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  1. Only problem I'm having is the sudden influx of newbies who have no concept of what a kill zone is or how to set one up. I've been trying to get the Combo Quest trophy and all I keep getting are people who either fill the k.z. with the same one or two traps or the ones who won't even put their traps in the k.z. at all. It's infuriating. Edit: And no sooner had I posted my reply, I started getting that error message. 😐
  2. I have this trophy. I have no idea exactly why/how I have it. I do know that the ice graugs seem to like caves. That's actually where I've seen a couple of them.
  3. I cannot get this stupid trophy for one very irritating reason: Right before an orc is about to kill me for the third time, one of my followers shows up to save me and my killer is the one who's killed. It's so insanely frustrating. I've even been saved by what the game called a "Mysterious Saviour". How the f**k am I supposed to do this if I can't even die the third time? And if you're curious, seven times. This has happened seven bloody times. Anyone have any ideas on how to possibly get the third death without being saved?
  4. I've pretty much given up on ever getting Empty Pockets. Of all the games I've played (and there are many), this is without a doubt, the most ridiculous trophy I've ever seen. I understand why so many people gave up on this game (well, that plus the aggravating amount of gibs you get, even though you have less than 20 tier seven traps).
  5. I do appreciate your taking the time to respond and give advice. Most people just read and leave. 👍 But unfortunately, for various and personal reasons, I can't do that either. Maybe someday I'll be able to come back to it. But for now, it has me beaten.
  6. Just spent the last two hours playing vs. computer. Twice this damn trophy should've popped, twice it didn't. Fuck it. W/o two controllers or somebody to play against online (which I can't do right now. Can't currently afford PS+), it's impossible and incredibly frustrating. Apparently, the game just won't allow the trophy to pop against the AI.
  7. Yes, I'm attempting to do it vs. AI and I'm telling you, it's impossible. I should've gotten it the last match I played. Didn't touch him the whole match until he had me down to barely a sliver of health, then I went after him and kicked his ass. This was Round 1. Know what happened next? Nothing. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. Trophy still didn't pop. This damn trophy will not unlock for me.
  8. Will someone PLEASE explain to me what the actual parameters for this @&"&$ trophy actually are? Can you play it on easy? Does it have to be played on hard? Where the &[email protected]" exactly is 10% (I've been getting it under the last notch on the health bar and still nothing)? Do you need a particular character? Do you have to perform a Fatality/Brutality/Faction Kill? Do you need to play on a particular tower? Online? Offline? Inline? Outline? Are my shoes too tight? Am I holding my mouth wrong? Should I have fish or beef for dinner? I mean, there has to be something I'm doing incorrectly, because near as I can tell, I should've had this damn thing five or six times by now. And for the record, I don't have two controllers. REALLY wish I did.
  9. I did leave. For about five years.
  10. It's been acting weird (for me anyway) for a few weeks now; horse disappearing the second you dismount (if it shows up at all), no gang members to fight in hideouts OR never ending wave after wave, seeing other players on the radar, but not on the screen and lastly, unable to reach the Outfitter page. Now however, I can't even get to Free Roam. Page just loads for eternity and I never get there. Are they shutting it down or just no longer care if it works properly anymore and letting it die a slow death? Anyone know what's going on?
  11. It says "20 story missions". Since I'm having issues with this trophy as well (should've popped by now), I've started wondering if missons like the Landon Ricketts ones aren't really considered part of the main story line. If they actually are, then this trophy is well and truly screwed up.
  12. Can this not be accomplished with Jack? I've killed 60 lawmen (seriously - 20 in Armadillo, three separate times) and the Marshalls still aren't appearing. Any ideas?
  13. Really? Why? I utterly loved that game. So looking forward to TLoU2. 👍
  14. I reallywish someone would send the games to the Silver Screen. Dead Space would be an amazing set of live action movies. Unfortunately, with Hollywood being Hollywwod, they'd most likely fuck it up by ignoring the already established story lines and canon, set it up with a screen writer and a director neither of whom will have even once played any of the games (think Bryan Singer and the X-Men. He flat out admitted he'd never read a single comic nor had any idea who any of the characters were) and then make it more about effects and gore than story and character development. Hmm. Ok. Never mind. It's a bad idea. Forget everything I said and just give me DS4 on April, 4th for the PS4.
  15. Haze. If it's the game I'm thinking of, I think I played that for all of 11.33 minutes before I sent it back to GameFly.