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  1. Very true 😂can’t get disappointed if there’s nothing to disappoint.
  2. Concrete Genie is my first game for the event this year. Pleasantly surprised by it too. First off what a great little exclusive it was. I love the big Uncharted's, God of War and Horizon games but we need more of these little gems. I was mostly surprised by how relatable it is and how much I thought back while playing it. The days of coming back from school to escape with hobbies and the way, at times at least, they felt more real and comfortable than real life. The idea and metaphors behind the darkness and the idea that it represents depression and / or loneliness slowly covering everything (at least that's what I got from it) had my interest peaked and wished they went into that more or gave a little more in regards to what it could be a metaphor to. Also, I quite enjoyed the way the game shows you what was going on with the bullies themselves. They each had their own issue and demons that played a part in making them act how they acted. Don't really get that chance in the real world. You get bullied. Leave school and that's that. It would be nice to know if there was anything going on that wasn't known to make them act that way but sometimes real life doesn't work like that, but it made me happy for Ash as wasn't lonely anymore, which I felt played a part in him being so down, which I felt was why he had such an attachment to his art work and the genies, that gave his respite from that feeling. Then by the end of the game there's the fact he wasn't suffering from loneliness anymore because of the thing he used to escape reality for a little while. Apologises for the very poor piece, I hope it's enough. It's been a few days since I got the platinum and I've struggled to understand what I got from this (even though I really enjoyed it) as it bought back some of stuff personally.
  3. It was fine for me till I got to the MSB pack. Every trophy didn’t pop when it should of. Made it hard to go back to it
  4. I didn't even know about that way of doing it. Next time a trophy bugs out, I'll give this a go. My newest issue is that no matter what I do or what I do / don't install, I can't get the Northern Trans-Pennine set to appear in the menu. But that can be fixed when I start playing the game again. Exactly. I usually use a trophy unlocking properly in TSW as a good excuse to take a break and play something else. Not good time wise, but great for my sanity. I've read lots about TSW2 working better and having better tracking though so there is that I suppose.
  5. Yeah. I think it was my 4th or 5th time trying. I just kept making uninstalling and reinstalling the game and every time I made a new player profile in game too. Kept reading about it being worse with more DLC’s installed and unfortunately I can’t tell you what I had or didn’t have installed at the time. All I know is the MSB stuff as whole is buggy as hell and I was so glad to be done with it.
  6. Did it last year and enjoyed it, so I’m up for round 2 on this!
  7. D Anyone know if this still works because I can't do it lol.
  8. Working on: Lake PS4 / PS5 In Progress Not accepting help
  9. A few trophies have no % rate. Are certain trophies for this broken or is the game that bad people just haven't got them yet?
  10. Basically I'm just trying to get through some old games and clean up my list as much as I can before I start to mainly focus on the PS5. All I want to know is, how likely is it I'll get platinum on this as someone who has never touched The Show games before? The trophy guide has me a little lost so just wanted to see what peoples thoughts were and if there's any pages or guides that would be good to get started, or if anyone has their own recommendations in regards to what to do so I can get used to this game and hopefully get platinum. Cheers peoples.
  11. Update: 10 Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings - Complete First Trophy Freedom Fighter 14th March, 2022 02:50:29 PM Last Trophy Hydrogen Bonded 16th March, 2022 12:22:57 PM Up Next: Homefront: The Revolution
  12. Update: 09 F1 2021 First Trophy Showing huge potential 30rd Jan, 2022 06:01:28 AM Last Trophy Epic Racer 10th March, 2022 10:06:25 PM Nice, fun and easy game like 2020. The 50 hours on the track trophy was a bit annoying to do time wise but it was easy enough. The new story mode was fun and I really hope they carry on with that for 2022. Aston Martin finally being back in F1 and being able to drive for them was the personal highlight for me. Up Next: Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings DLC Got the Platinum way back in 2017 but never realised I had the digital copy as I usually get AC games physically, not digitally. But I do have the digital copy and Dead Kings is free so after 5 years I shall try and get another old game to 100%.
  13. Very few trophies make me give up on games no-a-days, but this trophy has just made me hate playing games. Tried a lot of different setups and taken so much advice that people have posted and I admit that I just can't lol. I have many bad laps then get 1 or 2 laps where I'm like a second or half a second off the time and start to hope then it all goes bad again. Well done to all who've done it though. The last few weeks trying to do it has made me have mad respect for you.
  14. Like a few have said. The Bethesda stuff hit a little more. They actually made games I was interested in, even if I played so few of them. Personally, I just don’t really care enough for the content Activision put out to be concerned by this on a personal level. On an industry level, yeah, but personally, not much is going to change. Besides, between me and my partner, we’ve had most Xbox consoles and we rarely used them (I think I may have turned my 360 on once). We both just subconsciously start up a PlayStation of some kind when we want to play games. And what with the way the world is right now and with life stuff getting in the way, we just can’t justify buying another one based on past experience when our money could be put to better use at the minute. Even more so after finally managing to get a PS5. But neither of us dislike the physical Xbox console they produce so I imagine at some point in time, we shall have one at some point, but right now, we’re still in no rush at all to change how we play video games.
  15. Sony should buy nothing. HOWEVER Disney should buy Sony to get the film rights to Spider-Man (like they did with 20th Century) and split it in a way so that everything BUT the film division becomes a semi-independently run bit-on-the-side style subsidiary of Disney. Thus, giving SIE exclusive rights and access to Disneys entire catalog (Marvel, LucasFilm, Disney IPs, 20th Century IPs). Star Wars and all of Marvel having exclusivity to PlayStation would be a big winner! May finally get an open world RPG style Pirates of the Caribbean game (looking at you Armada of the Damned).