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  1. 1. Dead Space 2. Dead Space 2 3. Dead Space 3
  2. Heavy Rain for the 50 bronze =)
  3. HAhahahahahaha i got this one: every party he goes the lights go out, unlucky guy he just wants to party Muahahahaha
  4. I recommend the platinum for MediEvil =)
  5. I guess you should avoid RAGE 2 platinum =)
  6. I got the trophy after i had victory with Argos in Quick Match i hope this can help someone =)
  7. I don't have win only with 2 characters - Elvira and Ethan Evan. I'm starting to think that description is missleading and you must have win with all characters to get this trophy.
  8. How is this possible? They had Prelude with 10 trophies last 3 years and now they don't release ???
  9. Trophy list will appear when you get at least 1 trophy from the game.
  10. Go to Stanton's Liver. There is a cave with small spiders. There you can get the trophy.
  11. Of course with this video, Drone trophy is still hard. You will find some of them on your first playtrough, but i had to start a new game and follow the guide again up to 25/40 to get the Platinum.
  12. It says he has great reflex, he likes Gran Turismo
  13. Just browse the playstation site use the country selector and choose your country, then go to help, help and support and look for contact us option or a way to send email to the support.
  14. You can send an email and get the avatar.