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  1. Yeah, I probably won't attempt the EEs on this games, unless I go for Infinite Warfare/Advanced Warfare first.
  2. Please read my messages Sly :( I just want my account back

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      You can try to create a topic to get an answer but he will be very arrogant and let you with some wtf reason and abandon you, I don’t understand that someone not serious and passionate about those things can have such a power on our hard work. 

    3. Sly Ripper

      Sly Ripper

      No account removed automatically for hacks ever returns, it's not possible.



      I never hack anything this is an injure and a simple mistake on your system so I can’t just accept to loose my profil while I know I am honest and serious after a décade of hunting, I can’t understand this bad dream can be true. 

  3. Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution.
  4. If you mean digital-only (with no discs), the second one is American Fugitive.
  5. Great, I'll add it to my other PS+ CODs that I haven't played yet.
  6. Sometimes serial gets entries a little late. I believe Landcross updates the site once or twice every day, though it automatically pulls new content ids from Sony's api. And sometimes entries just don't show until they're finally in store, like was the case for Saints Row 3.
  7. But there is.
  8. If it's as fun as Origins/Odyssey was, I don't mind playing it twice, haha.
  9. Nice, definitely getting AC Valhalla, Quantum Error, and maybe Gods & Monsters. Dunno about the rest. The big question is whether it'll be one shared-console list, or two separate lists. My bet is two lists, like AW, BO3, and Ghosts. Chances are a lot of these, like FIFA and Madden, would be on both consoles. Hell, you know TLoU 2 will be on both. Same for Black Ops 5. PS4 hasn't approached EOL yet.
  10. Thanks.
  12. Please restore my account. :( 

  13. Already exists. It's called Torne.
  14. Okay, the new games have new titleids, as seen with my previous post, therefore, I don't believe that people would get the new lists without buying the new games. I see someone has earned trophies for the OG list an hour ago. I think, the OG lists have been renamed to Remastered as well, and PSNProfiles aka @BlindMango would need to rescan those lists. If I'm correct, there should be 6 lists all saying "Remastered".Surely, Mango can check their NPWR ids and see that they're different trophysets?