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  1. Hi

    Likely WAY too late but I found this game on it was a Europe only release on disc as the digital version was delisted some time ago.
  2. Rocksmith’s bass expansion is still available in US store for $9.99
  3. Thread on ps3trophies claims you need the dlc to play on expert.
  4. I see the recent replies now. Clearly yes the method will not work. I haven’t monitored those threads to see the updates. I’ve had the dlc for a while before the delisting. I’m just trying to help others find ways to get to it. Honestly there’s no point in looking for lbp2 Asia dlc right now because there’s literally not been a single copy anywhere in online shops for a very long time.
  5. While that may be true, still wouldn’t hurt to attempt making a session? also update! I went into the Korean store on console and found that LBP 1 is AVAILABLE digital. 34,200 Won is the price and the name is completely in Korean so you’ll need to do some navigating to find it. Both the dlc packs are also in the store. You’ll need about 52,000 won to be safe to get everything.
  6. Don’t give up! There’s threads on the muppets dlc that suggest you may be able to get the trophies with someone who has the DLC. Worth a read if anything.
  7. No copies exist in the wild right now. Since I first commented on this thread and the muppets one on LBP2 I’ve been keeping an eye on multiple stores so I can post when one is there. None have even been sold on eBay and play Asia is sold out. So getting the dlc is great and all, but the game is a MUCH harder problem lol. I have the same issue with operation flashpoint red river. Region 3 dlc but no copy of the region 3 game.
  8. That’s very odd. It must be a console bug because it was function when the old web store worked. But obviously now only the console store is there I have a Korean account as well, I can attempt to see if it’s possible there? You have a region 3 copy of lbp2?
  9. Reading the description on the site seems it was copied from Best Buy. Likely the site bought codes from them before Sony pulled the plug on selling digital codes a while back for stores. I would buy it to test it. But if my theory is correct, they may only have a code or two at most. I do not want to take one from someone who may need it. I grabbed the dlc years ago.
  10. Never heard of the site. Not quite sure what the region is for the dlc. But that’s a possibility.
  11. Create the account on mobile/web it is WAY easier and faster. no that’s not it because you’ll need a region 3 copy of the game in order to use that DLC. Basically a Korean or Chinese copy will work. That’s the struggle is finding the game for that region. The muppets dlc is a similar situation, you need to find lbp2 in region 3 which basically no copies are around anymore. I listed my solution because technically it CAN work, if you have the proper game. Most stores the dlcs have been delisted for a while with LBP. The metal gear solid, and pirates for lbp1 and muppets for lbp2 seem to be the hardest ones to come by. The DC comics pack is in most stores still. There’s also a move pack and cross controller pack. DC and cross controller are in the region one store and you can get the move pack dlc ON DISC with the region one special edition. but again. The only way if you have no DLC right now to complete this game 100% is to buy multiple copies from different regions. You’ll need a region 3 copy for lbp1 dlc’s. You’ll need a a region 1 physical SPECIAL EDITION copy of lbp2 and buy region 1 cross controller and DC packs from the store. AND a region 3 lbp2 copy and the muppets dlc from the indo store. keep in mind the region 3 copies of both of these games are extremely hard to find and many people from this site will be hunting for them too. I’m not trying to discourage you but you’ll need to be very dedicated to get the 100% starting fresh now.
  12. Not sure if this is an option for you but the EU store has the dlc for Dante for 14.99 GBP called dlc bundle. It has st Lucia and dark forest which you would need for the 100%. You would just need to get the EU region of the game. In the store it’s 12.99 GBP. That’s likely cheaper than importing a physical disc of it. edit: just checked eBay cheapest EU physical copy is like $30. Likely better going digital.
  13. Thank you for this excellent write up. This is in my backlog and I was trying to think of a good way to approach this. I have multiple consoles and copies (4) just not enough to get the 8 player trophy alone.
  14. The dlc has been delisted. There is no complete edition either. So pretty much if you’re starting now you’ll be able to platinum and that’s it. I tried months back messaging many people on dlc trophy recent earners and not one person answered.
  15. Agreed. It’s technically possible to get all the dlc but you would need multiple copies of the game from different regions. Then would need to play the respective dlcs on that regions game. It would all feed into the same trophy list. But gosh is that a ton of work for one list’s 100%