, sorted. having too much fun at the pub extend your evening with slow then when the hangover hits in the morning cure and regen your right as rain. materia would be so useful in certain ways.
  4. nice give away grimy. Voted for psn card 🃏
  5. it helps immensely thanks. Now I can buy the season pass and play on my alt account
  6. if I buy the season pass or the dlc pack with the weapons will every account have access to them or will it just be the account I buy it with?
  7. idle champions of the forgotten realms is finally released in eu regions. It doesn't stack with usa version but it will transfer your progress and grant access to the shop.
  8. I'm from the UK and have no idea what so ever what the rules are for baseball or cricket as some people mentioned its a UK game it's more of English thing than a Scottish,Irish or welsh one
  9. best bet would be to get the USA versions is what I'm hearing.
  10. guess I'll buy a usa playstation card and get it from the USA store. Now I'm wondering what ps2 classics on ps4 have this issue
  11. I see this game is on sale and want to pick it up but I heard alot of things about the eu and usa versions being different due to frame rates and that the EU version is impossible to platinum. if anyone who has done the EU version or knows if it was fixed or even possible could give feedback ix appreciate that.
  12. good thing I haven't got around to this one yet. Will hold off for now till they release these "planned" doc packs.
  13. who the hell would say the 4th day of April ,1988 you'd just 4th April and if they asked what year youd just say 88 nothing more unless there that stupid they think you were 1888 lmao I think America is the only country that uses mm/dd/yy instead of dd/mm/yy I could be wrong though
  14. my plan to start is to do the kingdom quest chain for the new troop card then do all the bonus challenge things for extra souls etc then level to 10 starting with magic kingdoms.
  15. thank you 😊 ill send you my invite code and look forward to joining and helping out when I can.