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  1. Hmm I had to buy all three of them I went for option 2, I bought the season pass right after finishing the base game (maybe because it was on sale I don't really remember) and then I also bought the Road to the olympics dlc some years later
  2. Can't argue with that logic and it's just my personal recommendation for people who really want to complete this game but realised that it's super boring after some time. This game is relatively new and it lacks of content so obviously you could just wait and hope for more stuff to come to make it fun again but this game has had its peak already and some just want to get rid of it. Being afk in solo deathmatch is barely noticeable and won't affect anyone directly, at least that is what I have experienced. There is no way that this is as bad as cheating in an online game And as I said the developers could just implement a feature to punish people for afking too much, give them an xp restriction or something like nearly ever other online game does. Why do you get only a few coins and xp more when you are the MVP? Seriously how demotivating is that? Isn't it obvious that some people then just go ahead and take advantage of that broken system? I see no point in defending that other than moral aspects but that's why you should no do it in teambased modes anyway, so I agree with that
  3. I'm not saying that you should go afk in team modes because I don't want any afks in my team as well, but what's the problem with it in solo modes? I get your point but there is literally no benefit in playing very well since you still get nearly the same amount of xp as someone who is just afk and I can't see anyone here saying that it is still fun to grind xp and coins past level 25
  4. If you want to keep your sanity while getting the plat then yeah, go afk, take advantage of it as long as it's possible or would you rather waste dozens of hours without having fun? I mean it's no surprise that this game is already quite dead and it has not been even 3 months since its release, it's just not entertaining enough after some hours. Tell them to implement a system that punishes afk players, because so far it doesn't look like they care too much
  5. Hm I think you should do
  6. Yeah or you can just go afk since you don't get punished anyway. I went afk for 20 hours or so got get the last 40k coins, only thing is that you have to queue up every 8min for a new game but that's it (and I'd recommend to commit suicide without respawning before you leave the controller because there is a bug when you are afk while being alive for too long)
  7. Is it already up because it feels like there is no difference for me?
  8. After having a good round, you leave the game via touch pad as soon as your character enters the next level. Then you'll have to go to bed and save the game so you can reload it if you fail. I did that for every single stage because I was too afraid to do 2 stages at once and I also reloaded the game when I had less then 10 coins in a round. Took me 2 hours I think but I had to reload a lot of times
  9. Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus because of Mein Leben
  10. Yeah you won't get any trophy, they are all tied to save the world
  11. It's not every weekend and it was listed as an event for February in their roadmap. I'm sure they will do some more in the future but I can't really remember what they had planned for March or the rest of this month, you should look it up
  12. Congrats and yeah I luckily got the Draugen and Defender but I'm having a hard time to decide which one I should keep my focus on. I feel like Draugen is way more fun but Defender is steadier and got me some better games, came close to 100k with both and I think I managed to get 102k once (premium bonus though) with the Defender but the trophy sadly didn't pop. I think I'll just do the Tier X tanks, then I'm going to give Show me the money another try
  13. The grind is basically the same as before
  14. So what do you get for reaching 50+? I just hit 50 and I'm also 47k coins off, kinda sucks
  15. I'd say cod black ops 4 since you got pretty close