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  1. I've noticed with the newest update on PS5, Theo doesn't show up anymore when rescuing people. Has anyone noticed if this has made a difference for unlocking the trophy? Also any help for this trophy would be great. I've spent the best part of 2 weeks playing the mission And We're Back and still nothing. That's without the campaigns and other missions I've done rescuing people.
  2. Sorry if this has been asked before but is the platinum still obtainable / 100% in Sept 22? I remember seeing something about servers for one of the games but never got to this and I’ve recently gone through my backlog and found it and what with the TV show, I’m in the mood for it lol.
  3. Update: 11 Well Homefront didn't happen next, but a fair bit has since the last update so here we go. Train Sim World DB BR 204 - Complete Lake Last Trophy Delivery Status: Complete 23rd April, 2022 11:47:56 AM Lake Last Trophy Delivery Status: Complete 24th April, 2022 07:19:54 PM Riders Republic Last Trophy King of the hill 13th May, 2022 09:23:32 PM Concrete Genie Last Trophy The Artist of Denska 15th May, 2022 02:45:34 PM Life is Strange Last Trophy What If? 28th May, 2022 04:08:08 PM FIA European Truck Racing Championship Last Trophy FIA European Track Racing Championship 14th Aug, 2022 08:12:11 AM Stray Last Trophy All Done 16th Aug, 2022 09:42:27 AM Up Next: Marvel's Avengers
  4. Basically forgot to change accounts before I started this and now I feel like I need to finish it since I’m trying to clean up my trophy list (not make it worse). I’ve done ok but now I just don’t have a clue! Can anyone offer some pointers or help or some good guides to follow? I’ve tried a few videos etc but I just can’t manage to do what they do in the videos lol. Anything will be much appreciated 👍🏻
  5. Will be playing this again for sure. Love this game. Only disappointment is that with all that there is, they still won’t include DLC trophies.
  6. Bonus game done. Went for finishing Life is Strange on PS3. It uses various ways of spreading messages. Texts, social media, the Life is Strange version of YouTube. That being said, not all the messages were nice! P.S. Still one of my favourite games I’ve played!
  7. Very true 😂can’t get disappointed if there’s nothing to disappoint.
  8. Concrete Genie is my first game for the event this year. Pleasantly surprised by it too. First off what a great little exclusive it was. I love the big Uncharted's, God of War and Horizon games but we need more of these little gems. I was mostly surprised by how relatable it is and how much I thought back while playing it. The days of coming back from school to escape with hobbies and the way, at times at least, they felt more real and comfortable than real life. The idea and metaphors behind the darkness and the idea that it represents depression and / or loneliness slowly covering everything (at least that's what I got from it) had my interest peaked and wished they went into that more or gave a little more in regards to what it could be a metaphor to. Also, I quite enjoyed the way the game shows you what was going on with the bullies themselves. They each had their own issue and demons that played a part in making them act how they acted. Don't really get that chance in the real world. You get bullied. Leave school and that's that. It would be nice to know if there was anything going on that wasn't known to make them act that way but sometimes real life doesn't work like that, but it made me happy for Ash as wasn't lonely anymore, which I felt played a part in him being so down, which I felt was why he had such an attachment to his art work and the genies, that gave his respite from that feeling. Then by the end of the game there's the fact he wasn't suffering from loneliness anymore because of the thing he used to escape reality for a little while. Apologises for the very poor piece, I hope it's enough. It's been a few days since I got the platinum and I've struggled to understand what I got from this (even though I really enjoyed it) as it bought back some of stuff personally.
  9. It was fine for me till I got to the MSB pack. Every trophy didn’t pop when it should of. Made it hard to go back to it
  10. I didn't even know about that way of doing it. Next time a trophy bugs out, I'll give this a go. My newest issue is that no matter what I do or what I do / don't install, I can't get the Northern Trans-Pennine set to appear in the menu. But that can be fixed when I start playing the game again. Exactly. I usually use a trophy unlocking properly in TSW as a good excuse to take a break and play something else. Not good time wise, but great for my sanity. I've read lots about TSW2 working better and having better tracking though so there is that I suppose.
  11. Yeah. I think it was my 4th or 5th time trying. I just kept making uninstalling and reinstalling the game and every time I made a new player profile in game too. Kept reading about it being worse with more DLC’s installed and unfortunately I can’t tell you what I had or didn’t have installed at the time. All I know is the MSB stuff as whole is buggy as hell and I was so glad to be done with it.
  12. Did it last year and enjoyed it, so I’m up for round 2 on this!
  13. D Anyone know if this still works because I can't do it lol.
  14. Working on: Lake PS4 / PS5 In Progress Not accepting help
  15. A few trophies have no % rate. Are certain trophies for this broken or is the game that bad people just haven't got them yet?