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  1. This one's bout the simplest one, least painful and took the shortest time.

    This one means the most, most visible and accounts for all that matters to Me in My life...



    this one has it's own meaning.

    it's only half way done. sat under the needle for 5 hours.

    a lil more shading and the demon that threw the angel on the spear before its complete.

    I think that will be My Christmas present to Myself this year..



  2. Barely used Sony ps vita w/ Wi-fi - bundled with carrying case and 4 games


    Including a a 4GB memory card carrying case and 4 games: Batman 2, Need for Speed Most wanted, and Uncharted & Call of Duty.


    You won this item for US $160.00


    My son's Christmas Present. exactly what he been asking for. just gotta get him Madden 13 :shakefist:




    The competition is a mixture of being one of the first but also having the fastest total completion time. !







    Right now it seems like Kevinnummer1 will get 1st place, 2nd/3rd may go to the next people to get to the same stage. I'm still waiting to hear back on what will happen with 2nd/3rd.




    this is gonna B a tough 1. there are other Members staking claim that finished after kevinnummer1 but has a shorting completion time. :hmm: .


    edit : yeah. I would vote k#1 keep 1st place :ninja: . I just noticed that ya can play the whole game on the vita for days but they don't get time stamped until they sync up with the PS3 and or network.. :hmm:  :facepalm:


  4. thanks vivan for the vid. but back to the OP, sorry, I would have to be playing the level to make any further suggestions. there's seems to be a number of levers and buttons and really don't know where to start unless I was playing that level. I think if I had a vita I too would be further advanced in stages than I'm current. wish ya luck. hope ya figure it out b4 I get there cause that would mean U been stuck for weeks. and that would make for alot of frustration.



    yes, 3-1 is the private alone (btw i think the name is Atom :)). i'll attach screenshot so you can see how silly the situation is. the room with tnt & big ball seems inaccessible

    is there noway to activate the elevator to the far left? or even to shoot the chain attached to the ball? r exploding the tnt canister to break the chain?


    edit : is that the whole screen? if not maybe more picx of the rest of the screen might allow a better picture. would playthrough to said level but I'm getting up in age and just not so motivated to put the time in. :shakefist:  :D


  6. ok. so as to help everyone along with this game. to get the " S " ranking " you do not " need to accomplish all 4 side achievements in 1 go to aquire the " S " ranking. I have confirmed this multiple times. I would say you do need to accomplish the harder of the 4 which gives the most points. in the end, getting a high point score is what is required to aquire the " S " rank. again, knowing this may help sum but does not decrease the games over all difficulty. which will still require multiple playthroughs :shakefist:  for each level. good luck B)


  7. This is a tutorial, lol. It's much easier + to get 100% you don't even have to complete it.


    Okay, looks like I finally understood how this rank system works. For now I can say that I was wrong. You have to get all 4 achievements to get S rank (+ high enough score).

    have to agree as far as the high score goes. but on 1-3, I have gotten all 4 achievements plus for the time achievement to get you have to beat it under 5 minutes. I got all 4 plus I beat it @ 4:30" and still end up with a " C " rank. this 1 is pissing Me off. :shakefist: