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  1. Great Arkham guide! Fortunately I got that out of the way years ago after the server notice went up, but I'm sure that will help a lot of people. I'm pretty sure my group did method 3 for xp grinding. The hardest trophy fro me was def the 12 wins, as I lost track of what map I had won as what faction. Also sucked, that we were doing the boosting using only text chat, and no PS4 party chat...

  2. Jeez, you weren't kidding. That editing of Uncharted 2 is wayyyy expensive! $3,500 holy fuck. 

  3. Guess sands of time out of Prince of Persia, so you could quickly fix past mistakes.
  4. I switch around between various Avengers avatars on PSN, due to Endgame being a fun movie.
  5. Don't. For me, Knack 2 was a decent experience (I'll get around to platting it eventually), but Knack 1 is garbage, especially with the stupid rng.
  6. I mean, wouldn't changing your PS4's clock result in it showing?
  7. Well, they can't, since the cake's a lie.
  8. Not helping their case.
  9. @BlindMango Both Wattam trophysets appear on PSNTL, but do not seem to be on here?
  10. Yeah, i have the deluxe one for U.S., just would rather have deluxe versions of EUR/JP/HK, than having to make separate accounts and buying psn codes just to buy the season pass x3 more times.
  11. Hmm, there's no deluxe edition for Japan version? Cuz would absolutely suck having to buy the dlc 4 times, since 4 different regions.
  12. Yep, the game has trophies, but somehow the devs are too inept, after all these months, to have Sony put it on server.
  13. Seems right, since Spanish uses trofeos.
  14. Same reason you can't share avatars between accounts: absolute laziness. Look how long it took for name changes to come!
  15. I'll be going for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (NA). I know it's going to be awesome, considering Titanfall 2. I'll definitely get the UK steelbook afterwards, for stacking.