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  1. I found running up that Tower much more difficult For me god of Speed only took 5 attempts anyway, congratulations on the trophy!
  2. there is no new game plus modus. so you have to collect them all again. better you search people with these two quests and get the last collectibles.
  3. I already tried that yesterday. however it didn't work. now I think it's arbitrary if the quest comes or not
  4. I would be interested in that too. does anyone know?
  5. i think only outfits count in chapter select. you have to collect the collectibles in new game+
  6. did you wear all outfits once ?
  7. Just do some more kills and the trophy should pop. i had the same problem with the vehicle trophy before the patch came.
  8. Ghost of Tsushima Transcendence Complete all 3 Raid chapters
  9. I popped mine on grounded so Its definitly obtainable. In my first playtrough i upgraded all "listening mode" perks because they‘re Not available in grounded. After i upgraded my last perk with abby on grounded the Trophy popped
  10. Did this too, good method
  11. This method worked for me. You can restart a checkpoint in a hideout and farm kills
  12. I'm not 100% sure anymore, but I don't think you need gold medals for the 100% trophy
  13. Deleted
  14. I would recommend that too