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  1. Dang I got lucky as my code still worked mid 2018. Was hoping to find another code so i could boost myself.
  2. Hey what do you mean on the first step?
  3. I think I've played myself, didn't go for this trophy right away and now that raids are out I'm chasing it. But i can not find a match, located in Australia. Anyone else not being able to find games?
  4. Hey al7mrane, just requested. Cheers
  5. Okay so just to confirm for anyone not entirely sure. Human Lover (20 multiplayer wins) - has to be with another player and that player also has to finish the race (them getting wrecked counts as long as they don't lag out), if they start the race with you then leave it won't count. 20 wins with players, 4 wins with other players leaving.
  6. 115k off 90 kills, Roadslayer GT against sofas, trying lawn mowers now. If you loose a wheel in this car even at 50 health hit a wall to wreck yourself, in the big rig it's so hard to wreck yourself and reset.
  7. SO there was a patch over night, not sure if I'm getting better but compared to early last night rubber banding isn't stupid fast now. Winning races by 10+ seconds as opposed to 1/2 seconds.
  8. Any news on the multiplayer trophy? Anyone boosting?
  9. M3 AWD managed to get a super sloppy 55 seconds. Just upgrade everything and put slicks on. Can be done in sandbox.
  10. No loot boxes. No in-game micro-transactions. Don't get it twisted. Just grinding the game to unlock content, at that new content. Seems exactly like old times just a new way of doing it.
  11. So 500 events just in career? And when did everyone's pop? I've done 312 across career/multiplayer/quick game with 25 online.
  12. Quick game counts towards career stats im at 150 and given up ;-; 2.7k 1 minute 30/35 second ish race in Russia i found in quick game.
  13. Farming in career? I'm half tempted to try arcade/free play but that's a lot of wasted time if it doesn't work.
  14. I thought the same. Five stages a race so 100 races? A 'stage' is a race so 500 races? (casual 25+ hours easy) Or 500 different stages, as in you can't grind the same race over and over again, each stage has to be unique. Underground is the closest to finding out, or hopefully the devs' come in and make it clear. For now I'm just grinding out rally races.
  15. Will give that a go, cheers. Edit: can confirm it works. How's the 'Rally Fan' trophy going?