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  1. did ya notice da Gold letters under ya avy yet? welcome to Premium Status hommie. check it here :

  2. We might not be able to get Halloween in August but We sure can make ya Premium status :). check it out here :

  3. U know Me so well.
  4. a suggestion I had mentioned a couple months back . sorry to say I was told there was no way of tuning this feature. it would be an awesome incentive to go Premium.
  5. aww, this doesn't sound like too bad of an idea. but the last 10 seems short. the turn over rate probably be extreme. one would blink and they would be off. last 50 r 100 maybe would give one a little hang time to be noticed. or even make it a Premium feature where only the Platinum earned by Premiums would be placed on the list. maybe then a list of 25 - 50 be good.
  6. .................fresh meat.
  7. My oldest just turned 18 yrs old on Saturday and got a Tatt for her Bday .but when I saw it, I just couldn't get made . what can I say, she loves her Daddy . she was all bubbly when she saw mines, so I should have expected it . I'zz lubz Me dat girl..............................
  8. why rn't My boobies bigger?................... .............................. no, that's what I'm thinking. wait, I don't have boobies..... been up all nite, I got issues...
  9. I have no idea what game it's based off of. but I have to say I like da lil devil on da left. nice boobies. but pop outs are always a plus in My book, so I'm a give it a and it almost have nothing to do with da boobies..........did I say boobies again.
  10. now this is just a personal rating. just realized that I'm really into survivalist/horror games. and this really just covers the survivalist thirst. but then again after being bored half to death by ME3 da past couple months, anything would be better. and just to add I am still playing. so da rating can go up r down.
  11. he created the same exact thread here ( Your IP is included in a range of IPs banned due to abuse ) 2 weeks ago where Sly answered his question and still he made another and are still being Blocked. maybe he's being Blocked for good reasons. just a thought.
  12. Thanks for getting on it Sly. but no surprise there. U've always been 1 of action. but it seems We are forgetting someone of importance in the whole thought behind the feature >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< thanks thoomaz. great idea.
  13. oh be careful Ur definition of a " trophy Hunter " and/or a " trophy Whore " . 2 very similar but distinctly different. fyi : I see it coming, if ya gonna create a thread asking said question, give credit I'm too lazy to start 1.
  14. I think da quote below might be da best answer for Ur question. so I would say yes. when you sign in with Ur previous account it should/will link Ur previous PS3 account to Ur PS4. here is da source thread for quote on a similar discussion. Anyone know if AC4's PS3 trophy list will be shared with the PS4
  15. Jesus dude. their brains just Blew. and a question like this can take this train off da tracks and rocketing off into outer space. but is a good question and I'm sure will probably get 1 million answers to why they are so attached to that account and can't let go.
  16. I'm glad to C RE5 getting sum Love. personally like a few I see here, I had fun with RE5 and on the other end, has had a dislike for da Street fighter series. but then I haven't been a button masher since high school. won't get into how long ago that was.
  17. Five victims helped Help or rescue 5 victims 43.08% UNCOMMON
  18. eggs, cheese and beacon on a bagel with 2 cups of coffee..time to start da day...
  19. I just can't believe one of the greatest complaint that gamers has had with the PS3 Sony would go ahead and brush under the rug and expect it to go away. not that your source isn't one of strength. the thought of this is just unbelievable to Me. if there is anything about the PS4 I'm gonna chalk up to just internet hearsay it is this. but if anything, one should have approach their gamer tag like getting a Tattoo....... let it mean something to you..
  20. I think yes the trophies will pop instantly but with the original time stamp as opposed to one for when they popped on the PS3 and a separate for when they popped on the PS4. this is more likely the correct answer that the OP is asking for.
  21. Machete quick kill, the third Perform 3 Machete quick kills while being bullied 72.30% COMMON
  22. well, We was just given this little fella by Our neighbor who just found him in da grass in Our backyard. I'm guessing, well hoping he/she is a garden snake. but if U know better please enlighten Me. haven't named it yet so, yeah, that's where I'm @.
  23. playing My PS3. PS3 Long Live Play!! how easily We forget..
  24. Starting to sound like I'm gonna B da only 1 playn da PS3 in 2 weeks. :).

    1. GamepartnersTV


      I'll still have my ps3 so you aren't the only one.

    2. streethawkfan


      There are games coming out in 2014 for ps3 that I still plan to play so I have no plans to let it just sit there gathering dust.

    3. zadorvp


      I'll also still be playing on the PS3 then considering the PS4 release in Europe is on the 29th and I have plenty of PS3 games both currently in progress and/or unplayed :P

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