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  1. Yes Yes Hopefully they will fix it in a Patch 😢
  2. The trophy bugged on me, I tried to do both parts of the quest again, I also restarted the game but still nothing 😭😭😭 Any tips ? Thanks
  3. Is this still possible to do ? 😙
  4. This I can confirm they are even carried over multiple saves so when you kill every possible goons in your playtrough just load some old save before you killed all of them and farm it there (If someone just started playing: Before you start "Purging" the whole map, you should obtain some nanotrite upgrades for DASH, Grav-Jump, Rush and other abilities you prefer, plus Weapon upgrades for at least Shotgun and Assault riffle... for fast kills and make a separate save. Then enjoy the game normally to the end/completion and when there is none goons to kill, just reload that older save and grind your way to the trophy )
  5. The Statistics in this game are messed up I got The trophy with 22 drones under "Statistic" menu and even the intel menu is broken, cause I got the Trophy with my 27 Drone the thing is the stats carry over another playtrough and other saves (Doesn't matter if older/newer) even though it doesn't show up I think Technically you can kill few of the same drones over different saves states and it add up to the number (Cant confirm though!)
  6. Yep when you buy the PS4 version, just go to download list on your VITA and it is ready on top to download
  7. I cant find it on the Vita store?! 😱 was it pulled down or some error? Or do I need to buy it on PS4 then download from the list on Vita?
  8. What do you guys think about the trophies ? kinda disappointed with only one trophy icon for all 😩 Doesn't looks so bad apart that 500 days of Survival ? 😟, but it sure will be hell of a grind, I suppose ? and hope the challenges are all doable 😁
  9. I cant get the "BLINDFOLD" trophy I got Perfect on all parts of a song with no lyrics, but the trophy didn't poped i did it on "Calvin Harris - Summer" 3x and nothing, do I need to have at least good on the lyrics parts of the song ? or I don't know