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  1. It takes around 45-50 hours playtime including the dlcs, can be done in a week or less if you play a lot
  2. Well it's the hard wingsuit challenges people have problems with and you don't even have to do them now. I also played this only because it was free and I was worried as well about the trophies but it was surprisingly easy, especially with the rocket wings and I'm not a good player at all. I might add that I had a lot a fun with the game though
  3. Yeah they added that rocket suit thing some years ago and also some challenges with it. They do count to the 115 gold medals trophy, making it easier since you can avoid the hardest challenges now. It's actually very easy to plat this game, the low percentages are highly misleading
  4. Worms Rumble it's dead anyways and gets boring fast
  5. I'd say Tera since it's very easy and fast to do alone, especially as a brawler. Or Paladins before the servers are completely dead
  6. As far as I remember there was no such trophy I guess you had in your mind that you need to reach level 78, which will make legendary dragons appear
  7. You'll get double XP this weekend (last double XP of this season), if someone still needs to farm levels
  8. Didn't expect that at all, is there a chance for a future remake of the Sonic Adventure games?
  9. Monster Hunter World, great and fun game but getting all crowns would take hundreds of hours and you would basically do nothing but routinely check the monsters size in that time
  10. Detroit: Become Human, these games are horrible to plat
  11. Saints Row IV it's super easy just a little tedious
  12. Jump Force (or Street Fighter V but i guess you won't do that anyway)
  13. I also got it at 78 but I have lost like 40% of my games
  14. GTA V, due to the doomsday trophies
  15. Are they shutting down the servers in 3 weeks? Still have to do a lot in this game