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  1. Ah, the last good 3arc campaign. Good choice.
  2. Tutorial Shooting Game 2
  3. So...just started playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1, and have to say.......the control scheme fucking sucks! What idiot put triangle as jump and x as light attack? Really wish there was a way to change the controls :( as this is gonna make the game a complete pain to get through. 

    1. starcrunch061


      I only played UA2 on PS3. Were the controls the same there? I do remember not liking that game for whatever reason.

    2. ArmoredSnowman


      Wouldn't know. Never played them on PS3, only on PS2/PSP @starcrunch061

  4. Seeing as I only have PS3 version, that'll prove to be beneficial for me lol.
  5. You should post pics of your collection on Instagram or something. It's always intriguing to see what people's layout are like lol.
  6. How do you not run out of space??
  7. And Blands 1 has cross-save? Haven't started on the series yet, but do have Blands 1 for PS3, and Blands 2/Pre-Sequel for PS4.
  8. The pointless multiplayer and the no-death playthrough.
  9. Interesting, nice to know! Wonder why it never came out :/
  10. You have to play Lastgen Sandbox to truly appreciate the story.
  11. So, I was playing a little of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on my Switch, and it made me really nostalgic or the MUA games from the PS2/PSP days. Since I haven't played them since like 2009-ish (?), I bit the bullet and bought the digital bundle from Amazon for my PS4, since the games are delisted. Seeing as I never played it in coop or online, I don't know what to expect from that, but hopefully I'll find some coop partners for those specific trophies. It's been a loooooooooooooooong time, so I don't know what to expect with these missables.
  12. Check titleids. Usually it'll say UPXXX/EPXXX in the url if it's worldwide version, or it'll share the same CUSA id as the EUR/USA versions. If it's different, it'd likely be the Asian stack.
  13. Why not do the same with Hitman 2 and its expansion as well.
  14. Wouldn't be surprised if Tamriel ends up the same.
  15. Guess, add me in as a Recruit, since I only have AC Odyssey plat.