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  1. Ahh, sorry, my mistake. Actually these missions are not too hard for me, I got a no damage run M14 on DMD Difficulty. So this mission in HAH is a piece of cake to me. M16 is hard, but we got plenty of red orbs and Dr.Faust..........So yeah. "It's showtime!" shoot everything I was stuck at M4 for a long time. Then I realize I can use auto mode to defeat the boss and use active DT's invincible period to dodge boss's attack... Anyway congratulation to your Platinum. To me I finish the All S-Ranks playthrough. I still got HOH to handle, but that doesn't matter...... ———————————————— 小小的题外话,你买秋8的FD了吗(
  2. Mission 13 huh? Personally I suggest using Nero in this Mission. I tried this Mission with V but lead a pretty poor consequences- - Nero is pretty easy to do no damage run in M13
  3. I still got HAH M3 M4 and M15 to handle. Other missions are S-Ranks. I need some rest and probably get these 3 stupid missions to S Rank soon
  4. Wow, nice. Basically I will finish up every single mission with S-Rank then I ll focus on the next Difficulty. Right now working on DMD clean up. Mission 10 is so fking annoying. I tried this mission 5 times on SOS Difficulty and finally find out probably a method that suit me to get S-Rank, hope this will work on DMD as well- - This game is probably the best Devil May Cry ever and to me is the best classic action/slashing game. But some mission's total score calculation really killed me- - I dunno what will happen next probably Capcom will fix the Total Score's system in next updates? who knows....
  5. Hey guys! Here is my Mission 14 Walkthrough on DMD Difficulty. No Damage S Rank. Hope this will help :3
  6. Nero: for shooting for Devil Bringer for Devil Trigger D pad for "sorry nico" I didn't change Dante and V's controller sets. because I feel its ok, and still got plenty of S-Ranks.
  7. I'm in Canada, and I just test this method on my NTSC HD collection. It's worked, only strange thing is when i hitting the up and down the cursor still moving, but when I loaded the game the infinite devil trigger is working:3 All hail to you and hajpero bro:D ----------- To be honest, I think DMC2 is awful but not that...."Garbage" least the music is cool and some movement is the prototype for DMC3.... but the Bloody Palace(dont swear, kid)....well this really stupid as hell....... Glad the infinite devil trigger is working this time:3
  8. Thank you for the following :D

  9. 5: Devil May Cry 2 2.8% 4: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 2.0% 3: Devil May Cry 1 1.9% 2: DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition and Uncharted 4 both of them are 1.3% 1: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition 0.5% DMC3 is the only one not in top5, 3.1%
  10. 5: Resident Evil 6 4: Final fantasy Type-0 3: Megadimension Neptunia VII(Actually I prefer 新次元ゲームネプチューヌ VII Shinjigen game neputune vii) 2: Uncharted 4 1: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Seriously, I really hope Capcom will remake Devil May Cry 123 collection on PS4:3
  11. Well, I'm glad you already got it~ But yeah actually you can just use the Aquila gather all enemies together,and use Iryx hit the ground, this will be very easy to get SSS For Vergil, Summoned swords can help:3
  12. Hell no, these 2 trophies just like torture.... I find a way try to get cards, the forest dungeon close to Leanbox, and equip the item which can respawn enemy, I remember that dungeon has a enemy called Cobra Hero, and it said we can steal the cards from him.....but WTF...THAT'S REALLY NEED LUCK:(....And I got 10 Peashy in this dungeon, though now i have 21 different cards,it's so tedious..... So, any helpful or efficient way to get cards, please?
  13. For me, I suggest you can start the game by DMC3 on HD collection. Because the game is amazing and quite easier to get plat. DMC1 is quite hard for newbie, especially in DMD mode, DMC2 is the most controversial game in DMC. However, I think DMC2 is good, but the Bloody Palace really make people crazy, if you got a PAL version HD collection, then I have to say you are very lucky because you can use the ultimate devil trigger in DMC2..... For DmC and DMC4, You should try them on PS4, DmC DE is easy to get plat, though I don't really love it. It's an amazing game but not an amazing DMC, and DMC4SE is perfect, but it's the hardest plat in DMC series. I have to say, DMC4 is not really hard, but for plat, you need more training on it, even if you clear all the missions with S RANK in all mode and defeat all Bosses with SSS stylish points, Bloody Palace is waiting........You may fail in Bloody Palace 10 or 20 times to get the trophies......and some characters' disadvantages will make a big challenge in Bloody Palace...... Difficulties? from the hardest one to the easiest one, DMC4SE DMC1 DMC2 DMC3 DmC DE
  14. Actually, I think this trophy will be easier to achieve if you use Lady. I just got it with Lady. Use the wire shot and the pistol LV.3 charge shot and it will get SSS very quickly.
  15. Devil May Cry 2 Maybe DMC2 is the most controversial DMC game, but I like it.