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  1. UPDATE: I couldn't unlock the trophy without doing the All-Night mode for Ren. However, I was able to use support modifiers and the trophy popped up. Hopefully that cleared things up.
  2. I can confirm this, but I also want to state that you must have a stage clear. I did not clear some songs and did not have the trophy pop.
  3. I've had this issue as well. What worked for us is to specify which map and add a password you both know. Let me know if that helps.
  4. Well then, I guess the only benefit about that is if I REALLY want to get the screenshots along with the trophies. Haha Thanks though!
  5. I recently switched Hard Drives from another PS4 that I bought (that had a 1TB Hard Drive) only because I wanted the Destiny PS4 (With the Gold Decals). I sold my old PS4 (Regular Destiny White 2TB) to my friend, but I switched the Hard Drives so I keep the 2TB with the Gold Destiny PS4 and he gets my Old White Destiny PS4 with 1TB. I had to reinstall the firmware on both as disconnecting the Hard drive will cause errors while turning on. After setting up my new PS4, I recovered my account and downloaded all the games again back into the console. After playing a few games, I noticed trophies that I already unlocked before are unlocking again. The time and date stamp on the trophy does not change from the original unlock date, but it does add a screenshot on when I got the trophy. Does anyone, who did a similar hard drive switch, know if this is a unique bug? I'm just curious to see if I might be the only one experiencing this.
  6. I had to double check and I can confirm mine still shows. Which is odd, have you tried deleting the game file (not the save) and tried reinstalling the whole game and its updates? That usually fixes problems with LEGO games. Best of luck.
  7. I still see the progress bar on my game. Maybe it glitched out on you?
  8. Okay, I can confirm it worked with the story mode and not collecting the mini kits. Thank you buddy :]
  9. Alright I'll replay the story mode when I get home today and confirm if it unlocks for me as a workaround and possible fix for those who might be having the same issue with me.
  10. This happened to me in the last DLC with one of the Trophies. Smh Welp, I'm glad you got it, did you achieve it on story mode?
  11. As the title states, I've completed the story and collected the free-play mode. However, I still have not gotten this trophy even though I did deflect all her blaster bolts. Anyone else having this problem? Collected the Mini-kits* Oops
  12. I can confirm this works. I started a new game and played through the Endor Prologue and then completed the first Jakku mission. Afterwards you can view the galaxy map and select the mission itself. Like Tankor_smash said, don't collect any of the minikits on the story play through and just work on getting them all in free play :]
  13. I appreciate it guys!
  14. Does anyone know what to do for this trophy? I'm a bit confused from its description. Thanks in Advance!
  15. How did you remap your controller? O.O Curious because I am having trouble getting that trophy.