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  1. Reference this article please DO NOT take this as a reason to perma backlog this. Likely this will only give the servers a little bit longer life. Similar to how 19’s servers got a couple extra months
  2. Yes, renting a server in this game is terribly buggy on all platforms. use this site to help once you click it there’s a server status icon near the top. Generally if that is lit up green you SHOULD be able to rent a server. Not always the case but it is the best indicator we have for now.
  3. Yes if you have ps plus and upload your save to the cloud. You then have the option to download your cloud save on the ps now version and continue. Works the same way in reverse too.
  4. That’s what I got going now! Thank you for the tip about using HK I had almost every other variation and forgot that one somehow. So I take it for Chinese physical games there’s no good marketplace for them? I read much of the gaming is digital there so it makes sense
  5. Totally fine. I managed to get the Korean PS3 and ps4 versions, the HK PS3 version, and both japan versions titled psychobreak. The rarity of this game in Korea and China is crazy.
  6. I am specifically looking for the Hong Kong version of the game. Thank you though (: Yes, I am thank you! I’ll edit my post to be more clear. As the region doesn’t show on the form page right away. I am looking for the Hong Kong ps4 version specifically. Thank you though (:
  7. Dirt 3’s VIP pass is still available on the Korea store. When checking the ID of the game it corresponds to, this online pass WORKS with the US version BLUS 30724. That is the same sku as the base USA dirt 3 game. Thus buying a used complete edition USA copy of the game and this dlc will make the game function as normal.
  8. Any of you that acquired HONG KONG physical copies of this game, what sites did you use? I have EXHAUSTIVELY checked eBay, like all variations of Amazon, and play Asia. It has been sold out everywhere. perhaps there’s better sites to buy physical HK stacks?
  9. That That is likely the best case scenario. That they have working codes for a region of the game that you own. Otherwise, the only options are a korean digital game with the dlc from korean account. OR a PHYSICAL asia copy of the game and the dlc from ANY of the Asia region stores (I recommend indonesia as their prices are cheaper and the store is in english). Both of these routes are equally difficult though. The physical copies of this game for region 3 are extremely rare. Play asia sold out ages ago, ebay has maybe 1 listing a year, I even checked sites like I suggest setting up some saved searches on ebay to send alerts when a matching copy pops up, and snag it.
  10. Update: rocksmith NA physical copy BLUS 31031 has the bass expansion INCLUDED on the disc (the original BLUS 30670 does not have the dlc on disc, you can also tell that in the address for the rock smith bass expansion DLC it lists BLUS 30670) .
  11. That’s awesome news! I thought it was a random glitch on my end. Thanks for the confirmation.
  12. NHL 18, 19 and 20 were all still in my download list after the ea play removal and delisted. I never PURCHASED these games. I only claimed them through ea play. My sub is still active for quite some time. I imagine the access to the game stays until your sub runs out even if the game gets removed from the service. It’s a bit of an odd case but the info may help someone.
  13. This game was removed from EA play on April 16, 2021 and the game was delisted. I never purchased this game I only ‘claimed’ it through EA play. However today, I can still see the game in my download list. Is this the case for others? I’m currently downloading it. I figured ea play would function like PSNOW in the sense that if you claim a game and it gets removed from the service, you lose your access to it. this is my first experience attempting to play a game removed from ea play. If my access to the game stays as long as my sub does then that’s a crucial piece of info to note on the upcoming delisting thread.
  14. Hi

    Likely WAY too late but I found this game on it was a Europe only release on disc as the digital version was delisted some time ago.
  15. Rocksmith’s bass expansion is still available in US store for $9.99