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  1. Git Gud Scrub
  2. Is there any excuse more ridiculous than buying the same crappy game 3/4/5 times just to get them ez plats?? Just IMO.
  3. So i just impaled all the heads and got the victories outros, but for some reason the trophy did not pop after i equip then on the characters. Do i have to win a match for the victorie to play out or what? Any help is apreciate.
  4. Likes mayonesse?? Likes fast food trophies?? Has a wide range of games.
  5. I love the DMC series but never played them since i was 10 or so. DmC 1!
  6. My latest and probably hardest platinum is Black Ops 4. Zombies and multiplayer was ok but Blackout... you need a lot of patient and dedication to get it, skill and some luck. Reznov and Shaw are the hardest characters to unlock inmo.
  7. After quite some time i finally got the Black Ops 4 Platinum trophy. I could have get it sooner but most of the time i was playing Blackout mode with friends. Now onto The walking dead final season episodes 2 and 3 and douting betwen KH3 or R2 remake
  8. I'm playing Guacamelee 2 it's super fun but sometimes tricky in the platforms sections
  9. If you start the game in spanish, is it possible to change the ps4 lenguage and the keep on playing it in english? I just dont like the spanish voices, they sound terrible....
  10. I also have a baby and i think you just have to acomodate a little depending on what time of games do you like to plat. I try to avoid now mp games but i still play them sometimes, now it takes forever to get them but they eventually pop. I have to mention that i am a cook so i allways play at night when everybody is sleping.
  11. Of all the platinums that you have, i have to pick Mortal Kombat (2011?) I used to play it everyday with my brother before i even start the whole trophy hunting thing so yeah it brings back nice memories. I like your collection btw Nai_lienoj.
  12. Likes HZD and Far Cry games and has completed a wide spectrum of games. Well done!
  13. Persona 5, I've never played any persona game but they sems like nice games
  14. TLOU was my second platinum in ps3, i loved the whole game, single player was unique and MP was quite different from other games but overall really well desing and it was a lot of fun. When i started working i got my ps4 with Bloodborne and TLOU so i decided to play it again and it was even better. The grounde mode and the extra trophies for MP got me playing for quite a long time. I recomend the game to all of you who haven't played it yet, platinum wise i would say 4/10 difficulty and 9/10 enjoyment. Have a nice day! Zetta-Bele
  15. Platinum 87 Tearaway Unfolded Overall a nice and fun game but i was getting tired of the misplaced gophers. Now into lara croft go!