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  1. Could always use the Spanish tag like withíaco-batalha-do-santuário possibly.
  2. is not physical-only. It's a preorder bonus for Swansong. It can be gotten digitally or physically. Again, can you look into the Saint Seiya issue? @BlindMango
  3. Likely Asia.
  4. should be Zombies: The Last Survivor
  5. Google the barcode 722674111911 But note that this seems to be in short supply, so the two eBay listings are pretty expensive. I would expect similar prices on other sites.
  6. Like this
  7. Device password has been required for adding new accounts to PS3/Vita for a while now.
  8. If you bought it on PS4, and it's not Chinese, it'll be the other set. If you bought the Latin American version for PS3, you'd get the "OR" version.
  9. The Latin American trophyset is PS3-only. All PS4 versions, aside from China, direct to the other trophyset. You can even test this by going through the dumped regions of the games or their updates. The PS4s all have the same trophy id. Latin American PS4 CUSA is seemingly shared with the rest of the Americas.
  10. Yeah, Coteries and Fullbloom are definitely oddities, but it does, indeed, resemble the difficulties of obtaining that version of nba jam. There's so few games that require having a previous game to obtain them, so I'm not sure if the staff on here would bother making a separate tag for these rare cases. They all seem to use codes or act as rewards, so maybe Add-On tag? Besides nba jam, Coteries, Fullbloom, and Dragon Quest (Free Version), are there any other cases of this nature? I believe the nhl rewind sets used to be like this at one point.
  11. I asked one of the owners. Apparently this stack is a preorder bonus for both the digital and physical versions of Swansong.
  12. These times would suggest that OR list had some autopop But that's likely due to them earning the achievements on PC first.
  13. All I can find is a new EU titleid, that leads to nothing. Any help? @HuntingFever
  14. Beating all the combat challenges on Arkham City with all heroes. Some of those challenges were hard as fuck, especially while playing as Robin!
  15. seems to have Kick-Ass 2, but might be a scam? That's the only site I see a physical version of the 2nd game on.