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  2. Geez. Where did da years go?! 2 years later and still loving it.
    1. BDKSimba


      :). having da same thought. how can something so painful be so addicting. ?
    2. CasaDeBen


      I dont think its that painful. I cant wait to see what I think when I finally get the chest done. And I have a rib piece I want, which I know will be a bitch

    3. BDKSimba


      it sure ain't painless. :(

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  3. left eye of horus. the eye of Horus was often used to symbolize sacrifice, healing, restoration, and protection surrounded by da names of My kids.
  4. what, no wenches?>>
  5. Very nice.... I'm pumped. got an appointment on Friday for number 4.. and already got 5 & 6 laid out. will be back Friday to post up.
  6. for every Winner, there must be losers.. what's sad is with da fact of da amount of Winners that passes through this thread that when it comes to Congratulating da next Winner it seems We become losers. We all can't Win all da time..
  7. Sitting in McD rite now rubbing My tummy. Just had a Big Mac, fries and drink. Well da whole damn meal. Just bout stuff.
  8. Dragging ass as usual. but seeing as it is da this Month of BDKSimba's Monthly Premium Members giveaway, I thought I might do a little something different this Month. instead of giving away da regular 3 Premium Membership for da next 12 months, as a Special 2 year Anniversary present I'm gonna take da Top poster and make him/her a Lifetime Premium Member.. so Brunobomb with ( 203 post ) for da Month of September you have now been upgraded to Lifetime Premium Membership. hope you enjoy all da spoils that comes along with it. and if ever anyone tells U to get off that high horse!!! U tell them BDKSimba told ya to ride it like ya stole it!!..
  9. In answering some of the Greatest questions that have plagued mankind since the dawn of time they all start off with one simple question... Why.... sadly so does answering some of the Dumbest questions known to man........... now what I'm asking is not to answer but to Judge.. what do you think.? is it a Great question? or a Dumb question? no need to elaborate or get into any heated discussion. then post your own question to be judged.. simple.. edit : feel free to quote and Judge any post. don't feel obligated to follow suit in just judging the previous post. so My question to You is Why da Hell! on GoD's green Earth when ya can give it a minute of thought and post up a worth while forum Topic that U would choose to run off @ da keyboard and post sum dumb sh!! just to contaminate da Community and rub Members da wrong way. really, Why da Fu!!?? yeah I know, I should ask Myself that question. but I'm asking U!!
  10. Hijacker Hijack an Atlas mech. 28.84% UNCOMMON 1st trophy in almost 3 weeks. i really need to get motivated...
  11. some off the best things are usually right in front Ur eyes. thx for voting thx for voting. that's rough. but ya free to do as U please.
  12. was planing on turning on My PS3 today, but didn't. think I will @least load up all My back log and plus+ games and see if anything in there will motivate Me back into hunting again. :(

    1. ChuckDNorris


      must be bummed that lost planet 3 platinum isn't impossible

    2. BDKSimba


      naa hommie. bummed dat LP2 is. :)

  13. actually, there are 2. the original one found here : was created back in January. when do they ever.
  14. thanks for taking da time..
  15. I see this will be da dominant question to grace this still yet young thread. frigging Great Question.. Why does it seems with an increase with technology there seems to be a decrease in intelligence.
  16. I like seeing an avy and automatically knowing who it is without even seeing da gamer tag. plus it's a bit intimidating.
  17. just got in from work. it's 6:30 am, and I made a stack of 3 pancakes that hit da spot.
  18. let Me start off by saying Welcome to the site. I'm sure you will get used to the forum in no time. but till then, I'm not sure if you did r didn't take a look @ the new Members thread yet? but here's a link New Forum Members Please Read! if you haven't gotten around to it yet, please take some time and check it out. but to add to OP, yes this thread has already been created and can be found here What Games Are You Looking Forward To? I'm not sure if you can close this thread. but if that feature isn't available to you, you should PM the forum Mod and have them close it for you. hope to catch up with ya more in da forums. and Welcome to the profiles once again.