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  1. 12 Plats. 1) Watch Dogs 2 - January 5th 2017 2) Watch Dogs - March 22nd 2017 3) The Deadly Tower of Monsters - April 10th 2017 4) FIFA 14 - May 1st 2017 5) Tales from the Borderlands - May 6th 2017 6) Paladins - May 26th 2017 7) Spy Chameleon - June 10th 2017 8) FIFA 15 - June 19th 2017 9) Life is Strange - July 2nd 2017 10) Game of Thrones - July 30th 2017 11) FIFA 18 - November 1st 2017 12) inFamous Second Son - December 3rd 2017 And 5 more 100% games. Not a bad year, considering that I don't buy too much games. And I managed to complete games from my backlog that I started a long time ago which I really wanted to do.
  2. Yeah, forgot to mention that I never bought it from PlayStation Store, but isn't that a little bit unusual getting a North American version while living in Europe? So is it possible to play Friday the 13th for example, with EU players?
  3. Hi, I live in Europe but on one of my games it says I have the North American List. I don't understand why? And secondly can I still boost sessions with people from EU or is that not possible?
  4. No trophies look hard, and both the draft and fut seasons will probably be possible to complete offline. Excited for this FIFA.
  5. You will unlock the Certifiable trophy and the One Better trophy. If you have the veteran item (Which means you have the trophy) then you can help other people get it by doing these steps. Could this be cheating? I mean it's just a trophy and it is already glitched because you can get it from someone giving the veteran item. It's only different because you don't actually give the item meaning you can help more people.
  6. Ok so the other day I was trading with my friend. I already had a veteran status item, I put in the item and then I accepted it. I canceled the trade at the very last second and a message popped up saying "Trade has been canceled " My friend then said he got the two trophies. I tried it with 2 more people, and it also worked. So what you need to do is have someone that has a veteran status item, then you're friend has to put the veteran item in the trade and accept it, when it gets past 1 second cancel it. Sometimes you have to try again as it doesn't exit, but soon you should get there. From then the message will come up and you're friend will still have the item and the trophies will pop for you. I would take advantage of this as I'm sure this will get patched soon. Good luck!
  7. It would be good if we could finally delete games with trophies.
  8. Nice! Good games this month. And another telltale game for free, once again. I can't complain about that.
  9. I'm using the original PS4 that came out at release date. There is no error code it just says I need to delete unnecessary content so I assume the 40GB has been taken away from me like Paranola_agent said. I'm just going to buy a hard drive and that will probably solve the problem?
  10. Nope, it never worked. It says "Download Error" whenever I try. 🤔
  11. Alright, I'll try that tomorrow then and I'll edit this post if it works.
  12. Hey I'm sorry if this has been posted but I couldn't find anything on it. Recently I have had a problem with downloading games, every time there is a message saying I don't have enough space although I have 40GB+ I tried rebuilding database but it only worked once and now the problem is back. Apparently you need to have double the space of the game your downloading but I'm trying to download DLC, and I do have the double needed. I'm trying to download Life is Strange Episodes. 5, 4 and 3 already installed but Episode 2 and 1 just won't. Any ideas?
  13. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel mainly because I don't know if I would get the plat if I got the game.
  14. I play FIFA quite a lot so i'm very happy to hear that legends are finally coming to PS4. Problem is that every year a new FIFA comes out, Another £40 is getting spent most likely but as long as I enjoy the game then that is okay with me. 🙃