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  2. Don't think LRG has control over trophy publishing anyway, as they couldn't do anything about forma.8 for Vita.
  3. Dunno how you pulled that off
  4. I couldn't find a Twitter/Facebook for him, although his number/email is supposedly listed online. Can't really go any further than that, as it'd be doxxing.
  5. Also is/was the CEO of the company.
  6. Here's one of the devs from the studio,
  7. Ah, a true miracle would be getting relisted. Still pissed, that it was only up for one day, before getting removed!
  8. I'd be truly astonished if Triunfo or QuiVR get fixed.
  9. That TJ account, right?
  10. Yeah, Japan has a tendency to delist games quickly, with them never returning. See Buster's Quest, Octonauts, or Contraptions for example
  11. Good luck, that didnt work out for me with Starbear Taxi
  12. What trick?
  13. Never heard of that happening, besides Prince of Persia preorder. The only times I heard of a game being removed from library is if the game was free-2-play, like Venus Project or Picotto Knights.
  14. Sooo why is the DLC PS5-only tho?
  15. It looks like all the owners are American. You're not, by chance, running an EU copy of the game, are you?