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  1. I believe the DLC's not out, although the update for the DLC is. As for Genesis, there were several people with plat only in seconds. I reported that to two different staff, before it got taken care of.
  2. So... two lines? Here's a line: ═ haha so funny...?
  3. While it's possible to be developers testing the game, there are several PS4 trophy hackers roaming around these days, so it's more likely to have been modded. Notice, that the latest DLC for AC Valhalla has 0.01% earning as well, although nobody can get those trophies yet (afaik). But, yeah, I reported several hackers from the Darksiders Genesis page, so I'm sure there's others out there. I very much doubt they use saves.
  4. Ez?

    Must be difficult. 4 achievers for PS5, but 0 for PS4.
  5. Both appear red to me?
  6. is NA, other is EU
  7. Am I missing something, because only has one trophyset across regions...
  8. is called Willy Jetman: Astromonkey´s Revenge on here
  9. And / still haven't had their spellings fixed.
  10. Shouldn't be in the Gal*Gun series?
  11. As long as you don't live in MTG's district, of course. I've lived in ATL all my life, so don't have to worry about the space lasers.
  12. I see no EU version Edit: Did a check on another database. EU would've been CUSA25356_00, but there's no evidence it released on PSNStore.
  13. Is there a guide for this game?
  14. What? You do realize jailbroken PS4s can't go online, right? There's no such thing as CFW for PS4, and why the fuck would I be pirating games, when I have hundreds of games in my physical and digital library? We've been through this before, when I made my case about Arkham City. There was no modding or piracy involved, so please stick to the facts. I had to make a new account. I pleaded my case, contacted every staffmember on this site, and even though several sided with me, and offered their condolences, it was ultimately up to Sly. So nothing could be done. I had no choice but to move on. It's been 2 years since then, and no issues. Edit: And I'm not trying to be rude with B1rvine or other moderators here, but I made a dispute thread 2 years ago, even went through conversations with Mango and MMDE, and their hands were tied. They did what they could to help, but ultimately, we came to the conclusion of it being related to the CMOS battery in the PS4, but since we couldn't replicate the situation (or further risk damaging my console), I had no choice but to move on to a second account. This was around 2019 or so, and even then, jailbroken PS4s could not go online. I would assume the same can be said as of today. This year, I've seen quite a few accounts with modded PS4 times (hell, I just reported some yesterday), but I've yet to see any evidence that this issue existed back then. I don't like being on bad terms with any staff on here, but being called out as using "CFW" on a PS4 doesn't vibe with me. It only delegitimizes an issue, albeit rare, that I had on my account, without providing any avenue of resolving the situation. As far as I can tell, PS3 and Vita are ruined by modders, by I've yet to see the same for PS4 or PS5.
  15. Take it from me, Sly won't care. Even if you hid the games, he's not going to put you back on the site. I had one game fuck up 2 years ago, and Sly never compromised. The only thing you can do is make a new account and move on, as you only get one chance on here. Moderators can't do anything about your issue. Once an account's been removed from site, only Sly himself can add it back.