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  1. I'm looking to bid on a brand new PS4, a used but near mint vita and 4 games. all wires and a 4 & 8g memory card, carry travel case, 6 ar cards. I'm looking to make My highest bid $600 and was wondering if y'all think it was worth it or not. $700 would be My max bid if I really get motivated but still wondering if I should hold out a lil longer? sale ends in 14.5 hrs.

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    2. BDKSimba


      decisions decisions. will watch it till last minute anyway b4 bidding. not really motivated so mostly will..............

    3. Masamune


      Well if you do go for it I wish you luck, I've always had crappy luck with the auctions, that's why I usually just look at the "buy it now" stuff.

    4. Masamune


      Look's like the bundle went for $740, you'd be better off buying the stuff new from a store for that price...