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  1. Not all PSone/PS2 games are playable on PS3/PS4, so the original consoles are the way to play them, like for Blasto, Ultimate Ninja 1 - 5, Uzumaki Chronicles 1 - 2, etc.
  2. Hey, just read your post about the twin dragons in Spyro 3. Maybe this will  help you beating them.


    First focus on just one of them.

    Second don't follow them around too much, just wait in the main area.

    Third learn their flight pattern


    I struggled a lot at first until I started doing what I wrote above. It still took a me long time to beat them but I managed eventually.

    1. Armored Squirrel

      Armored Squirrel

      Yeah, it just gets difficult when they regenerate so quickly. Never been a fan of Spyro 3, but I'll eventually give it another go. 

  3. Ummm, I really don't see how. I cannot beat the twin dragons for the life of me.

    I believe is HK (+ Physical), as it shows up on and EastAsia released their own physical-exclusive which as usual means their version goes to the HK store. 




    I tried PMing, but you're not able to receive messages. 

    1. BlindMango


      Yeah I'm thinking you may be right - fixed!


      Oh yeah oops! I need to clean out my inbox xD 

  5. Definitely play Lego Avengers, Lego Ninjago (PS4), Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Lego Chima (Vita)!
  6. It was their way of telling you to fuck off. Neither Activision or 3arc are going to fix the game, because BO4's out. For those who really want the easter egg done, there's the downgrade/LAN method, but 3arc's not going to fix the game, just like they're not going to revive League Play seasons.
  7. Speaking of, there's an easy glitch to get out of map on the main hub. Nothing to do out there, but fun to explore.
  8. Yep, I hated that part! Especially because I didn't realize you had to kill all those guys afterwards, for a trophy. Only game I'm really having trouble with is Spyro 3.
  9. Curious to see Naruto vs Goku.
  10. There's a way to reactivate the game, using SUWI. But, it's on you whether you feel safe enough to use such proxy tools.
  11. Oh come now, Knack 2 was an improvement over Knack 1. Far easier to play, and far more combat techniques. Hell, the platforming was funner. Knack 1, on the other hand... Yes, it gets more difficult. The combat in 1 is just...bad. No long-range whatsoever. Knack 2 though, can pretty much be played without having played 1, and it's much easier. (I did my whole playthrough on Hard difficulty, and still breezed through.
  12. For example, Portal 2 and Black Ops 2 rip
  13. I pointed to that because he's posting in the Magic 2013 forum.
  14. Multiplayer, no doubt. Uncharted 4's survival trophies turned the gaming experience from fun and enjoyable, to just plain hell.
  15. This is it, correct?