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  1. I don't know hommie. I would say you have a case and picx to semi validate your claim but a video would help Ur claim even more as did kevinnummer1 did which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's there. Ur % is off even though it still is a valid claim seeing that the game is glitched.
  2. this is gonna B a tough 1. there are other Members staking claim that finished after kevinnummer1 but has a shorting completion time. . edit : yeah. I would vote k#1 keep 1st place . I just noticed that ya can play the whole game on the vita for days but they don't get time stamped until they sync up with the PS3 and or network..
  3. thanks vivan for the vid. but back to the OP, sorry, I would have to be playing the level to make any further suggestions. there's seems to be a number of levers and buttons and really don't know where to start unless I was playing that level. I think if I had a vita I too would be further advanced in stages than I'm current. wish ya luck. hope ya figure it out b4 I get there cause that would mean U been stuck for weeks. and that would make for alot of frustration.
  4. is there noway to activate the elevator to the far left? or even to shoot the chain attached to the ball? r exploding the tnt canister to break the chain? edit : is that the whole screen? if not maybe more picx of the rest of the screen might allow a better picture. would playthrough to said level but I'm getting up in age and just not so motivated to put the time in.
  5. gave My oldest My Ipad Mini I bought back in April, last week. and just purchased this even though I gotta wait 2-3 weeks to get it due to special engraving .
  6. even though I'm nowhere near 3-1 , since U can throw grenades would imply that Ur using Adam? have U tried shooting them? but as I said I'm not @ that stage yet and have no idea what Ur talking bout .
  7. Utica Bulldogs Jr Peewee football team ( New York ) State Champions. #59 Baby BDKSimba. We going to Jersey for the National finals baby.. Go Bulldogs!!! :)

  8. this could have been better. though I think Leonidas eat Master Chief.
  9. ok. so as to help everyone along with this game. to get the " S " ranking " you do not " need to accomplish all 4 side achievements in 1 go to aquire the " S " ranking. I have confirmed this multiple times. I would say you do need to accomplish the harder of the 4 which gives the most points. in the end, getting a high point score is what is required to aquire the " S " rank. again, knowing this may help sum but does not decrease the games over all difficulty. which will still require multiple playthroughs for each level. good luck
  10. I just don't game like I used to. smfh @ My current gaming alotment per-week, I should have the 100%,,,,,,,,, somewhere in 2015 but will keep playing well after the winners are announced.
  11. Sub Accounts can be upgraded to Master Accounts <<<<<<<< got posted 12:25 last night.
  12. for sure it looked staged and most likely is. but hilarious. hahaha . loved it. alot more than the official unboxxing.... the treadmill did Me in. hahaha........Suck it nerds :ninja:hahaha
  13. yes of course. 1 of My favz.
  14. have to agree as far as the high score goes. but on 1-3, I have gotten all 4 achievements plus for the time achievement to get you have to beat it under 5 minutes. I got all 4 plus I beat it @ 4:30" and still end up with a " C " rank. this 1 is pissing Me off.
  15. it is possible. and after a couple tries seemed quite easy. 1-2 took even less.
  16. Welcome...................U should start out with getting an avy, it adds character. :). hope to see more of ya. ltr..

  17. watup hommie,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?

  18. he didn't even smell the newness.... didn't even caress or even hug da damn thing . I would have made out with it for @least a good 5 minutes .. not impressed sorry ...
  19. been having alot of problem with Chrome loading PSNP. gonna try FF and see if I have better luck with that. :(

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    2. BDKSimba


      @xf22 : ran reg check. found 683 issues. corrected 488 ignored the rest.

      @TB : just ran clean up. deleted 12.5g of trash files, temp etc. seems to load even better than b4.

      gonna run defrag now. God only knows when the last time I did that..

    3. bmj14772


      The defeat probably won't improve your Web speed but, it will improve overall loading times on the computer :) maintenance is a must of you use your PC daily ;) is amazing the difference it can make.

    4. Masamune


      Damn, you had 12.5 gigs of trash files? You must not clean it that often, I do a checkup on mine once a week.

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  20. yes this is a question I been wondering too. the tutorials doesn't but should give a outline as what is needed to be done to get an " S " for each level. I mean I've completed the 1st and 2nd levels with extra achievements and was only able to snatch up a B & C. I'm almost sure it has alot to do with the time but it would help to know what time I should be shooting for. cause for sure it has to be impossible or near enough to impossible to make time and all the other extra achievement on the same playthrough. . cause I was only able to accomplish the achievements by stacking.
  21. can be done in a couple hours, but what can I say........I'm busy man
  22. Survivor Finish game in Survivor mode 10.89% RARE wasn't a bad game @ all. did it in 3 play through but can be done in 1 if the difficulty trophies are STACK-ABLE.
  23. starting to get a lil annoying going to a profile and seeing it set to Private. really, like why?

    1. damon8r351


      You mean their PSN is set to private but they still have a profile here? I don't get it either.

    2. MrCostari


      Yeah it's some weird fucked up shit. Totally uncalled for.

    3. Masamune


      Maybe they just don't have a single trophy...aww, but it is pretty much pointless to make an account here if it's set to private.

  24. so true. it almost seems like when I think bout it, its been that way twice a week since high school. one of the World's greatest combos.