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  1. Thanks for the heads up. might try it if i notice i suck too much at this game
  2. I think you need to do those online or in survival. Not sure of arcade mode counts though
  3. Torb. Should be illegal to get it with him it's so easy
  4. I died as well before capping the first point on volskaya, but didn't die until we got B and the trophy popped for me. I've experienced multiple weird glitches like the 20 killstreak trophy didn't popped for me 3 times, or the quad kill with diva.
  5. Bloodborne. Probably nothing needs to be said about this one, but it's probably one of my favorite games i've played up to now.
  6. If you want a game that's the most bang for your buck surely you got to go for the witched 3, hands down. And MKX is really good btw. Have been playing it for a year now and stil not bored of it.
  7. Just wanted to let everyone know that 100%-ing this game just got a lot easier. Since the latest update they added an arcade mode giving you a checkpoint after every mission. Hope that helps some of ya.
  8. It would be great if they had a pack with PS now for maybe 20 or 30 bucks more annually or something. There are a lot of PS3 games I'd still like to play but I don't own that console and the 20 bucks a month now seems a little steep to me since there are awesome new games coming out which makes the 20 bucks a month now not really worth it for me. Also I'd like some discounts on DLC's or season passes. I really hate the fact that I have to spend 20 to 50 bucks extra on games to 100% them . Overall I think it's a pretty good service though.