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  1. same here. that is if it is done sometime next month. but, sly could you come to chat for a sec I got a question.
  2. da youngest Jedi Master!!

  3. without a doubt Dead Space 1 followed by Dead space 2..
  4. cmg.!! what up hommie.!! I'm this bitch..just trying to find out how to upgrade to premium.

    1. BDKSimba


      ment to say " I'm in this bitch ". hahaha. 1st comment didn't come out rite..

  5. I created a thread " here " asking this same question and a couple more. if possible could you answer it there too so that there will be a place for us and future newbs to find this answer without having to go through every post or creating a new thread. thanks.
  6. yes yes. it is good to see all these familiar faces.
  7. not nothing I like too much. 6/10..