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  1. Guessing it's not coming to the Vita version.
  2. is EU, other is NA.
  3. So Japanese digital isn't the same as its disc version?
  4. tbf, if there's only person left in the world, that would still be considered "saving the world", right?
  5. Technically, CN would be Mainland China, with HK representing Hong Kong -- since not all games released in Hong Kong/Taiwan are released in China, and vice versa. AS is usually used for when a game is released in HK/TW/SG/KOR, but has another Asian-related stack, like JP. An example of a game that should have an AS tag, would be三国战纪 since it was released in in Singapore, Taiwan, and Indonesia, as per it's title-id: CUSA01268_00
  6.罪惡王權 is not China-only It's on HK store Same for Taiwan, and Singapore While China does have a basic page (with no identifying information):, it is not available for purchase.
  7. So, the question nobody seems to be asking: Is the Japanese list getting the DLC too?
  8. Iirc, some people had been able to redeem expired codes by contacting Sony support. But I dunno if that's still doable nowadays.
  9. They're not horror! (I decided that it was time to stop clogging the thread.) They're supernatural mystery, but they're not horror. :) 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ArmoredSnowman


      Multiple playthroughs sound scary 😱 That said, I'm pretty sure I own Shapeshifting Detective ASIA version, but maybe I'll check the games out one day, if my backlog will allow lol

    3. swedechick


      They're not super long. Even the first time, you'll probably be under 10 hours per game. I didn't even get that "play for 8 hours" trophy my first time.

    4. ArmoredSnowman


      Maybe I'll try them out after I get through Kena, haha :D 

  10. Because I used an official emoji haha But yeah I'll give them a try maybe. Never been too much into horror games though.
  11. Never played the games, so I would be unsure, but nice information. Also you could just use 🤷‍♀️ haha
  12. Hmm according to Wikipedia: "A spiritual successor to the game entitled The Shapeshifting Detective was released in the following year." That's not the greatest evidence, but if they both share characters, then surely it could be seen as part of the series -- especially since all three are made by the same developers.
  13. One of them had the game platted within a month all in 2020. For now, all three of the users are flagged.