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  1. Hey guys, I've got 28 suits, 40 helmets and nearly 160 Ship paint shops plus a lot of decals (or whatever they called), so I'm pretty sure I'm lucky enough that the Shopaholic trophy glitched / bugged out. Edit: i've "confirmed" my suspicion by playing the game on my Alt account. After I got around 25 cosmetics (didn't matter what kind, helmets, suits, skins...) I got the trophy after playing for 40 min... I thought maybe it's because I started the game a couple of months before the Warzone Update but didn't unlock the shopaholic trophy and picked it up again this year. They changed the trophy list a bit and maybe they messed it up by that... So maybe somebody is / was in the same situation and can give me some tips. Is there a way to reset my profile and unlock 25 again? Or is there some dumb way around the glitch nobody would think of :D? The old description was buy cosmetics but I think I already bought a lot of them...I really hope I won't be stuck at 97 % or something like that just cause of a bug :(. Would be very grateful for every insight you got! And of course I will help you for everything you can tell me :). Thx, Life
  2. Bumping this thread, cause it would be great, if somebody who actually earned these trophies could confirm my suggestions for the trophies or give me the actual way to earn them :). Getting a bit restless cause Nightingale won't unlock, although I've played Nagi a lot and I'm level 31 now, counted 9 cosmetic items (helmets and suits) that I unlocked through capsules, alone after I started counting, which was at level 20 I that possible? As I said, I have more than 40 helmets and suits already available....hope that nothing is glitched for me, cause I've invested a lot of time in this game. Thx Life PS: I hope you don't have to do all the healing in one match do you?
  3. Like me and Gate wrote: you just have to keep an eye on their twitter, they actually keep their servers offline during the repairs, so there is now reason to just blindly try every day. As they said, they will tell us through twitter, when everything's done. Maybe its like Eve Valkyrie and after one week everything will be dandy again :).
  4. Yeah i also got an answer to my ticket, the server won't be reachable temporary and they are working on it. We should keep an eye on there twitter, there they will let us know when the repairs will be finished! I hope they won't take too long. I need to use every day for platinum dailies, cause I still need to buy 2 Ops... Life
  5. Hey guys, does anybody else have problems with the Battleborn servers? I played for one month without any problems (not one disconnect) and now I don't get into the menu, the matches and then in the Match End screen. So some things won't count for the stats, I get kicked from matches (privat bot matches) and so my name with level isn't even displayed in the Teamlist on the right side in the main menu... So is this a Battleborn server problem or are the PSN Servers the problem (cause we have big problems in Germany with the PSN now)? On the other hand a lot of my other games work just fine... Much appreciated, if somebody could help me out and tell what the problem is (or what you think it is :)). I already opened a ticket with 2K, so no need to tell me that ;). Big thx, Life
  6. Scout mode is a mode in single player (chronicles) where you just have the standard maps but no enemies. You just fly around and pick up echoes and relics. For the trophies you just have to pick up 10 of the echoes (so you have to play three scout maps at least I think) and if you get all of the echoes or all of the relics you get a capsule which will net you the other trophy. It's pretty easy to find everything, I played 5 maps till it got too boring...there are a small amount of videos online with the locations, but I always got confused how they got there so I did it on my own... Sure. I got lucky and found some quite skilled players and I try to get together with them as often as I can. It gets a lot easier with a good squad.. Life
  7. Hey guys, since the servers are up and running again, I thought maybe somebody of you could answer me some questions about 3 of the trophies, that still confuse me! 1. Shopaholic: What the hell does "unlocked" mean in the context of the trophy and what are cosmetic items? Do only the pilot suits and helmets count? Do I have to get them out of capsules or is buying "unlocking" too. Cause I already have far more then 25 suits and helmets, level 27 now. Can't really say whether I opened 25 capsules each with a new suite or helmet... Does anybody know any specifics, since there isn't any trophy guide out there. 2. Stay frosty: First I've tried to go for this trophy with the Scarab since I already liked that ship and it has an EMS. But a lot of matches later I've read that you can only make progress for this trophy with a Medusa. Is that right? Since then I only played Medusa, but since there isn't any progress bar I can not say whether I'm making some.... Edit: I've actually managed to get it using Medusa. So the progress is confirmed! Just activate EMS than shoot somebody (sometimes a couple of times) till they have some sparks / lightning around them and can't move. I think thats the state that counts! Can't really confirm that Scarab doesn't work, since I also used him, but I got the trophy in a match / with a shot from a Medusa! Edit end. 3. Nightingale: Same thing here: The only ship which can heal directly is the Nagi isn't it? But the Banshee can set spider bots for repairing, do they count too? I've used Nagi so far, just to be sure. I hope that wasn't a mistake! So if any of you has some insight in these questions, please let me know! Thanks, stay healthy in these hard times and have fun in the double XP week! Life
  8. Join up guys, time to get a lot of XP, from the Facebook Page: 📢Dear Pilots, Thank you for your patience and we apologize it took so long to bring the servers back up. 🎉 The battle servers should be once again up and running! In light of the downtime, we are running Double XP week. This week will start today 26th of March and will conclude 9 am on the 2nd of April. Now what are you waiting for? Get in battle now!
  9. Thanks for a response, but no thats not the problem: you could just play games against bots (in a player vs. player match). The game would fill the match with AI and you could still level up. It doesn't matter whether there are other players online or not. But now you can't even really search for a game cause after a couple of seconds the mentioned message ends the search. And by the way there are still a couple of randoms playing the game depending on your rank you would nearly always have one or two human enemies or allies.
  10. I would be really interested in that too! I also can't get into a match with the same message! Would be a real shame, cause I've started this game a couple of weeks ago ready to do the grind till 48 % and now the server go offline without a warning? Can't find any way to communicate with the devs either, cause the customer support is down isn't it? If anybody finds anything about this topic, it would be greatly appreciated, if you could share! Thx. Life
  11. It doesn't, its just the normal American version. A couple of weeks ago you could still buy the dlc on but only if you live in America. But I'm not sure if it was already pulled from the store. Good luck finding it!
  12. It was ok, I just bought it cause I've wanted to complete all the Dead Space Games, but I think the overall story was pretty ok and a good fit into the series! It was cool, that you could go different ways and have different story elements. The different modes were alright and the trophies were pretty easy ;).
  13. Sorry for the annoying "repeated" question, but does anyone know if the HK DLC also work with the XCom Enemy Unknown Digital version from the US Store (I think I got it with PS Plus). I understand that it doesnt work with the EU version but maybe with the US digital? Or just with the Disc Version? Otherwise I don't think I will finish the 100 %, cause I already finished the game 5 times and won't buy the game a second time (or a third time with the ps plus version) for the last percentage ;). Thx for any answer you can give!
  14. No cause LBP 2 asks for a specific player, so you'll need 50 different players for the trophy. There is also a webpage where you can post the name of your level and page uses its webcode to emulate the plays for the level. You don't even need an actually player. I also hearted you levels and your profile. I still need 4 more level hearts, if all levels count! Edit: I'm done with plays and hearts! Thx to everyone who hearted me!
  15. Hey guys again, I hearted every author and level I haven't already hearted on the last two pages! If you need plays, I will also do that! Please take the time to heart me and my level I don't need plays anymore! Big THX for all the already done and will be done hearts! Life Edit: I'm done with plays and hearts! Thx to everyone who hearted me!