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  1. Thank you for this. I did this in 29 turns, nice and easy.
  2. I'm still looking to playing it, not every game has to be a 10 or a 9 to be entertaining. I really liked Mad Max and that game was swimming in 7's and Days Gone seems to be along the same line.
  3. Scorpion in novice, Scarlet in Champion, So doesn't matter.
  4. Okay So the way I did was to start a klassic tower on very easy, finished the fight with a fatality or brutality, then as soon as the next fight in the tower started, I paused, hit the tower select button and did it all over again. I've gotten 3 heads that way. the amount of time it took differed a lot. So can't say for sure how many times you need to do it. another head I got was in Towers of Time, the 3 hour tower, I just kept grinding the boss in the tower over and over again, got it 15 minutes left of the tower and started as soon as it spawned. Sorry I can't be of more help and sorry for people that can't get it to pop, the only thing I can say is to keep going, think it took 3 hours or so to get Noobs head, it's a drag. @Letum_5789 I got all my heads with at least the last one being a fatality.
  5. I really enjoyed my time with it, so yeah, go for it, it's a decent price for the title.
  6. The two times I counted it was 22 fatalities and 5 brutalities against Scorpion and 36 fatalities and 9 brutalities against Scarlet. So I honestly have no idea, when I did it against Noob I did at least 75 fatalities. I have a feeling that it's a 100 finishers against one opponent, and the reasons my numbers are all over the place is that I did so many random towers before I started to grind. Sorry I can't be of much help though, happy hunting.
  7. I've gotten 3 heads in Klassic now. I did it mainly with Fatalities though.
  8. You can get it from any tower on any difficulty
  9. I got those heads playing Klassic Towers, doesn't matter which one. The way I did it, was to beat Noob, then quit out of the tower and fight Noob again, eventually I got his head. Not sure how many times I did it, but it was a lot.
  10. I got Scorpion & Noob from Klassic
  11. Easy but grindy.
  12. Totally agree with this, it's something I had to learn (still learning) hard not to play like Bloodborne, but when I deflect it's much easier.
  13. I'm going to wait and see. From what I've heard doesn't sound very enjoyable. maybe after fixes and additional content.
  14. Cuphead and Sunset Overdrive.