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  1. as the title says, post the last trophy you earned whether it be . preferably after you have synced it with the network and or the site. and a brief description/tip on how difficult getting it was for you. I just got Berserker Use every berserk at least once in online Competitive mode. 4th Aug 2011, 6:59:33 PM (+1 month, 2 weeks, 1 day) pretty simple and straight forward when boosting it. not hard @ all. unboosted would probably be a whole different story. now you, what was the last trophy you earned.?
  2. due to popular demand from another thread, I had to create. so I know da feeling might come over ya so go ahead throw in a High Five. just because... " I swear this frigging Awesome " hahahaha
  3. this a forum game created by another community member on another site that I thought was really kool. as title implies, list the number of Platinum's you have in Common with the poster above . so being the 1st poster, list the Platinum's you have in Common with Me. tip: check trophy page
  4. I was just wondering, if you played the DS series then there has to be @ least 1 Necro that just pisses you off cause you would run out of ammo @ the wrong time or they're too fast or they just get @ you where it urcs the shit outta you. for Me, it would have to be the " Exploders ". for some reason, hearing them screech promps an automatic gun drawn. then I frantically start looking everywhere. frozen in place looking back front up down. I mean, when I hear them Issac literally be like WTF. I've never been so upset as I was in DS2 on My Hard Core Play through, I think Chp 9. I mean I've already had play through it once already and just forgot that he was there. but was so shook that as soon as I turned with plenty of time to Blast his ass, usually shoot the yellow sack. it exploded and shattered da damn air lock Glass and Blasted Me into outer space. could have cried. think I popped a vain. for some reason I can never get that out off My head. well, there it is. the Exploders are the Necro's that haunts My DS nightmares. what's yours.?? Name & Images of Necros
  5. Simple rules : 1. answer the " what would you do " question about the previous posters situation. 2. post a situation " don't have to be anything real, you just have to post a situation ". 3. answer your situation with what you did. 4. end post with question," what would you do ". K. since this will be the 1st post I will just do 2,3 & 4. My Baby Mama caught My 2nd Baby Mama in da club and smack da shit outta her. after doing the freaky deeky with My Baby Mama, I went over by 2nd Baby Mama and did the same. what would you do.?
  6. simple enough, just list the total amount of trophies you got and list the total amount of Ultra Rare trophies. what's your trophy count vs your Ultra Rare count.? cleaning up My Photobucket so alot of the post in this thread will be edited with the most recent post as of today's Ultra Rare standings.
  7. well here's the thing. PSNProfiles even though moving on to it's 2nd Birthday in a couple month, is still fairly new when you think about it. and with this said I've been wondering as I'm sure others are too, exactly who, not so much the specifics as names and such, but more along the lines as what Age group and Sex group "had to say it"(but don't go there save it for the next thread) of gamers most frequent PSNProfile. so just take a minute while roaming through the forums and punch the ballet and be counted. feel free to have your say so on the topic. and please be honest, or as honest as you feel the need. maybe, not saying it will or will not (cause the future is something that no one has any control over) info here might help the site mature into something even more than the great Community that it currently is. well, gonna say thanks for your time. and don't forget to vote before you leave. edit : tried adding a region option , but due to the fact some countries are located in more than 1 Hemispheres it started getting confusing so I decided to ax that idea . edit : as an added incentive, for the awesome deed of casting your vote and posting I'm willing to like your awesome contribution to Our great Community. edit : don't feel obligated to leave a comment. just vote. edit : just added the " What Continental/Region " option. Please also vote on the Continental/region that you are from. but if you do not reside on one of these Large land masses, please associate yourself with the one closes to your region. Continents seems to be the best way to cover what region your in. thanks. please vote.. edit : if you have voted already and would like to edit or add what Continental/Region your from, you will have to delete your vote and recast it.
  8. Ok, let Me start out by saying that the Leader Boards need patching. they need a weekly or @least a Monthly Leader Board separately from an all time Leader Board. but with that said, unto My question. I've been trying on and off for both these spots and have to admit I'm currently not even close. but will eventually get around to focusing on them, well I was just wondering which method would be the best and most direct to achieving these good jobs. for instance, basic training. which stage do you think or would you recommend concentrating on for this.? and if there was ever a game in My opinion that I think was unPlatable in under 3 Months would be this game. no matter how much time you have on your hands even if you glitched the 6 Month trophy, I still don't think it is. so for those that did do it in under 3 Months, game saves and hacking is not an option. so I'm open to any other suggestions.
  9. I'm about to put a bid in on this and wanted to know what y'all thoughts on it was. Did some research and it seems to be a pretty awesome game and something I definitely would like playing. But with that said, if you had some experience with it or have heard or seen it in play I would appreciate your insight. The bid ends in 3 hours and definitely plan on picking it up if not now, in the upcoming weeks.
  10. A lil bit older, a lil bit wiser. Missed a few, can't wait to meet the new. Glad to see y'all ain't burn da house down. :)

