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  1. Japan JP JP AS
  2. EU and NA
  3. Looks like Asia or JP
  4. Looks like this is either JPN or Asia,
  5. is Japan.
  6. Spoiler: They won't respond, or they'll be too stupid to fix it, as seen with so many other devs.
  7. As doesシェルノサージュ失われた星へ捧ぐ詩 and Train Sim World 1. I'm sure Minecraft will get one eventually. Prolly Hitman 3 too at some point.
  8. 11 gold trophies, interesting.
  9. Agreed, especially if they had allowed multiple users and allowed SD cards.
  10. Probably used saves.
  11. Hmm the guide says server was shut down March 2020, yet some people have later months for their trophies. 🤔
  12. So two people have earned online trophies for this game in 2021. The guide says servers have been shut down, so can anyone tell me if these are trophy hackers? One of them looks really suspicious with out order PS3 games.
  13. You're 1-2 games away from passing Hakoom! :o Then next step is passing Roughdawg! :o 

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    2. kevao97


      he will be number 1 on psn profiles at least, r34 will be quite difficult to overcome

    3. ArmoredSnowman


      @kevao97 tbf people said that about Hakoom, and now he's been passed twice. This is an interesting development haha

    4. kevao97


      @ArmoredSnowman yes, but it will take a while. r34 has more than a million points ahead, a long journey

  14. It is interesting. CFW doesn't exist, like you said, and these are 2018 times. Even if trophy hacking could be done, I doubt it was possible at that point? There is a way to downgrade using soldering and hardware, but that technology wasn't around back then, afaik. I've never seen a case where plat pops before last trophy...but the times are only 1 second apart. I can't rack my head around how this could be possible, but the rest of his games look legitimate... If he did trophy hack back then, then yeah, he'd have wasted a console for one game... I don't see someone doing that.
  15. Bundled games don't track time for anything past the first game. If they do, it'll be time for the first game. For example, Spyro Trilogy comes bundled together. On Exophase, only Spyro 1 displays a time for me, while 2 and 3 do not. Crash is the same Here's Ultimate Ninja Trilogy: It's because they all have the same title id, and Sony can't track the games individually (at least in theory). It affects games like BioShock 1 and 2, possibly Metro, Driveclub, likely the Train Sim World/Dead By Daylight/Elder Scrolls Online series. Butttt I've also seen accounts that do have two of the three games from a bundle with tracked time, but both games are the same! So, yes, using time tracking as evidence of cheating is plain stupid, as it is buggy.
  16. Awesome! Wonder if it'll be one list or two.
  17. I believe this is Asia, not purely China.
  18. My post above hasn't been addressed :/ @Beyondthegrave07
  19. Remember, you can always Google the titleid of a game gotten via GameFAQs or SerialStation, and find the store's page if it hasn't been delisted. The titleid in this case being, CUSA03522_00
  20. Looks like it's digital only. But this guide should help
  21. Just tried it out. It does take a little while to get through the first level, but yeah, most of the game is coop-based.
  22. I saw this game had gotten DLC recently, and yet there's only two users with the game on the site, and both have only one trophy each. They both last played 2 months ago. Is the game really that bad?
  23. Yeah, I messaged him a couple months ago. Seems that if you used the Charles proxy trick to downgrade the game, the plat should be obtainable again.
  24. I don't think this is purely Asia, since it's also on USA store.
  25. First Silica brings account switching to Vita, now he brought back the old PSNStore. Nice