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  1. Sign me up! I don't suffer with anything personally but my girlfriend has multiple disorders she deals with on a daily basis so this is good! As for games, I don't know what to play for the challenge but The Town of Light, Rainswept and The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope intrigue me (not that I have any of these 3 yet lol). So does finishing Life is Strange on the PS3. As for the #YouAreNotAlone bonus challenge, I'm gonna to The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (which I do have).
  2. When playing in VR, do you need the Move Controllers or is the game just fine in VR with a DS4?
  3. When playing in VR, do you need the Move Controllers or is the game just fine in VR with a DS4?
  4. Appreciate the feedback peoples. Will carry on waiting till I get a PS5 and for a proper PS5 version.
  5. Is it properly (or nearly properly) enjoyable yet? I've wanted this for years and still want it but have been waiting with all the trouble since it came out and just want to know how the game is at this point or whether to wait a little more? I have a base PS4 and my girlfriend has a Pro (no PS5 yet for either of us, can't get one) and if it's good on either one now I may get it. Let me know what you guys think of it in its current state now. Cheers
  6. Anyone know if it's still possible to get this (and all the DLC) and how I do it with a British PS3?
  7. The way I did it was to use the Scania R 2013 4x2 (Rigid Box). You start with it if you picked Scania as your truck brand, otherwise I recommend buying one then simply use it to go to any Brutto and pick routes that are 3x400KG (1200KG) in size and weight and load 7 onto the truck. 4 of those orders will equal 54% of the trucks payload, popping Good Combiner. 6 will equal 82%, popping Planner. And 7 equals 96%, giving you Logistics Specialist. If it doesn't work for you, let me know and I apologise, but it's how I've done it after the newest update since the weight tracking for loads seem to be a lot more accurate now.
  8. Might give it a proper go ( leaving it on and all that ) when I next get a few days / a weekend off work for peace of mind lol. It's a release PS4 but when playing On The Road it makes barely any noise and doesn't get too hot so I do think it's me being worried by it.
  9. Had a go at the glitch and it worked a treat but I forgot about the reset truck thing starting your count from 0 again lol. I'm on a base PS4 from release so as much as I want to, doubt I'll be using it as I don't want my console to die lol.
  10. Thanks, managed to get it and then get caught by 2 more camera's right after lol. Spent all that time finding one to come across 3 at once. Now it's just figuring out the 'Planner' trophy, I have the 50% and 90% assignment ones, just can't seem to get 70%.
  11. Basically, how? I haven't seen a single speed camera or anything and (since you can without punishment), I tend to speed everywhere.
  12. Anyone confirm if this still works?
  13. If it comes to PlayStation, I'll be all over this! If not then I guess it'll depend on whether I get an Xbox or not.
  14. Not sure if this has been asked before but as of January 2021, is it still possible to 100% this game? Hitman 3 has been something of interest for a while but just want to know if I have any chance of completing all 3 still?
  15. Doing this on the LIRR and I'm confused. On the LIRR screen it says '181 Services' to complete but when I go to the 'Timetable' and go on the M7, I have 28 available services (which I've done). Does anyone know if my game is glitched or something like that? Or is it something as simple as the routes under the 'Journeys' tab count too? EDIT: Found some info and I've started doing it again with a different method so we shall see if it works. If it does I'll post how I did it for future use in case it's needed by someone.