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  1. No loot boxes. No in-game micro-transactions. Don't get it twisted. Just grinding the game to unlock content, at that new content. Seems exactly like old times just a new way of doing it.
  2. So 500 events just in career? And when did everyone's pop? I've done 312 across career/multiplayer/quick game with 25 online.
  3. Quick game counts towards career stats im at 150 and given up ;-; 2.7k 1 minute 30/35 second ish race in Russia i found in quick game.
  4. Farming in career? I'm half tempted to try arcade/free play but that's a lot of wasted time if it doesn't work.
  5. I thought the same. Five stages a race so 100 races? A 'stage' is a race so 500 races? (casual 25+ hours easy) Or 500 different stages, as in you can't grind the same race over and over again, each stage has to be unique. Underground is the closest to finding out, or hopefully the devs' come in and make it clear. For now I'm just grinding out rally races.
  6. Will give that a go, cheers. Edit: can confirm it works. How's the 'Rally Fan' trophy going?
  7. One that has been bugging me. Championship races. First race(quarter) will be a three lap buggy for example. Easy win and move on. Second race(semi) will now be 4 laps which is still an easy win but all other competitors not in your race will only do 3 laps thus eliminating you from the final and give you a lazy 4 points. Anyone else run into this? Championship races don't come up often so It's annoying that this happens.
  8. Grind out the last pitch solo, stay in the end room slaying out. You'll get around 250-300 kills every 12 minutes. Just got it and I'm so glad. Anyone struggling with getting gold solo don;t forget to change your ammo type over, it'll eat through the zombies.
  9. End fight try save insta' heal/reload. Run in with the powerful LMG you find in that last room, spam behemoth with grenades and spray, use the heals/reloads to keep spraying. You don't take damage opening the door but get a few kills to rack up points.
  10. Honestly just keep playing and you'll get it after a while. Use the LMG you pick up at the start, funnel zombies through doors. make use of grenades and instant reload. Got it on my 6th try while grinding for kills.
  11. Yes, smashed out all 7 last night.
  12. Anyone who is still sceptical I tried a VIP code from a preowned Dirt 3 from Eb Games and she works fine. Also if anyone on here who has 100%'d/plat the game and also has Dirt 3 'complete edition' can they un-install and re-install their game off the disc, I'm struggling to get it done because it crashes at 58%. I want to see if it's just me having problems.
  13. So went to reinstall my complete edition and It's struggling. Always stops at 58% when installing required game data then proceeds with error reading disc. Anyone else running into this problem?
  14. Yeah makes it a bit more afk and it's overall not in bank at one time, mine popped at 8.7 mil.
  15. So after a few emails/calls I got it done. Because The Crew 2 is online with Ubisoft club there was no local save file I could delete and start all over again. -I contacted ubisoft with the amount of time that I have played the game. They unlocked Reality check challenge in their club. -Screenshotted my unlocked Reality Check challenge and my locked trophy and sent both screenshots to PlayStation support after calling them for an email. -Few hours later after I completed a race the trophy was mine.