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  1. If someone is up to farm this way let me know. thanks,
  2. This was my weapon list u gonna see that I haved 24/25 weapons with MAX LEVEL. I used MOG-12 to reach level 13(MAX LEVEL) and finished the game and the Prestigious Award popped for me along with the Platinum. I didn’t Prestige any Weapon, just reached MAX LEVEL. So I really believe if u get one more gun to MAX LEVEL having more than 25 guns already MAX LEVEL or PRESTIGE. U should get the trophy. WEAPONS. MOG-12 - 12/13 ICR-7 - 11/15 RK 7 Garrison - 10/13 MX9 - 9/15 M1927 - 5/16 Hitchcock M9 - 5/16 Spitfire - 4/16 Escargot - 4/16 Essex Model 07 - 4/17 Maximum Maddox RFB KN-57 Rampart 17 VAPR-XKG Saug 9mm GKS Cordite Swordfish ABR 223 Auger DMR Titan Hades VKM Zweihander SDM Paladin HB50 Koshka Outlaw Welling Mozu M1897 Trebuchet Strife SG12 Hellion Salvo
  3. I think that the people didn’t got the trophy just MAX LEVEL any gun and will get the trophy. This is the same thing that happened with winning 10 Games in BlackOut was Glitch when patched everyone that got another win got the trophy like my self for example.
  4. Yep I got the Platinum is fixed the trophy.
  5. Still bugged. Let’s see if next patch they will fixed but I’m losing my hope that they will fix the trophy.
  6. They just don’t care. Simple as that.
  7. Two persons got the trophy on 8 November don’t know the reason that I didn’t got the trophy or others friends that got 10 wins and didn’t get the trophies as well...
  8. I need a team for Doomsday Heist looking for all the trophies on this DLC. thanks,
  9. Need help for helping me out level up. PSN ID: WerneckDecanter Thanks,
  10. I totally agree with u.
  11. Jsantos, how I use this code on Hard and Square leves? i did the first 12 with no problem at all using your method but I wasn't able to make any on Hard. really thank u and congrats for your easy method.
  12. I Played at least 35 games already for sure. I'm playing all the games maybe i'll do like u did, only gun game or Free for All later today. U never won any game of Gun Game? Frontline - 5 Infected - 5 Team Deathmatch - 3 Domination - 3 Search &Destroy - 1 Gun Game - 1 This trophy don't have one logic reason for a friend of mine popped with him playing only TDM with another only playing every game and won 5 times on each mode. Some person that answer's here that popped on Gun Game, Domination. Don't have a pattern for this trophy. I'll try more later today like u said. Only Gun Game and see how it goes. Thanks,
  13. Soultaker655 I'm lost 3 games in gun game and now I finish in 3 in a gun game and no trophy yet. I really don't know which kind game to play anymore is missing only two trophies to make my Platinum.
  14. I won: Frontline - 5 Infected - 5 Team Deathmatch - 3 Domination - 2 Search &Destroy - 1 And still no trophy for me. This game is so shit. I hate those glitched games. At least BF 1 was patch fast in one week. This game has more than 1 week and nothing until now.
  15. I won the Scout Trophy on Level 2 but Assault don't. This game is totally buged.