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  1. Yeah the Chaos MAX Dragon, Twin Burst, and such aren't in there Ha, you're telling me. I don't know how kids could possibly understand the rules these days. Pendulum, I can deal with, but Synchro/XYZ/Link? No thanks. Doesn't stop me from collecting the cards though
  2. It's just that I heard the Monsters of the Deep all had English, so I would figure the main game does as well. I guess I'll have to get set to grinding FFXV through December haha So hard to understand the class setups people keep mentioning, since I haven't played since 2017, but I'm presuming single player level doesn't transfer to the comrades.
  3. Eh, I never bothered with the DLCs since they aren't needed for trophies, but you could always try out the Waking the Dragons decks for nostalgia. I can't really comment on meta since it's been over a decade since I've been in a real duel.
  4. Eh, I prefer discs over digital, but I am curious: Do the Chinese and Japan sets have English option? I've considered going for the plat/100% on my USA copy, and then going for EUR/HK if I liked the journey well enough, but I wouldn't want to do the China or Japan ones if I can't understand them. If so, China would definitely be better to buy digitally, since getting shipped can take months!
  5. Here's a secret: Use Pendulum deck. It can wipe out nearly any of the other duelists easily, especially original series! Why? Because you can summon multiple HIGH level monsters at once!! Instead of waiting three turns to pull your your dark magicians or whatever, you can flaunt them out in one move. Pendulum is seriously OP, whereas XYZ/Synchros are a bitch to use (for me). Fusions were always my fave anyhow. There's no Link monsters in this format either. One note is that game is REALLY buggy. I can't pop the tribute summon trophy.
  6. Should probably link the updates and proxy method in first post, so people can more easily find.
  7. Same for Driveclub I believe.
  8. Awesome to hear! The comrade dlc would come with season pass, yes, even if they decide to remove from PSNStore?
  9. The method should work with digital, but has to be tested. Digital games download update with game at same time, but doesn't hurt to try.
  10. Hope for the best!
  11. Would assume it'd be same process as since this method worked out for Black Ops 3 concerning the Gorod Krovi trophy. is another guide.
  12. I provided the 1.26 updates over in this thread, If the game can be downgraded via the Charles method, like Mad Max/BO3, then this might be usable.
  13. According to that seems to be normal, though I haven't tried downgrading.
  14. Here's 1.26 update for USA region, try downgrading with this, possibly ? EUR: JPN: HK: For China, best I can find is 1.25
  15. Here's 1.26 update for USA region, try downgrading with this, possibly ? EUR: JPN: HK: For China, best I can find is 1.25