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  1. What about The Pussy K a orange cat like Stray. but you know as a female vagina (the title)
  2. It's Easy, i give it 3/10 difficulty.
  3. Hello, @Wild-Arms-R i can recommend a game: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure Good luck finding the game you need!
  4. 31% = 11 trophies 32% = 12 trophies 34% = 13 trophies
  5. You are saying things that are wrong. I'm from Bulgaria - Europe and it's available. Yes i got my ps5 on 9th March, 2021. Not that lucky i overpayed for it. You needed to say it's still not available for your country. Why are you frustrated? You will get someday, some sunny sunny day. Because i doubt you will get for Christmas. In that case you can have fun at holidays with your ps4, right? I'm not hater. I'm not bad person but don't say it's not available in Europe. Europe is big, bro
  6. Another joke month. I'll not play none of these 3 games.
  7. Also another thing came to my mind. Do you know that in GTA V if you die a few times you can skip the whole mission? So you will not get the trophy if the mission gives trophy on completion. You can get trohpy if you do the whole mission if i remember correctly.
  8. Most pointless topic i've seen in past few years...First of all - you have to be kidding us - Second: Option Skip doesn't mean cheat If we follow your logic - skipping cutscenes in games should be a "crime".
  9. Good news. As today 19th August there is new update and trophies can be synced now at least my trophies are synced and i'm with PlayStation 5.
  10. Trophies will sync on 27th August Then they officialy exit beta
  11. if you are playing on PS5 you can simply go to Network and turn off your network then you can see the trophies for the game considering game is released for ps4/ps5 13.07.2021 it can take up to one or two weeks until they add the trophies I got 1 silver 12 bronze so far Edit: now i have information that trophies will be sync on 27th July, when game is officialy released for ps4/ps5.
  12. You don't need pattern at all. You need good reflex to jump on time. And you need the level select - left + x for Level 1, Up + x for Level 3, Right + x for Level 5 First you try from level 5 to reach level 6 that's how you know level 5. then you start from level 0 and score 8000
  13. PSN - sve_1991_ Add me guys i'm the loneliest trophy hunter in the world or maybe in Top 100
  14. 1. Asterix & Obelix XXL 2: Mission: Las Vegum PS2 2. Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex PS2 3. Tom and Jerry in War of Whiskers PS2 4. The Simpsons Game PS2 5. Pac-Man World 2 PS2
  15. I tried 6-7 times, i checked my internet connection i have ps plus everything seeming alright but matchmaking can't find me a match i'm trying to find 8v8 Mayhem and i get error - Unable to find a suitable match, Please try again. Is someone else experiencing the same thing? Edit: Ok so now it's finding me a match there was a problem for 2 or 3 hours. Topic can be deleted/locked now.