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  1. I would go back and try to plat GTA V and maybe RDR2 afterwards
  2. Don't want to hurt anyone, but in my eyes it just shows that someone has developed an addiction. It is equivalent to being an alcoholic, looking for the easiest and cheapest way to get some alcohol instead of enjoying a more expensive wine or so every now and then. If I would talk to someone about gaming and I would find out that he has hundreds of plats from games nobody even has heard of, look like they were made with paint and/or half his list is in japanese, I would be completely weirded out by them. Like seriously that would make me avoid this person, why would they spend their time and even money this way? Yeah it destroys their reputation as a gamer imo, because they are not even gaming, they are just addicted to get quick plats
  3. Worms Battlegrounds is at 1.13% and can be done in 2 or 3 days. It's pretty easy (maybe too easy in your case), only annoying part would be a few online trophies which require two more people as far as I remember correctly (they only take a few minutes as well), but it shouldn't be a problem if you set up a boosting session since many still have it from ps plus for free
  4. It said "24 hours (in game)" when I looked up the revealed trophy lists. I'm certain they are talking about 24 in game hours, so 24 minutes in real life, as long as they didn't touch the time system. To be honest, that doesn't sound like a lot and I wonder if it pops automatically when you reach the countryside part of the story (Catalina missions etc.). But it could also be that they are only talking about San fierros countryside east of mount chiliad, since it was the main location for the bigfoot myth
  5. Is it a paid dlc? I was hoping it will be a free update
  6. World of Tanks would need an update, it still uses the old icon for some trophies
  7. Quick question, did they make any changes to the old trophies? Like did they add more armor and pets that are now also required?
  8. Beyond: Two Souls Replaying it for so many times felt like a huge waste of time and it made me question trophy hunting in general
  9. Yeah to be honest I'm also somewhat pessimistic about that, rockstar doesn't seem to care at all about trophies. I just feel like they are forced to do something about it because the ps5 version most likely will come with Numero Uno as well. Maybe it's really not permanently unobtainable and they'll rotate modes like parachuting in every now and then
  10. This feels way too random, I'm pretty sure they'll adjust the requirements for it, especially with the upcoming PS5 release
  11. Yes this is the cheapest way to unlock everything, it would be around 34€ The Ultimate Content Bundle also goes on sale every now and then but I think it was never below 40€ and it doesn't include the main game I bet they won't add a dlc with another trophy set, sunset harbor was released nearly 2 years ago and I think they have added only decorative stuff since then
  12. It's on sale again and I think it was never that cheap before for everyone, only 20 bucks instead of 100. Sunset Harbor and Campus are also 50% off in case you are interested in getting all trophy related dlcs
  13. I haven't played the game yet but I planned to buy it soon because it looks very appealing to me, now I'm worried though.. Does it affect the base game even if you don't own the dlc? Like could I plat the main game first and then buy the dlcs to avoid any problems?
  14. Sekiro, you should finish it before you get out of touch with it
  15. You should go back and try to finish AC4 Black Flag and AC Brotherhood, you got close back then