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  1. Yeah, lose a lot of games in a row (15 or so) by not even qualifying in the first round. Eventually you'll get matched with really bad players and it's very easy to win against them
  2. Does someone know if there is also going to be a PS4 version?
  3. Since it is tied to the trophy where you have to kill 3 tanks with an elite commander; I'm close to my third Tier X tank and platinum and I just managed to get my commander to level 8 which took 600k XP just from 7 to 8, I also used all of my multiplier boosters which I gathered throughout events. Now I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that you need 1.5 million!!! XP for level 8 to 9, what the hell??? Is there any other way of gathering more commander XP or is there maybe an elite commander that you can just buy from the store? This is the worst grind ever besides the five Tier X tanks trophy and I wish I would have gotten it before the trophy got updated 2 or 3 years ago
  4. Mafia 3 I'd love to start and complete this game in one go, but all the glitched trophies and the fact that you have to keep your game running for days while hoping that your game doesn't crash, just to make them attainable, completely kills the motivation for me to even attempt this plat, even though the trophy list on itself seems very doable just by the looks of it
  5. I mainly played in 2016/17 so I don't really remember much, but did we play with our battlenet account back then? Because I just started the game rn on PS4 and I'm at zero as well, all the career stats are gone. After doing the mobile authentication thing I apparently logged into a battlenet account I had before lol.. How the hell am I supposed to recover my profile? Did some of you actually keep your stuff?
  6. What the hell.. I seriously hope they come up with a season pass 3 now. I got season pass 1 and 2 and still have to buy sunset harbor, campus and airport separately and now there is another dlc coming? Damn the developers are committed
  7. PSN ID: DaaneS97 Platinums: 79 UR Platinums: 26 UR Trophies: 209 Average Rarity: 33.13% Got a lot of online game trophies that tend to be ultra rare but are actually quite easy to get
  8. # - 99Vidas UR A - Among Us B - Brawlhalla UR C - Claire D - Dark Souls III E - F - FIFA 17 UR G - Grand Theft Auto V UR H - Hotline Miami 2 I - inFamous: Second Son J - K - Knockout City UR L - Laser League UR M - MultiVersus UR N - No Man's Sky O - Overwatch UR P - Paladins UR Q - R - Rayman Legends UR S - Smite UR T - Tera UR U - V - W - Warface UR X - Y - Z -
  9. Steep, man I was in awe when I played it. I loved the fun gameplay so much and the scenery is unbelievably realistic. I would have never touched this game without PS Plus and it's one of my best gaming experiences so far Also Mad Max, procrastinated it for years, finally played it and I was surprised how satisfying and well done this game is. made me watch the Mad Max movies and I really wish there was a second game
  10. Would be awesome if you could also add me to the group, after years of procrastinating I finally got the hyperdrive and also 5 warp cells 😁
  11. Not a lot to choose from so I'll say TWD telltale series.. I like that you play riders republic
  12. That method is awesome, I got it done within 3 hours
  13. I only bought nicknames so far and I got the trophy
  14. Awesome thank you a lot, I just got them. Thought it would take ages to get legendary pieces
  15. I'd go for Bioshock Infinite, probably because I'm also in the mood of starting it soon and I enjoyed it on the xbox 360 Also since you look like a completionist, I'd also work on Fallout shelter as a secondary game, it's really not that bad