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  1. A lil bit older, a lil bit wiser. Missed a few, can't wait to meet the new. Glad to see y'all ain't burn da house down. :)

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    2. MrCostari



    3. Troz


      @snakebit10 "Don't dissapere for so long next time"


      Last Online: December 2, 2014


      jinxed it

    4. snakebit10


      @TrozRules I guess I did. He use to be really active here when the site first launched. I met him on another forum that isn't up and running anymore. 

  2. This one's bout the simplest one, least painful and took the shortest time. This one means the most, most visible and accounts for all that matters to Me in My life... this one has it's own meaning. it's only half way done. sat under the needle for 5 hours. a lil more shading and the demon that threw the angel on the spear before its complete. I think that will be My Christmas present to Myself this year..
  3. Barely used Sony ps vita w/ Wi-fi - bundled with carrying case and 4 games Including a a 4GB memory card carrying case and 4 games: Batman 2, Need for Speed Most wanted, and Uncharted & Call of Duty. You won this item for US $160.00 My son's Christmas Present. exactly what he been asking for. just gotta get him Madden 13
  4. It Begins Completed the prologue. 94.83% COMMON Dragon's Dogma 1 of 51 Trophies December 21st 2013
  5. I'm so running late. time has so became My Precious. well, so straight to it this month since I'm behind the curve ball already. oh, and I will only be posting 2 @ the moment. had to disqualify 1 for the fact I didn't approve of his posting methods last month. so join Me in Welcoming this Months Premium Members. Premium Upgrade (Dragon-Archon) 239 Post.! Premium Upgrade (xWSPx420x) 175 Post.! Premium Upgrade (Masamune_316) - Post.! and with that done, join Me in Congratulating Our New Winners. edit : just added the 3rd.
  6. :).. gimme a minute to post up. and Welcome to Premium statz.
  7. I'm looking to bid on a brand new PS4, a used but near mint vita and 4 games. all wires and a 4 & 8g memory card, carry travel case, 6 ar cards. I'm looking to make My highest bid $600 and was wondering if y'all think it was worth it or not. $700 would be My max bid if I really get motivated but still wondering if I should hold out a lil longer? sale ends in 14.5 hrs.

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    2. BDKSimba


      decisions decisions. will watch it till last minute anyway b4 bidding. not really motivated so mostly will..............

    3. Masamune


      Well if you do go for it I wish you luck, I've always had crappy luck with the auctions, that's why I usually just look at the "buy it now" stuff.

    4. Masamune


      Look's like the bundle went for $740, you'd be better off buying the stuff new from a store for that price...

  8. smh. hahaha . so true.. .. going along the lines of Ur sarcastic tone.
  9. I don't know hommie. I would say you have a case and picx to semi validate your claim but a video would help Ur claim even more as did kevinnummer1 did which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's there. Ur % is off even though it still is a valid claim seeing that the game is glitched.