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  1. Batman Arkham Knight and Darksiders 3? And 2 months ago Detroit Become Human. Looks like Sony's been improving the quality of plus games lately. 😀 From shitty minimalist indie games, to bigger games like this. Well done Sony.
  2. What happened to "innocent until proven guilty?" If person A could hack trophies on person B's account, then just looking at a questionable timestamp alone isn't enough to prove person B knowingly and intentionally hacked. I wonder how such things would be handled in a courtroom...
  3. Only thing that would be nice is the ability to delete games from my profile. Not just games at 0%, any game. And join together all games with "stacked" trophy lists.
  4. Terminator Salvation Remastered My Name is Mayo
  5. I'm the same way with trophies. (Going for 100% completion including DLC). Except I don't see it as an "addiction" that has to be "fixed". I see it as dedication to a craft, to reap the fruits of my labor, (the trophies). Kind of like going for an Olympic gold medal. While it may be grindy or frustrating during the process, eventually I overcome the problem and accomplish a job well done, the 100%, which brings me satisfaction. 🙂
  6. How I trophy hunt: Earn them BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! If that means boosting, or letting someone carry me through a difficult part (Seeker of truth trophy in final fantasy 14) then so be it. Helpful glitches like item duplication in Demon's souls are ok by me too. Whatever makes it easier to earn it. One game at a time, usually. That makes it easier to focus if my efforts aren't spread too thin. I don't care if I get frustrated either. I just keep playing through the frustration until the trophy pops. I've been through so much hell for trophies it's unbelievable.
  7. I remember all the hell I went through getting Uncharted 3 trophies to 100%, years ago. Get 50 of this medal, 100 of that medal, do this difficult coordinated trick on Crushing that requires players to be better than the ones I randomly find in game. And then the luck based treasures! Never getting the one I need! Took me forever to finish this shit!! So now that it's getting shut down, I'm actually happy about it! 😀 Goodbye and Good Riddance, Uncharted Grind fest! You will not be missed one bit by me! 😀
  8. I used the Macchina and Gentleman cars. Anything with high Handling is good for turns. Also that helped to save all my Nitros for the last lap. Much easier to get 1st place.
  9. I need some help with the trophy for winning a multiplayer game. No one is playing online it seems. I would make a boosting session but I can't find this game in it.
  10. The Endurance races aren't the hard part. They just take a long time. The real difficulty is in getting gold on the Master Tournaments, which requires 3 out of 4 races to be 1st place. The problem is when approaching the car in front, it boosts away into the finish line, leaving you with 2nd place. 2 races like that in a tournament and you have to start over. Also at the race start, the cars in front will block the whole road, preventing you from passing them on either side.
  11. I'm stuck trying to get the gold on the Master difficulty tournaments, and it seems almost impossible to get 1st place no matter which car I use. The cars in front of me keep blocking my way forward, and if I make it near the car in front, that car boosts away from me with nitro, preventing me from reaching 1st place. 😠
  12. And it's the deluxe edition, so you also get Heavy Rain. Now you have 2 playable movies and 1 game this month.
  13. Yes, because it means I'm being the BEST player, like this person: https://psnprofiles.com/TheVampireDiva She was my friend on psn, but deleted me. If she doesn't give up on being a completionist, neither can I. It means having something in common with her. If I can't be with her, I'm gonna be like her.
  14. I have so many 100% completed games on my record that starting up 5 - 10 new games would barely make a dent in my completion rate.
  15. The platinum did start to become a boring grind for collectibles in the end. There is a HUGE amount of animal carcasses and flowers and dinosaur bones and other crap to collect. I took a break from it halfway through and came back later. A lot of it is about having to depend on random animal spawns, and then riding away and riding back to see if it spawned again. Also the 70 gold medals were somewhat hard/annoying to get, especially since in many missions, I had to sit through a 5 minute horseback ride just to get 1 more practice attempt at 10 headshots or 70% accuracy or whatever. I did them on replay instead of a new game, which meant I had to use a low level Arthur with a crappy horse that can't ride where it needs to go within the time limit 😠 And then there was the online mode, where everything costs so much and pays so little. Even winning a PVP match only awards $20, while losing barely covers the cost of ammo used. I also completed stranger missions that gave less money than the cost of fast travelling to the mission start. Of course there are also Gold Bars, but not everything can be bought with those. I ended up killing at Thieves Landing to grind xp to level 50. With all that in mind, no wonder RDR2 is an Ultra Rare Platinum.