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  1. Huh, interesting. Never knew about that. Always thought YooStar had plat earners.
  2. One very noticeable game for that is魔物獵人frontier-g where it shows 1 game owner, and 100% completion, even though the trophyset is not achievable by legitimate means, and the one person on the site to own it, was removed from the site. Their stats still stayed. Indeed, as I would love to see every game that I could potentially play with my VR lol Well considering there's dedicated threads for these, that should be relatively easy to do when the day comes. Personally, I liked how Skippy did unobtainables on his site, It gives somewhere to start imo.
  3. Just a query, is there any thoughts on others users' desires to removed finished games from appearing in gaming sessions? Like if someone's already platted/100%'d a Call of Duty game, and don't want to see that game appear in gaming sessions anymore
  4. Well technically, you can use a specific site to buy Korean digital games, though other users have raised awareness that it may not be 'ethical'. China, on the other hand, should easy enough to make purchases using Alipay. Regardless, they are pretty strict (South Korea with account creation, China with game purchases), but at least they're easier to get around than Cero-Z games, from my experience.
  5. Black Ops 3. I've only the campaign misc trophies left for plat, including personal decorator, but it'll be a bit of time before I go for them, as I want to plat BO1 first.
  6. I believe Japan's the only region to have such a restriction, but may be wrong. Very few games get this rating though, with the majority (such as Alien: Isolation) receiving physical editions, but some games, like Dead Nation, are digital-only, so you'd have to rely on gamesharing or have a Japanese person buy the game for you. Either way is not easy.
  7. No, you do need a credit card, as the game is rated Cero Z, which is restricted to Japanese citizens of ages 18 and older. The PlayStation Store does not allow you to bypass the verification with gift cards. I know from experience with trying to get Dead Nation.
  8. Yes, they're included with base game.
  9. If someone wanted it for Japan, they'd have to buy on disc since digital (if it comes out) would require Japanese credit card.
  10. No, I wish. Sucks having missing timestamps, because it makes an account look messy.
  11. May want to note that Zombies: The Last Survivor (or Survivor as you listed it) is delisted. Also Rainbow Skies AS and WW are shared with PS3, with JP being Vita/PS4 iirc. Note that there is a 3rd Monster Hunter Frontier trophyset that was only available (by accident) on a certain update for the HK Vita game, but was quickly removed in subsequent patches. Henceforth it's regarded as Monster Hunter Frontier G, since it wasn't updated with PS4 tag nor the rest of the DLCs. Also of note is Hohokum. Only two trophysets are obtainable on the Vita: (which is considered as NA for PS4, but WW for Vita/PS3) and (which is China for both PS4 and Vita, and was never released on PS3 -- hence the removed tag). Europe and Japan are not achievable on Vita, as their regions will produce the 'NA' trophysets. Back to Bed is shared with PS3. Open Me has two other versions: an AS list and apparently a smaller-scaled trophyset for AS of note is that these two are different trophysets from the NA/EU versions. Retro City is shared with PS3, DX with PS3 and PS4. Stealth Inc shared with PS3, seems WW version is not shared with PS4 (as PS4 has separate list).
  12. Well, after playing the Superhot VR demo for awhile, I decided to finally get the bundle from the PSNStore, and I started out by trying out Superhot (Non VR), and it's a fantastic game. I would even go as far as saying it's the most innovative shooter I've played in years! It gets a little tricky on some levels, but hotswitch is especially useful. I'm loving the game, although I've had plenty of mess ups, but damn the devs outdid themselves. Yes, it's a short game, but it's really fun coming with different avenues to beating the various levels, whether it's shooting, throwing, or stabbing. It's different from the VR version in a lot of respects (I feel the VR version asks more from you, since you're able to move around realistically), but for those who have missed out on this title or have been considering it, definitely get the bundle! I just need to get thru the endless mode and challenges now, and the servers, but damn it was a fun ride. 



  13. The PS2 games are worth playing. Can pretty much tell you Shattered and Edge are a bore in comparison. Haven't played the Amazing games yet, but can pretty much bet you there hadn't been a 'great' Spider-Man game between the PS4 one and the PS2 ones. If you want to stick with PS3, I'd suggest trying out Web of Shadows or Spider-Man 3. Both were pretty fun imo, but don't come with trophies. They were also the last Spider-Man games developed by Treyarch (who were famed for their Spider-Man 1 and 2 [also nice games] on earlier consoles). Even though they don't have trophies, they're well worth playing! After Treyarch stopped making the games, the quality dropped off imo. Glad to see Spider-Man back in its former glory.
  14. It's a method of reactivating games' servers which used GameSpy. It won't get you flagged.