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  1. Yeah, cuz they totes fixed Gorod's trophy.
  2. People may complain, but I can't wait to get back to Spider-Man. New Game+ is gonna be awesome!
  3. Supposedly 3arc is releasing a patch today to address these crashes. Would also help if 3arc would let us save zombies, but oh well. I feel your pain man, we just got to step 3 of the BotD ee, and host blue screened. One person said they crashed on round 6 of IX from going into the poison area. The game is the problem, not the console, as even PC and Xbox crash.
  4. You can ask Mango to manually update it on here, otherwise the site automatically updates for DLCs at least once a day. But that's dope. Can't wait to get back to Spider-Man after having played zombies all week.
  5. I mean, much of the God of War games are susceptible to wallbreahing methods to get to skip sequences to get to other parts of the game, as seen with the God of War 3 Titan difficulty skip, or that unlimited Medusa head on GoW 1 (I think, been awhile). So it's technically possible to sequence break anything in those games.
  6. Yes! Finished IX easter egg!! :D thanks to @JabsLovesCola and the rest of the team! Now, if i can get Voyage and BotD done, that'd be every Black Ops ee done! :D:D 

  7. I'm focused more on zombies, yes. And 'sides, it's only been 5 days. Not everybody's going to the specialist stuff yet.
  8. Sigh... all that time trying to get the IX easter egg finished...only to get the blue screen of 'screw you'. Thanks 3arc, thanks. :( I don't get how people can say that easter egg is easy. It's so difficult for me, I can't imagine doing another run :( That said, I'd appreciate anybody who wants to help me do the spawn room challenge trophies for Classified and IX. 

  9. Wonder if they'll make a crossword version one day. I love sudokus, even more than word searches, so I'll definitely get this...after I finish the word search games lol.
  10. Been wanting to replay the game for awhile, so I'm glad there's incentive now!
  11. Whoa the Kaine Scarlet Spider outfit, and Spider-UK? Still no Venom costume?
  12. Black Ops 4 Pro Edition. Only played Classified so far. The mechanics in zombies is confusing. Elixirs, talismans, tonics, etc. Why can't they just stick with perks and gobblegums. I've been hearing about IX being hyped to death, even more than BOTD, but we'll see.
  13. Just got my BO4 disc. Downloading the 17gb update. Just heard that Classified and IX have their easter eggs solved, so I'm in luck.
  14. Yeah that's the one I was thinking of, with a Vita tag.
  15. Hong Kong?