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  1. Anybody trying to achieve the online trophies in the game?
  2. Seems like 294 hp damage is not enough for the "50 damage points in a single round" and the "100 damage points in a single round" trophies
  3. From the creator of Alteric, the 2D game with almost no animations with ridiculous FPS Drops that affected the gameplay so bad and Energy Invasion, the game with a ridiculous error that let you platinum the game in matter of 20 minutes or less IT'S BACK! This time with a game with over 4 glitches trophies that pop for some people but not for other and viceversa. My partner got the 4 ones I'm missing but he is missing some of the ones that poped for me, basically a complete mess. I messaged the publisher and all he said for now is that they will try to investigate the issue. Meanwhile expect a non completed game on your list if you are willing to buy it.
  4. This guy just released 6 games in 1 month for the Vita so unless he is definitely not putting so much attention on them. There is no way to release that amount of games giving them a proper amount amount of FPS check, Trophies check, bosses check and all that stuff. At least he is willing to fix it which is a lot coming from a VITA dev. I'm still waiting for a crazy amount of patches from vita devs such as Corridor Z a.k.a I don't even reply your tweets...
  5. It will be fixed real soon after a conversation with the dev I had yesterday. I TRIED TO EMBED THE IMAGE BUT IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE SO PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL CONVERSATION
  6. Hi fellas. Even though I saw (on twitter) that at least 4 people got the platinum (not sure if was on PS4 or Vita) I wanted to inform you about a bug that ruins everything on the final boss battle on stage 2 on hard mode. As you can see on the video it takes forever to kill the Purple enemies in the first rage but after that it only takes 1 shot to kill 3 of them! I just send this video to the devs and publisher.
  7. Based on what the publisher told me this bug/crash didn't happen while playing on the dev kit so that is the main reason why it was released this way. I hope they won't take too long to upload the patch.
  8. Thanks a lot buddy!
  9. The devs confirmed today that they sent the trophy patch to Sony but it won't be uploaded until January.
  10. Just to let you all know after a bunch of clear tries without stepping into any circle, flames or anything similar, I got the trophy in a round where I stepped into a circle so I don't have a clue about what is going on with this trophy
  11. The napalm symbol that appears on the floor when any napalm cannon shoot?
  12. I just completed the submarine without getting hit by any flamethrower, any flamethrower turret, any tank with fire bullets and obviously by the submarine napalm canyons and fire balls and the trophy didn't pop. i used the perk that detects the hidden towers in order to avoid surprises and I also used the slow motion perk to dodge the fire holes made by fire balls. any idea of what I'm doing wrong?
  13. Hi fellas how are you doing. I have been playing this awesome game and what makes it even better is that it a very easy platinum trophy. I found this guide on steam which works perfectly with the PS Vita version I can confirm you guys are going to have so much fun with the game overs
  14. Nothing and still no replies from them.
  15. At least you have received a reply from em. I have been sending them emails since the game release and I'm still waiting for a single answer. Don't like to be negative but sadly they won't release the patch...