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  1. Sports games for sure
  2. With almost a 90% completion rate I cannot recommend a game you should not go for 😅 You should get wipeout HD though, you can do it!
  3. Just started my first book ever on philosophy.. Marcus Aurelius - Personal Notes I'm enjoying it so far!
  4. Likes to play all type of games
  5. Crash Bandicoot for plat number 60 😁
  6. Binge watched all episodes from the queens gambit this weekend.. great show!!
  7. I'm going to buy the PS5 disc version as soon as it's available to "pre-order" again..
  8. This post can be deleted
  9. Sup everybody! Thought it was a good idea to start my first post with a picture of myself.. Christmass 2019
  10. Then I don't think you will be happy to meet my father lolz... Anyways I need to take a shit it's really bothering me at the moment
  11. No Country for Old Men (2007)
  12. From what Ive played... Call of Duty - Overrated Vanquish - Underrated
  13. Probably a nice person
  14. Banned for trying to be a smartass
  15. You have some hard plats bro especially Hana Montana.. Just kidding I would rate you a 3.5/10 most games are pretty easy