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  1. Nope, it never worked. It says "Download Error" whenever I try. 🤔
  2. Alright, I'll try that tomorrow then and I'll edit this post if it works.
  3. Hey I'm sorry if this has been posted but I couldn't find anything on it. Recently I have had a problem with downloading games, every time there is a message saying I don't have enough space although I have 40GB+ I tried rebuilding database but it only worked once and now the problem is back. Apparently you need to have double the space of the game your downloading but I'm trying to download DLC, and I do have the double needed. I'm trying to download Life is Strange Episodes. 5, 4 and 3 already installed but Episode 2 and 1 just won't. Any ideas?
  4. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel mainly because I don't know if I would get the plat if I got the game.
  5. I play FIFA quite a lot so i'm very happy to hear that legends are finally coming to PS4. Problem is that every year a new FIFA comes out, Another £40 is getting spent most likely but as long as I enjoy the game then that is okay with me. 🙃
  6. I love this game, so glad they keep on updating it.
  7. Real Madrid deserved it. They played outstanding today. Juventus played good too but it just wasn't enough. And Ronaldo, oh Ronaldo, he was just too good of course.
  8. I think it'll be a tight match, probably extra time... then I'm feeling like Real will win. and I'll also say that Man Utd will win the europa league, although Ajax is playing amazing. (From a Man Utd fan)
  9. I've got a couple.... FIFA 12 (PS3) FIFA 13 (PS3) FIFA 14 (PS3) FIFA 15 (PS3) Dead Star (PS4) I don't know if the Sport Champions platinum can still be obtained.
  10. Yeah just seen it. Not happy about it...
  11. Wow after the glitch being out for ages they decide to ban people now. Stupid, I was actually doing it like 1 month ago and I haven't got ban. It was the best way to earn money.
  12. Just keep on doing Pacific Standard with a friend, put yourself up to 800k and your friend to 0. At the end do the glitch (find it on YouTube) and then just keep doing it over and over again.
  13. Is it only chapter one for The Borderlands? Anyway good games this month for sure in my opinion.
  14. The trailer looks awesome. It doesn't always matter if a game has or hasn't got a platinum. Just enjoy it.