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  1. a master account is considered the initial account you used to register your PSN account. meaning if it's the 1st account you ever used for the network. if you created the account on a PS3 that already had an account then it's a sub-account, even if you loaded it up 1st on another PS3. it will always be considered a sub account. so really, not to sound patronizing but you should know whether or not your account is a sub or Master account................... and it should allow you to add funds to both Master and sub account. I've come to realize for some reason not every credit card is accepted by Sony. My account will link My Credit/debit card but it won't approve My unsecured credit card. I'm hoping this helps in some way.
  2. 2 slice of
  3. What's your gaming backlog? New Forum Members Please Read!
  4. TGIF!!

    1. Bizz-dono


      what's ur plans?

    2. BDKSimba


      I'm drinking and playing survival on " I am alive " rite now. by 10 da kids should be sleeping. @11:30 got a friend coming over for sum late nite fun. :)

    3. Bizz-dono


      "survive" through the night bruh bruhz hahaha ;) fun times! get it in where it fit in :P

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  5. an issue that's starting to get annoying is I try beating the builder & @ times I will fall behind ladder as he finishes building and instead of being able to walk out and trying to climb ladder I'm stuck behind it and having to restart . edit : jesus, and I need and S ranking !! wtf. hahaha
  6. hey Sly, is it possible to see on the contest page all who are entered and their current stats on the game?
  7. can't wait to get started . 1 more trophy to go on current game then I'm on it. network store is currently down for Me but I will get da download stated ASAP. hard or not. a lifetime free of anything always sounds like a good deal.
  8. is da PSN store down for anybody else?

    1. ChickenExotic


      im unable to play BF4 right now until its over.

    2. cmgravekeeper


      The one day I decide to play my PS3 it's down. -__-

    3. Hyme_18


      Ohhh now I understand why I couldn't connect yesterday :'DDD

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  9. just for the fact that they came here, I'm game as a sign of support for the profiles. and I encourage all to join in. really it's kind of disturbing that so much are quick to say how kool it is that they came here acknowledging the mark that PSNP is making the gaming Community but quick to say how they won't be participating. really, this show/shines a negative picture on Our community. with responses like that how long do ya think before the Dev come back? . well, I'm just saying I'm down. gonna go check and see how far in My pocket I gotta dig. and umm, what are the parameters? when does it begin/end?
  10. Ultimate rescuer Rescue / help all victims in the game 6.82% VERY RARE
  11. hey cmg. I'm in need of Ur skills. I need a Sig and Platbar done with Ur level of excellence and att to detail. I know ya probably got Ur hands full and as usual there really ain't no rush. if ya think ya can find da time let Me know. aright hommie.

    1. cmgravekeeper


      Mmm what do you need?

  12. hahaha. why do they continue. this was hilariously Awesome. . will book mark this.
  13. I really am . just when I look back on My life nothing defines Me better..
  14. it's only $3. just dwnd it. survivalist apocalyptic game play. not bad @ all. I'm sure in a couple months they will have it free for plus. but I would say go for it. I'm currently playing it right now.
  15. A Beautiful Disaster.. the story of My life
  16. Ten victims helped Help or rescue 10 victims 26.92% UNCOMMON
  17. @ McDz rite now.
  18. don't expect much if Ur sitting playing in the middle of da day with the sun shining in lights on and ya family running round. enjoying the most of this game is all in setting da mood. when played say in solitary and dark room with ya headset ya tend to get more submerged.
  19. sounds pretty awesome.
  20. join Me in Welcoming this Month's Premium Upgrades . go check them out and again, Congratz people :) .

    1. Masamune


      Damn, I didn't know you did that, if I've known I would have gave my useless opinion on a lot more things,oh well... Congrats to the winners!

  21. let's go ahead and Upgrade some Members shall We. as always this Months members has made themselves very visual last Month. had a conversation with 2 and even befriend one . so Upgrading friends is always a pleasure. but as they are no strangers to Me I'm sure they are no strangers to U. so without further delay let's go ahead and make some Premium Members. so join Me in Welcoming Premium upgrade : ( danon8r351 ) - 188 post Premium Upgrade : ( Humonic ) - 143 post Premium Upgrade : ( GamepartnersTV ) - 129 post Congratz people!! and as always, keep up the activity. and here's to catching up with ya in the Forums.