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    Pissing off mangina soylent cucks and SJW degenerates with facts and logic. PC and Nintendo Master Race. Feel free to add me on PSN, my main account is KUROJAIDEN.

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  1. -Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours (Best shmup Ive played so far) -Sine Mora EX -The Bit. Trip (The games included are really short except for The Runner, but they are quite fun to complete) -Ninja Senki DX -Shadow Warrior -Stardew Valley -Axiom Verge -Mercenary Kings (the game itself is already damn fun but if you have a co-op partner the fun will increase by a lot) -Super Time Force Ultra -Nex Machina -Astebreed -Shovel Knight (the game has 2 extra dlcs that will keep you busy for a while and they are very fun)
  2. Happened the same to me with that unironic "doomer" lmao (his replies were deleted aswell as mine for some reason), what I love is that he wrote me a paragraph filled up with pretty much nothing and claiming he doesnt care about anything or anyone, yet he took his time to leave me such reply about a topic that "bothers" him but didnt he said he doesnt care?
  3. Yes it is, actually one of the wokest ones along with BFV, how they market it, the leftist content it has (which praises communism), the wahmen "power" cliche reflected in the female characters and how BJ gets constantly trashed through the game will let you see that this isnt a Wolfenstein game but instead a political propaganda turned into a "game" (yes, even the gameplay is trash when you compare it to the previous titles), check the video that panikooooos left, so you can get an idea of how woke the game is in case like me, you despise political propaganda games.
  4. No.
  5. I would have loved a feature like this before I aquired the premium membership, before I had premium, several random people kept updating my profile and I had to wait 1h to update it myself and that was annoying af, I also experienced that crap with the ID name change since my premium was taken away, luckily if you are premium you can update every minute. Imo something needs to be done regarding the time gap on each update for non premium users.
  6. Multiple games across several platforms, otherwise I would get bored af and with it burned out from what I was trying to 100%/platinum to the point that I would easily drop it.
  7. I played it back in 2016 just for the memes on PC and holy shit, the cringe and edginess from the dialogue reminded me the one from Moira on Resident Evil Revelations 2 and that masterpiece that was the Mighty No.9 trailer lol, the gameplay was meh since its a walking simulator and for the "story", all I remember were those cringe edgy moments from Chloe 😂 definitely gonna stay away from part 2 since I saw it was heavier on cringe compared to this one. This video sums it up:
  8. Each time I look at that Sonic design it reminds me of that monkey kid from the 1995 Jumanji 😂
  9. Sony in a nutshell
  10. >shovelware >effort Btw dont put words in my mouth, I stated effortless trophy lists shouldnt be allowed regardless if they were from shovelware or not, and then I stated that shovelware developers should be banned from publishing their trash (regardless of effortless trophy lists or not) on the store which is completely different from your strawman statement.
  11. The few changes they should make is not allowing effortless trophy list in their system specially coming from shovelware and ban those "developers" from publishing such garbage in the store. A cool feature imo would be having different kind of trophy value for each of the rarities, this way it would be more rewarding earning a sub 1% than it is right now due to each of the trophies having the same value regardless if its an easy 90% rarity game or a tough sub 1% one. The last feature I would love to see is implementing negative points for above 50% rarity trophies.
  12. That would defeat the purpose of having an ultra rare category since everyone would have thousands of them due to pretty much every game having not only the platinum but several trophies on "ultra rare" status via psn "rarity" lol
  13. Thats easy, the ps3 has a 5 year advantage over the ps4 version in terms of release date and theres also a huge difference on game owners between both versions that makes easier the UR status on the ps3.
  14. Proto Man for Mr perfect and Mega Man for hard mode but if you dont have any issue buying Bass Dlc I can def say after getting 100% on Legacy Collection 2 that Bass is the best for both, he has a jetpack, dash and also the ability to shoot in multiple directions which makes both Willy fights easier than doing them with Proto or Mega. For Hard mode I suggest farming screws to make the Willy stages easier, but keep in mind like KaKrackle said that if you die(empty your lifes) or quit to main menu you have to start the Willy stages from scratch, only Easy mode allows saving between stages. Good luck 😎
  15. I completely agree with Kakrackle, not only is obvious cheating but also the people that create shareplay sessions are entitled af, when a few asked me to get a few trophies through shareplay for them, I always charged them for a good amount of money for said trophies if they want them, after that they started acting like the most entitled trash Ive seen, demanding me to do it for free lmao, of course they went and ask other people. Shareplay sessions should only be allowed for games with co-op trophies that dont have any online options and the only way is either couch co-op or using the shareplay feature which Im sure this site might have a list of those kind of games.