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  1. Thank you. Feel free to add me.
  2. Thank you man. Dark in what way? Thank you. Black Ops, MW2 & 3, a bit of FIFA, GTA V, WWE 2K16. I usually play co-op in most games that allow it as well.
  3. Malcolm In The Middle and How I Met Your Mother for nostalgic purposes.
  4. Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2. For the twentieth time.
  5. I don't have a PS4. I play a lot of games on PS3, add me if you're chill: Hippielize-
  6. I like puns too ahah. Thank you man.
  7. I'm Alex and I live in Portugal. I made a new PSN and I thought I'd make an account here and start trophy hunting again. If you're chill, add me: Hippielize- That's it I guess. Good vibes and peace to you all.