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    2. BDKSimba


      CDB! Ma homie. How Ya been? Had to drop a couple tattz in Ya thread. :).

    3. CasaDeBen


      Awesome. Ive been good. Hope youve been good too.

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  11. This one's bout the simplest one, least painful and took the shortest time. This one means the most, most visible and accounts for all that matters to Me in My life... this one has it's own meaning. it's only half way done. sat under the needle for 5 hours. a lil more shading and the demon that threw the angel on the spear before its complete. I think that will be My Christmas present to Myself this year..
  12. Barely used Sony ps vita w/ Wi-fi - bundled with carrying case and 4 games Including a a 4GB memory card carrying case and 4 games: Batman 2, Need for Speed Most wanted, and Uncharted & Call of Duty. You won this item for US $160.00 My son's Christmas Present. exactly what he been asking for. just gotta get him Madden 13
  13. It Begins Completed the prologue. 94.83% COMMON Dragon's Dogma 1 of 51 Trophies December 21st 2013
  14. Welcome.!! each month I'm willing to pay the cost to upgrade 3 PSNP members Premium Members fee to upgrade them to Premium for the length of 12 months or a year, which ever comes 1st. Ok, here it is. really, I'm trying to promote more site activity. and with what the 1 single requirement is, there's no need to explain to Me all the open holes for abuse, cause in the end I'm the 1 putting My $$ where My mouth is. so here it is : requirement : the top 3 posters for each month I will flip the bill to make them Premium Members. if the top 3 are already Premium, then i will go down the list to the next. so if you plan on going Premium, Please go ahead and support the site. Much love. but if ya wanna live da vida loca on BKDSimba.!!! get active. there are alot of awesome threads out there. or start a even better one. @ the end of the month, I'm gonna determine if that trolling post is worth premium status. well, unless the Mods/Adm close this thread, I'll post the 1st 3 on the 1st of each Month Starting in November. please feel free to let me know what you think of this. also active members rejoice, BDKSimba knows you. (active member)(BDKSimba) I like being visual. seriously.
  15. I'm so running late. time has so became My Precious. well, so straight to it this month since I'm behind the curve ball already. oh, and I will only be posting 2 @ the moment. had to disqualify 1 for the fact I didn't approve of his posting methods last month. so join Me in Welcoming this Months Premium Members. Premium Upgrade (Dragon-Archon) 239 Post.! Premium Upgrade (xWSPx420x) 175 Post.! Premium Upgrade (Masamune_316) - Post.! and with that done, join Me in Congratulating Our New Winners. edit : just added the 3rd.
  16. :).. gimme a minute to post up. and Welcome to Premium statz.
  17. I'm looking to bid on a brand new PS4, a used but near mint vita and 4 games. all wires and a 4 & 8g memory card, carry travel case, 6 ar cards. I'm looking to make My highest bid $600 and was wondering if y'all think it was worth it or not. $700 would be My max bid if I really get motivated but still wondering if I should hold out a lil longer? sale ends in 14.5 hrs.

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      decisions decisions. will watch it till last minute anyway b4 bidding. not really motivated so mostly will..............

    3. Masamune


      Well if you do go for it I wish you luck, I've always had crappy luck with the auctions, that's why I usually just look at the "buy it now" stuff.

    4. Masamune


      Look's like the bundle went for $740, you'd be better off buying the stuff new from a store for that price...

  18. smh. hahaha . so true.. .. going along the lines of Ur sarcastic tone.