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  1. Yes 100% of the RESPONSIBILITY was on you, back when this program was first announced I SIGNED INTO SONY REWARDS TO ACTIVATE SAID REWARDS my PSN account was also ALREADY LINKED but who'd have thought you'd need to ACTIVATE THE REWARDS mind blowing I know
  2. I ended up creating a reaper about 7 bosses in and Arun Boss popped!! got my platinum!!
  3. Can someone clarify what's needed for Arun boss I could be mistaken but I believe this one just glitched on me EDIT: After some research this trophy has indeed glitched on me I've killed all 11 world bosses from the area, killing my last 2 today I obtained the associated feat and title you get as a reward but no trophy
  4. I can confirm this method works I had beaten Deftos twice before once on the pre update version after going through Blackstorm Lab and another after updating and beating the game normally the trophy did not unlock. I played on the updated version without any adjustments to any settings used the teleporter defeated deftos trophy unlocked first try.
  5. I never got around to buying this, glad I didn't picking this up day one
  6. Can someone please give me a detailed list of the choices they made leading up to this spell unlocking, I've beaten the game 4 times tried several different choices and I can't get it to unlock , I think everyone could benefit from some clarification on this.
  7. ...

    Warfighter is highly playable without boosting there are definitely times of the day where it's more dead but you can still legitimately play the game
  8. I mentioned my grade to illustrate that level isn't the all deciding factor in capturing fighters it's important and does impact your odds but it's still all down to rng
  9. Any fighter can be captured I've captured every grade fighter as a grade 5 fighter however those fighters in lower grades have much lower capture rates.
  10. I'm 100% sure that your progress doesn't reset, 2 days ago I got my 500 shocks trophy after 3 games and I'm 100% certain that I didn't shock 500 times in those 3 matches
  11. Very solid guide one thing I think should remove is advising people to upgrade the restroom, honestly the best policy is catch and release since being on the rescue list means anyone from the region you captured from can attack you infinitely by not rescuing the fighter you have captured lots of players do this and honestly the splithuim you get in return really isn't worth the risk
  12. I fought Z and Y twice they spawned in the same order this was about 2 months ago though maybe it's been changed since, I'm just getting back into the game
  13. Most of the strategies revolve around abusing op shrooms or abusing frongus and the sabers attack that stuns them if you keep spamming it, but those strategies aren't as viable anymore since the spawn rates of those shrooms have been nerfed into the ground and the sabers stun attack doesn't seem like it works as well as it used to I am going to fight them again pretty soon in a more heads up fashion maybe I'll make a video for you to use. Jackal X (Sword) is the weakest in my opinion simply because his move set is identical to the machete you should have tons of experience fighting against it by then. Jackal Y (Blaster) is fairly simple as well I generally just rush him and get in his face to make him less likely to fire, the blasters bullets home in on you so dodging is pretty ineffective. Jackal Z (Yo-Yo) will probably give people the most trouble since her weapon is unique to her honestly just wait for your chance t attack after a couple flicks of her yo-yo and don't underestimate the range of the attacks it has pretty good reach and can attack pretty quickly, and most importantly defeat them as soon as you can if you don't kill one fast enough the next Jackal will spawn after a preset amount of time leaving you in a 2v1 or even 3v1 situation still winnable but the odds are against you. The Jackals will always spawn in the same order Z,Y,X
  14. This is false info the trophy is for cleansing hex totems meaning the killer has to be running a hex perk for you to even make any progress. Hex totems are easily identifiable, they have a lit candle underneath them, the dull totems do not count. Also there are never 10 totems on a map the max totems per map is 5.
  15. These 2 are not glitched you need a momento mori offering to be able to kill and ultra rare momenti mori to be able to kill all 4 survivors
  16. Final Fantasy X HD really not looking forward to maxing out the sphere grid so I'll take yours
  17. Furi for sure I downloaded it a while back but I don't have much interest in starting it at the moment
  18. I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen either but I'm going to keep hoping, ultimately it's up to Atlus more so than Sony since it's their game
  19. I'm reeeeeeeeallllllyyyyyyy tempted to finally get P3 but i'm still kinda hoping it'll get ported outright to the vita at some point
  20. Looks pretty similar to the 1st game severely disappointed by the return of the no kill trophy and the flesh and steel trophy, hate being forced to bypass every enemy and I hate games that give you special abilities but your forbidden from using them for a playthrough
  21. Your time frame is completely unrealistic 4-6 is definitely more accurate I had little trouble with all the bosses except the first and last, even then I only I died a about 3 or so times before I caught on to their patterns and beat them. That being said I enjoyed the dlc a lot and would recommend it to anyone who is enjoying the game, some of the new weapons are really cool and fun to play with and I believe there was an extra blood rock in the dlc but I'm not 100% sure about that.
  22. As long as the trophies are achievable I have never given up on a plat some may take me longer then others for various reasons such as boredom, being disappointed games weren't what I was expecting them to be, or just wanting to play other games, I'll always come back to games I haven't gotten plat,
  23. Bioshocks MP was really good sooooo many different fun combinations of weapons and plasmids, only reason I quit playing was because I got tired of playing against max level rebirth players all by myself seemed I was the only skilled player on my team every game. From a net code perspective I might agree with you though, it was definitely one of the worst in that category.
  24. I know you have it and everything but you should really just send this one back I really can't recommened this game to anyone. I was pretty interested in the game even a little excited to play it but once I started playing, the game fell completely flat of what I was expecting. The battle system starts shallow and stays that way throughout the entire game and makes the game beyond boring and becomes repetitive extremely fast, all of the side quests are repetitive as well all are the same boring fetch quests, delivery quest or slay so many monsters types. The story is terrible I was never expecting a good story but man the story is just bad, the characters all feel like jokes I could go into more detail but I don't want to spoil anything in case you do decide to play, this game is extremely short for a rpg if your playing and taking your time you can still run through this game in about 20 hours and about 4 or so speed running, I know there are people who love this game I found it to be completely terrible and my favorite part of this game was when I got the platinum and I could stop playing it if you enjoy rpgs like I do then do yourself a favor and skip this one there many better rpgs out there to play.
  25. I haven't tried ad hoc but seeing how it doesn't require a online connection I don't see why it would be a problem