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  1. Update: 03 Dirt 5 Wild Spirits - Complete First Trophy Name that Dune 15th Sep, 2021 05:26:29 PM Last Trophy Wasteland Warrior 21st Sep, 2021 04:32:56 PM
  2. Any advice on the time trails? Struggling with them in this DLC.
  3. Anyone have any more tips for this new one? I just can’t seem to get a multiplier that sticks at all for this new Star Gazing track on this DLC and it’s starting to annoy me.
  4. Does anyone have the faintest idea in regards to getting Kairobot / Kairo Idol? The wikia says you need 9 awards from 9 different labels. That's 81 years with one artist and their career only lasts for 11 (also on the wikia). Seems like it's an impossible task tbh, unless I'm just looking at it wrong.
  5. Update: 02 Dirt 5 Super Size - Complete First Trophy Shore Thing 20th July, 2021 09:00:53 PM Last Trophy Travelling in Style 20th July, 2021 10:17:35 PM Not much to say really. It's more Dirt 5. The new tracks were cool and the 'Gate Crasher' levels were surprising fun to do too. It is just more of the same really. The only event that proved to be somewhat of a struggle for me was the 'Roosevelt Island' time trail. Getting 3 stamps on that event actually made me quite the happy chappy.
  6. Just got mine to finally sync and all 5 show the correct date and time-stamps so whatever went on seems to be fixed now guys! 👍
  7. Thank god it’s not just me. I can only see that Travelling in Style is unlocked through my notifications but I’m pretty sure I got all 5 to pop. Only problem is when I go to my trophies and I sync them I get NP-32136-5 come up. I didn’t have any problems with the other 2 sets.
  8. I've had multiple trophies not unlock for me even though I've done the requirements MANY times and I'm 100% sure I've done them. I've reinstalled the game. Started new profiles. Started from scratch with new saves and everything and still nothing. Do DLC services and scenarios count? I've done the 64 Rapid Transit services twice and nothing. I've also done the 5 MSB scenarios God knows who many times and nothing either. The only thing I can think it is now is that I don't have the DLC for those routes yet. Also, what's the best way to play it? Should I install everything or do it one at a time? I'm not sure what to do because of the above. I don't know what to do anymore and I'm hoping that with the amount of time since it was released, people have found some fixes or workarounds now. I'm only 2 trophies from platinum which is the most annoying part.
  9. Did not pop for me. 64 out of 64 complete on Rapid Transit. What's best to do? Get the DLC and do them or try again with the original 64? Or just try the MSB line?
  10. Update: 01 Uncharted 4: Survival - Complete First Trophy In for a Penny, In for a Pound 22nd June, 2021 12:39:56 PM Last Trophy ...It 25th June, 2021 09:28:36 PM The 4th Uncharted game and took me 4 days to complete the survival DLC. Seems like it was meant to be, but it's done now and I can focus on the main game again and going for that 100%. Surprised by the fact I didn't need to boost it. Guess I got lucky in regards to finding randoms who knew what they were doing with the glitches and the easy spots. Fun mode though. Stage 3 and 8 were frustrating yes and were my last 2 stages to complete but I was shocked that I didn't find it a chore or anything. I actually really enjoyed the co-op mode as a whole and may even carry on playing it for fun every so often. Just glad the trophies are done now. ...It is probably up there with the Spec Op: The Line and GTA IV platinums as a trophy I'm most proud of. Really didn't think I was going to be able to achieve 100% with Uncharted 4 after they released this mode.
  11. Can be locked! Needed to create a new profile on the game.
  12. Anyone else have trouble with the LIRR M3 trophies? I've done the requirements for Budding Engineer and Grasping Hands but nothing. Gold in both. Completed both multiple times. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Nothing pops. Anyone of a fix or anything?
  13. Goals 2021 Goals 140 Platinums - 127 Personal Goals (No Time Limit) Achieve 65% Completion - 62.88% 100 PS4 games with Platinum & 100% achieved - 70 Under 4000 Unearned Trophies - 4493 Personal Challenges These are on the site as proper challenges and I like the ideas behind the challenges but I don't really have enough free time nowadays to participate, so I'll do them on my own and they seem like a fun way to work through the backlog. In my own time. Tracking them here. The first is an 'A to Z Challenge' using game titles. I'll be going down the alphabet with games beginning with the letter in questions. The next one (for now) is a 'Rainy Day Challenge'. The plan is to get 20 games to one trophy from platinum and then pop all 20 as quickly as I can in one day. Mostly to see if I have the patience and discipline to wait to pop some platinums. (The trophies in question for the 'Rainy Day Challenge' might change as I play through the games I want to for the challenge, the only important thing is I leave one trophy remaining for platinum) A to Z Challenge - Games (Not Started) Rainy Day Challenge (Not Started)
  14. Welcome Thanks for taking a look at my tracker! I seem to spend the most time when on this site checking the 'Trophy Checklists' section and it's taken till now to make my own. I don't know how much detail this will have as for the most part, my memory is a little hazy. I may write some things about certain games depending on what I remember or how impactful they were to me, but mostly this will be a way of tracking my platinums, 100%'s, backlog, goals and making a record of my trophy journey. I don't refer to myself as a trophy hunter. I would have in the past. A bad one! I used to buy games for trophies all the time. Until it got to the point where I was just playing a game once, then tell myself I'd get back to it and move on, never completing anything and not having fun! Completely focused on my overall account % and completion but actually making it worse. That carried on until around mid 2016, maybe early 2017 when I started to try new games, new genres, specifically Japanese games, which took me back to where I was when trophies first came out. When I had fun. I started to simply buy what I wanted and trophies became a way for me to get the most of the games I was playing and here we are now! I still buy A LOT of games, but unlike before, I buy them because I WANT them and WILL get round to playing them all and hopefully WILL platinum them all. But the biggest thing is, for the past few years, I've enjoyed gaming as much I did before trophies. Will I play every game I own? Yes! Yes I will! Will I platinum every game I own? Probably not! I'd like to but we'll see. It's kind of why I've made this. Having them listed for everyone to see might give me a little push to go for it! Anyway, without further ado, let's get on with the show! PS. If someone wants to do Brink 100%, add me! I'm always looking for people to help get that game done. Platinums 100% (Not Platinum) Currently Playing Backlog PS3 PS4
  15. Just in time, I completed the bonus challenge with Life is Strange 2. Not as good as the first but I like these games. The brothers story was interesting and I liked the people they met alone the way. Excited for True Colors! Didn’t do as many games as I wanted but I did both tasks and had fun looking at and researching new games! Anyway, I've fully enjoyed this event and I love the fact it's got me and my girlfriend talking about these things. Hearing other people’s stories too has also made me want to know more and work on my own mental health, didn't fully understand how important and fragile your mental health can be. Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has shared something! My girlfriend has had a really hard time the last few weeks and and daft as it sounds, this event and what I've been doing for it has really helped me get through it with her. Looking forward to the next one!