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  1. At least you still enjoyed playing it
  2. Yes it does
  3. That i have no life
  4. Gran turismo 6
  5. You can equip runes on armor only in awakening, and other dlcs i think? But not in origins Good luck with the trophy btw
  6. Awww, i actually thought that uncharted games were free,all remastered one at least. Still nice though
  7. Buy something better, this game is really boring and trash in general, there is a lot of great games that have same price as this one. But if you just want trophies then go for it...
  8. trophies look same as GT6, so not that bad. But what i hate about this game is that there is no campaign mode or whatever. There are no full races, only going through corners and licence. I will probably pass this one, even though i was waiting for new GT game for a long time...
  9. Im getting same messages, today i got 4th message in 2 months and also about 5 friend requests
  10. Just watched episode 5 and i thought that i cant be spoiled, lets get online again i said to myself and first motherfucking thing i see is spoiler for an episode that hasnt even come out yet, seriously fuck all the assholes that are spoiling leaked episodes, i recommend go under a rock or something and wait till you watch full season and then return.
  11. i found this game to be super awesome, fun, sad and depressing. Some moments will make you sad, some will make you smile. I was very invested in it and it felt somewhat real idk lol. But to your question, you are definitely not alone,my friend is playing it right now and he feels the same way.
  12. please quote me if anyone learns something
  13. I see that i'm not the only one who saved Chloe over the town, i got too mutch attached to her, i was always pissed and sad when she "died" even though i knew i can rewind time and make things right. I enjoyed every moment when Max was with her. I really hope that the prequel and sequel will be as good as this one
  14. Bloodbone