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  1. Servers are still online at the moment and lobbys are quite full most of the time. But there seems to be a problem with the stats. They do not always update. I have this problem since yesterday. I just got to level 18 but my stats say level 16. Also the amount of kills and awards I've achieved haven't changed since yesterday... There has been a similar problem in BFBC1, but there you just had to wait until the next day for the servers to reset...
  2. For me the game always crashes after the last race of the championship. This always happens after winning the title while the game is autosaving. All i can do is restart the ps3. luckily i get the trophies. this happened after wrc-j and wrc-2. this game seems to be quite buggy.
  3. I got the platinum a while ago, but nevertheless thanks for your answer! :-) I guess this might help others too!
  4. Thank you!
  5. does anybody now how much damage the car has to take in 3 categories for the "spirit of the rally" trophy? is it 0% or 0-20%?
  6. I can confirm, that the settings named by GuzzaGaming still work to achieve the trophy! Thanks! :-)
  7. my problem is that the game froze in the arkham asylum kitchen scene while attacking lady arkham but now when trying to continue the game, i always have a black screen. so only thing i can do is quit the game. does anybody have the same problem? EDIT: I deleted my savegame and started episode 5 from the beginning. finally got platinum. what an awful game on ps3.....
  8. thanks for the advice man! If I have time, i'll try it out!
  9. Yeah well, I somehow found Hitman Go being better concerning the controls, perhaps because I was able to use the d'pad...
  10. i forgot to intervene while interrogating tom in the beginning of case one. will i be able to finish the case without problems? will this affect any trophies?
  11. in the beginning the controls were okay, but towards the end (last two levels) i found them to be awful... somehow always one move messed up a whole section...
  12. You have to reach Rank 100 to get the gold trophy in the last DLC... I guess boosting will be necessary now...
  13. not sure, what his name was. last one (25th september) didn't do it legit as well. he got 40 trophies in a row/instant.....
  14. it is a nice series to plat. if you really want to do this one, i'd boost the awards in a group and get used to the online mode, if i were you. 10002 kills take you a lot of time. i suggest around 150 hours for everything online.
  15. i wouldn't even recommend playing this game online anymore, if you haven't started by now. servers are getting worse and worse. progamers spawn trap you and sometimes matches freeze (after a time of 40 minutes or so). it's just frustrating. i needed around 5 months for all online trophies (awards were boosted). i did the kills legit (in the end i had some rounds with 40-50 kills). but it takes a lot of patience and skill through experience. i broke 2 gamepads while playing bfbc and i think there are a lot more people like me out there.