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  1. If it does, I might rent the game, because I doubt they got rid of the frame drops or put in more checkpoints. :/
  2. Indeed. I just completed the whole game, and only got TWO trophies. None of the chapter trophies unlocked, just miscellaneous ones. I really don't like the idea of having to do a whole nothing playthrough. Edit: omfg. Looking at Pyx's guide, it seems that there are no story-related trophies, that everything unlocks based on miscellaneous tasks? Okay, so maybe it won't be so bad doing the trophy cleanup.
  3. So why has nobody gotten 100% on this? Is it a hard game?
  4. Can someone add "+1 Edition" to the title?
  5. Purchased.
  6. I know you're retired now, but hopefully you can get Hajwala 100%'d, so you'll be back at 100% completion overall again. 

  7. Congrats on the Cold War plat. You going for 100% or the PS4 version? 

  8. Hmm, is this game buggy or something? I have the full game, and been playing the past couple hours, but no trophy has popped yet, especially the one for "breaking free". I'm currently at the part of the story where you drive a , but the trophy guide says that just breaking should've been enough to pop the trophy?
  9. is Japan. I can't tell if it's really shared with NA, or if the other list is EUR & NA, because of the small amount of NA players.
  10. Is this the Digital or the Physical version?
  11. Hmm, Little Town Hero? Contraptions is definitely German-Physical-only. There's also Revenge of the Bird King for PS4.
  12. Great to see a plat. Maybe I'll finally give a Hitman game a try.
  13. The devs waited several months before finally making the North America version of the game syncable.
  14. His site already does that.