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  1. Ghost of Tsushima Transcendence Complete all 3 Raid chapters
  2. I popped mine on grounded so Its definitly obtainable. In my first playtrough i upgraded all "listening mode" perks because they‘re Not available in grounded. After i upgraded my last perk with abby on grounded the Trophy popped
  3. Did this too, good method
  4. This method worked for me. You can restart a checkpoint in a hideout and farm kills
  5. I'm not 100% sure anymore, but I don't think you need gold medals for the 100% trophy
  6. Deleted
  7. I would recommend that too
  8. I also thought of evolve looks like just farming/ boosting
  9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  10. Yes, When u finish with grounded on NG+ u get all other dificulty related trophys.
  11. SP 100 hours MP 50 hours
  12. News link i think they will always Update this article