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  1. @TheAbyssWalker61Bots sure counted when I did the trophy yes! But it has to be in beginner mode! Not the match you play right after the tutorial:)
  2. @chilly_schrimp Perfect description, use beginner mode and hit them with the arrows for it to count! If you don’t have ps5 make a line on a piece of paper every time you get 10 hits(1%)! That probably would make it somewhat more motivating
  3. It’s definitely hits now, try hitting 10 and you’ll see it goes up 1 % every time!
  4. @foobree for sure, but that’s next playtrough then👀 it’s impossible to get in the same playtrough if you’ve destroyed the floor in the nexus
  5. Plus if you have defeated all bosses and spoiler alert you can’t get the ring for pure white world character anymore👀 don’t make the same mistake as me all that grinding for nothing
  6. Got it first try on lionsphire to, it it’s bugged for you then mabye try it there! If you don’t get it there I would delete my save and go for it again👌 After popping all the other trophies of course💁‍♀️
  7. Yeah no Shit it’s an Ubisoft game, never gonna buy from that trash as company again, I mean who do you make a headshot challenge when the headshot don’t count as headshots more than half the time, like are they actually trolling their customers? I had to currently on the 13 kill headshot challenge now, done with that other one. It’s just 1/10 in difficulty you just have to win the lottery so that all the headshots cont, probably gonna take you around 25-100 tries😵‍💫 the enemies literally stand still, hitting the headshots couldn’t be any easier. It’s just mind blowing that they but out some utter garbage like this and call it a challenge, when all it comes down to is whether or not the game registers the headshots. I’m having a blast in the wolf challenge in on lolingstone, not only do the headshots not register, but the enemies get killed for a weak point hit in the arm or foot from time to time. Really having fun. Wish Ubisoft lost everything so no game would ever be produced from them again, don’t wish even my worst enemies to suffer trough this piece of trash game…
  8. The seeing red trophy is also glitched\buggy have killed 2-3 enemies a dozen times with literally 1 HP, can’t Stress it enough, stay away from the game until they get their game fixed if you care about trophies. The frustration of not getting rewarded what you’re supposed to get is just so frustrating. Double kill tripped kill, one enemy then another, nothing seems to work! Guess I’ll have to delete my save after I’m done with the game to have a shot at this trophy
  9. This trophy should have popped 4 times for me but never Has, had a round with 50 kills, one with 52, the then another one with 52, and the last match I played I got 64 killl still no trophy, played a knight and only used my sword to kill enemies…. Considering this trophy is hard for a lot of people including me. Rarely get that many kills. It’s absolutely mind blowing that they haven’t fixed it, it’s like the game is still in beta…. I really enjoy Chivalry, but this problem with the trophies takes out ALOT of the fun… so if you’re a completionist I would steer away from this game until they fix their game…. It really sucks that some game developers don’t care about their costumers. Really hope they start to take things seriously because the game itself is enjoyable Edit: it finally popped in a game when I got 72 kills….
  10. They do, just lock at the 100% List, a few people got plat in literally 1-2 seconds, only trophy that doesn’t pop is all together now
  11. You gonna write one?😁 would be awesome to have when I get the season pass👀
  12. Probably doesn’t help anyone, but before making a new character I tried to do a couple of random bounties! And on the fourth one I got the trophy. Apparently I had messed up the wolf pack bounty somehow. Even though I’m pretty sure I killed everyone, I might have left one of the enemies live and dipped after I killed the target? Only thing that makes sense, because I’m sure I didn’t die! Anyway I guess like some people here already have mentioned, try doing random bounties in matchmaking! Worked for me too:)
  13. Can also confirm that the trophy still is bugged, was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to make a new character! And I really don’t want to play random bounties in hope that the trophy pops🥴 that could take forever... I’ve read everything on this post, usually I find an explanation! But I’ve done everything people are writing..
  14. My bad, I meant Paige, edited it directly after I wrote it and realized the error 🤓
  15. Of course, I’m sorry for not being specific! first you make two six packs of nukacolas you then have to deliver to Paige (foundation) and Meg (raiders) I went straight to Paige, picked the first option then the third I’m pretty sure! Then back out fast of the dialog menu pressing O rinse and repeat. I did it to fast twice ass well, but even if the timing is a little more difficult, it still would be an amazing way to get reputation. sorry for not being more specific, but when my controller died and the quest completed I panicked and closed the game. Because i tought the dialog option mabye would appear again! So I couldn’t save the clip while I was doing it.....