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  1. Afraid not. The game needs them both to be connected at once. If you're desperate to have the trophy, you could always sell the cable after you've earned it - even used cables go for good prices on eBay, so if you bought a used one you'd probably only lose the fees.
  2. I don't think you read the bit where I said "Yeah I've been doing that..." I know the MP is ending, I had some time to try and experience the MP how it was meant to be played, and wanted some tips to improve (I mostly play racers so have never really learned the finer points of shooter/combat games). I also thought it might sharpen my skills for the harder runs at single player, which I haven't touched. "I used to play sports. Then I realised you can buy trophies. Now I'm good at everything" is not a mantra I live by. If I get all the trophies, then great. If not, I'm OK with that too. But I know that improving my skills will give me way more satisfaction than doing the hokey cokey (hokey pokey for my US friends) for 15 minutes at a time just to get the trophies. You put your right foot into the capture point...
  3. Yeah, I've been doing that but occasionally dropped into quick matches. Which just ended up being frustrating as I was getting my ass handed to me. Seems like upgrades from the Penguin crates and natural weapon upgrades help a bit as an Elite, but I still suck as a Hero - I don't think I'm patient enough and just end up attacking as soon as I see an Elite.
  4. Thanks, I will give that a try.
  5. I've only recently started this game and I know the servers are closing, but wanted to have a play with online before then. The problem I'm having is that either I'm really bad or everyone else is really good (guessing I'm the problem though!). At best I might get a couple of kills in a game, whilst getting killed 6 or 7 times - whether playing as an Elite or a Hero. Other players seem to attack without me even knowing they're there, and even if I'm standing face to face with another player shooting at their head I will always die first. As a Hero I find the other players move too fast to catch and are always aware of where I am, so getting a win as a Hero is impossible (and I'm letting down the other Hero!) So I need a little help and advice on what I might be doing wrong, and the best tactics for getting kills. Thanks in advance...