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  1. I feel your pain. had My son as a sub and try making him Master once I bought him his own and they basically gave Me once a sub always a sub.
  2. damn it. damn it . thanks for da update . I really wanna play Metro : last light . urrrgg. tryna decide if I wanna give them that $30 or not .. 4 days to decide . damn it ..................
  3. in da process of fully restoring/formatting My PS3 to day 1. it says it should take bout 7 hrs. :(

    1. Arkthur


      Hang in there (imagine the cat meme)

    2. BDKSimba


      reason being is I have a 125g that clean has 111g. but I got 2 games on hd dr totaling 20g but showing only 35g free with nothing else loaded on PS3. no music, no movies and no picx. something in da background is taking up half My hard drive and no way of finding out what it is r reaching it. really wish I had done this over da past 2 weeks when My TV was down. :o!!

    3. BDKSimba


      still an 1 1/2 to go..... angry face.......

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  4. I for one found the info provided in the OP ( TheBolloxx ) quite informative as I noticed and I'm sure more of you did too. so show ya appreciation. and like it . don't just be a leech.
  5. just finished watching it with da kids for da 3rd time about an hour ago b4 they dozed off to bed. 7/10. they loved it. but I was never a big Toy Story fan.
  6. I should have My TV up and running by da weeks end. i really need to shack this PS3 blues I've been in da past couple months..

    1. BDKSimba
    2. broy300


      Man, as we get older we all get them. Life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes. The urge will come back

    3. BDKSimba


      wish I could like ya post. exactly on line of what I been thinking da past couple months.

  7. been missing My PS3 something awful so I decided to go ahead and buy da lamp bulb for My TV that popped 2 weeks back.
  8. all nice and dandy to Us. don't get Me wrong da more power da better. but I can see that being a big defining factor in sales. especially in Japan. I'm guessing this is a great example of " too much of a good thing ".
  9. I'm gonna CyberPunch da next NooB that posts in this thread answering da OP's question.. click da link
  10. Why everytime I think I'm out, they just pull Me back in!!

  11. I try. but My question as always is, did ya vote? and if ya didn't, ya should. I mean, just to keep things interesting.
  12. who r U again?. oh yeah , your da guy that started half da threads in da forums . good to see ya back.. did U leave? why did no one notify Me of these things.
  13. 2 slice of pizza and a cup of Pepsi..
  14. that's their problem. instead of polling their resources and fixing da problem @ hand, they branching off getting everybody all giddy like school girls announcing dlcs and packs. then We all like ok, give them a break. fix da damn problem. ya made over $800 million, what, da first week?..
  15. " Father " would be da word..
  16. I think I need to upgrade My living room TV. :(. I've had a 64" Toshiba projection for da past 6 years that's been pretty awesome. but da bulb just went. like clock work, every 2 years. :(.

  17. bout to go watch episode 1 of season 4 of " the walking dead ".

    1. Memnoch


      I must watch it too - wife said it was good

    2. JaM


      Is it that scary? I have played the game in my Vita but don't have a courage to watch this...

    3. Fawazc98


      My favorite show <3 and I'm also about to watch homeland

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  18. Dead Space Series.. I just loved everything about it. 1,2 & 3. all da dlcs. I been broken since da cancellation announcement..
  19. really!, does anyone over da age of 30 comment this thread? I remember jumping da turnstile coming from night school to catch the latest episode of...... Hulk is My all time Fav & Ultimate super hero. or though it wasn't 1 of My favz but had some good episodes... one of da most unforgettable theme music ever.
  20. so true. We all game for different reasons. and even though da GTA5 servers maybe ass, We still play them. Hunt on hommie
  21. have to say, this was My train of thought for years... till a couple months ago. it all changed.. step outside My friend, da real World is frigging Awesome....... not that anything is wrong with da way ya thinking.
  22. hahaha. found it funny cause it just went BAMM!! outta nowhere. hahaha but back on topic no. peed off a fire escape on da 6th floor a few times. have you?