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  1. Hmm a friend tried using a site called V-preca, and managed to buy a cero-z game today. So maybe it'll work for BioShock?
  2. Wonder if this is getting a China-exclusive list, like the first.
  3. Any word on a workaround?
  4. Maybe Avengers?
  5. Yeah, I can't get the uppercuts to work. No matter what angle I go in from. The other punches work pretty well.
  6. Okay, thanks! Was somewhat worried about this, since I'd hate keeping so much gear at once haha
  7. So, I'm currently level 49 on one character so far, and when I get new gear, I like to dismantle the lower level ones. But I realize there's a trophy for getting 500 gears. I've two questions, since I can't find any info on this matter: 1. Does this relate to just one character, or can the gears be from all 6? 2. Do I need to keep gear in order to get this trophy, or am I safe to keep dismantling like I've been doing?
  8. As long as it provides better feedback than BoxVR, I should be good. Because that game doesn't respond accurately to my movements, whereas Beat Saber mostly does.
  9. Well, there's the issue 😅
  10. Yeah, but at least it allows several people the chance to compete for the plat, as they'd only have 1 trophy left...though that's only if they don't have to make a new save altogether.
  11. I mean, isn't that a good bug? Less xp grind. It's a trophy hacker, apparently.
  12. This is hilarious, and good to know
  13. @BlindMango is Europe. NA's list isn't syncable.
  14. It's JP. The game wasn't released in the region, but has a titleid on Serial. Just to confirm, Rena does note the Japan digital and Hong Kong physical versions share the same titleid (PCSG), so yes, Fast Striker is Asia,
  15. Gameplay looked kinda nice. Never played a TWD game before, but a VR experience should be interesting.