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  1. I think I'll skip this game, with how hard the platinum is. I have enough unfinished hard games on my account as it is. Need for Speed Prestige, Trials Fusion, Superhot VR, 10 second ninja. Those alone would take at least 300 hours of frustration to get 100% in. Especially Trials Fusion.
  2. Good to see the games next month aren't flooded with paid dlc trophies. Not interested in battlefield, but Wreckfest and Stranded Deep look interesting.
  3. Worst game I played on ps4? I'd say the Resident Evil 1 remake. As someone who never played the original, I don't have a nostalgia bias towards it. I hated the fixed camera angles and the constant backtracking to the item box. Had to force myself to finish the platinum. Also the Need for Speed (2015) Prestige dlc is garbage. Extremely strict time limits and score requirements make each Prestige Gold almost impossible to get. It takes a huge amount of practice just to get ONE gold, and there are 41 of them needed for a trophy! Not to mention the random NPC traffic which gets in the way and can easily screw up an otherwise good run.
  4. I downloaded them, but didn't play them yet.
  5. I just spent $67 on psn games on ps3 right before i found they're not really gonna close the ps3 store I wonder if I can get a refund?
  6. "If you want a sequel, buy the game at launch!" "If you want people to buy the game at launch, make the game work at launch!" *looks at Cyberpunk*
  7. Looks like Sony just April Fooled us all!
  8. Nothing to regret for me. With how hard some of the get-theres were, and how long I had to grind to level 100, I deserve both platinums. No shame in auto popping trophies if the game offers that function.
  9. I got the ps4 platinum only because I paid some group to kill Twintania for me. The ps5 trophies seem like a nightmare.
  10. Some of these games have already been delisted. I tried buying Rock of Ages and Babel Rising from the ps3 store, but couldn't find them.
  11. Makes me think Borderlands 3 is coming to ps plus, since they like to put games with tons of paid dlc on there. Zombie army 4, Cities Skylines, The sims 4, Driveclub.
  12. (In redneck accent) "Got dang! Looks like we got us a bunch of commies in this here thread, y'all!"
  13. Because of the store shutdown, I just looked through the entire ps3 game list for games I might be interested in. (Download only). Excluding games that are extremely hard or have unachievable 100%s, of course. I came up with a list of about a dozen games to buy before shutdown. Ps3 games to get before store shutdown: Akimi village Babel Rising Crazy machines elements Crazy taxi Flock! Hamster ball Puddle Rock of Ages Savage moon DLC Skydrift Storm Swarm Zuma Edit: Looks like a lot of these are delisted :/ Oh well
  14. If you like tower defense games, Comet Crash is a good one. I got it on ps plus during the psn outage of 2011. It has dlc trophies and requires a 2nd controller to get 100% though.
  15. Just $5 for Savage Moon Dlc. And another $10 or so for Dishonored.