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  1. I can still only see Mayhem solo thats it... 😑😫😠😤😡🤬 are the devs serious ?!
  2. Where ? 🤔
  3. What the f**k are they serious ??? Removing game modes to daily rotation ? I only enjoyed the Team mayhem mode... Like "What were they thinking" 😤🤬👿 thats it... Im done with this piece of sh*t 🤮 and so the plat is now even more hardcore 🤬
  4. Is it still doable ? 🤔
  5. I absolutely dont care they can do whatever they want, it is not my biggest problem and nkt even a problem for me 😅 I was just shocked when I saw that because it was the first time I ever saw such a bizzare thing and I wanted to know how many will defend it, but I still think If you are releasing game on more platforms you should respect the customer base 😉 I have to come clean I totally forgot about steam also having "Achievements" 🙄
  6. Dear god... did they really named the DLC Achievements ??? 😡 are they just lazy ? Or straight up microsoft a*s lickers trying to provoke ? its maybe just a banality but the disrespect from the develeoper buggs me 😤 game is sh*t, I dont intend to buy it 💩 it just catched my eye 👁 cause I never ever saw such Abomination in a trophy list before...
  7. Hi, I just recently bought the game again after years and I went to load my game... I was shocked, I dont know how or why but the game didnt recognize the DLCs ?! (I bought them when they were available, and did almost all trophies) the game and DLc are both Pal versions so compatibility isnt the issue, I changed my HDD about 2 years aho so probably I didnt those DLC data or what but the worst thing is that I cant redownload it as I cant find it even in my Download list ! Was it delisted the "P.T. way" ? (Delisted even from your purchase history ?) 😡 Is there anyone else with this same problem ?
  8. Hi, I absolutely, totally love this game, 99/10 for me 😍 I loved almost everything - Atmosphere, gameplay, music, map, game design, parkour, story... only thing thats kinda weird are the classic enemies/animals sounds which are pretty hilarious so I dont mind as I laughed so hard at times 😂 trophywise it is not to hrad to platinum, I plated it and 100% explored the map without any issues, there are few (2-3?) missable trophies, but if you look at the trophy list and descriptions it is pretty easy to figure out when to do a manual save, so you can get both choice trophies in 1 playtrough 😉 the save system is perfect, you can basically save almost anywhere in the game as you are using fireplaces to save and you can craft endless count od them but I only used it once ! as there are a ton of them placed at every needed/critical points in the game 🙂 the one thing I would change are the option in game settings as there are not a lot, and the text and some UI elements are way to small on a big TV screen for my likeness but after few hours I get used to it. Parkour is very good overal, 1 time in the later part of the game I got in a place where it was really hard to get to a place where you need to go but it is doable just frustrating, it took me a few tries (about 15-20 minutes) it was actually the only time I was frustrated during my whole 60+ hours playtrough, so its really nothing 😇 It took me almost month to complete.(2 months and a week to platinum, but I left the game for last trophy as I wanted this game as my 250th plat 😍) Die Young is pretty long if you are going for plat and explore every inch of the map and very well wotth the money they ask for it ! (Well I would even say it is cheap as hell for the amount of content/gameplay time...) would gladly pay full price for this game... What I also loved an enjoyed is that the game didnt specifically where to go or what to do next but if you choose the mission/side mission it will mark the place on the map where you need to go so it wasnt frustrating or hard to figure it by yourself, only once I needed to use a walktrought video because I got lost in the woods part of the map but I overlooked the way to go, what I would I actually really liked to be added to the game is a minimap as it was a bit tedious to always open the big map. Story got me hooked on, it could be much beyter with more cutscenes and backstory but is a Indie game for whats it worth so no complaints here, the same could be said for graphics and Its sad that game probably didnt sell a lot so no chance for native PS5 version. Im also sad this game doesnt have a regional NA/EU versions because I would love to play and plat it again 😊 For me this is a GOTY game and I will keep to recommend it to everyone because it deserve a huge sales numbers and to be more recognized by the gamers. I think If the developers were bought by ubisoft, with ton of money they would make a perfect Far Cry game !
  9. Are there still gltiched murphy challenges ? I want this platinum trophy so bad 😢 but it is impossible to do it the normal way... I once almost got it but minites before the end someone pushed mu up a spot and I went Gold 😭 the one who developer who came up with this stupid f***ing trophy should be fired if he wasnt already 😡
  10. Why cant I change the challenge difficulty ? I beat the Story mode at Challenge level II a long ago I played a lot of warzones at level III cause of the trophy but it seems Icant change it no more ? 🤔 was it changed in a patch ? Or what ? Cause the hives are so much boring I wanted to at least make it as easy as possible but I cant 😡
  11. Was this stupid trophy 😡 fixed already or is it still bugged ? 🤔
  12. For me it is impossible because of the stupid N.Sanely perfect medals 😡 and trophy "Perfectionist", I almost broke the controller, PS4, Dualsense, PS5, TV, Windows, Doors basically a Almost destroyed my house because of the impossible unfair-hard difficulty of N.Sanely perfext relics in most of the stupidly Long Level with stupidly huge amount of those ****ing crates 😡 I was never ever frustrated so much in my life !
  13. Was it delisted in EU/UK store ? 😢 cause its nowhere to be found 😭
  14. Hi, the 11.01. Date was probably a place holder 😉 but it is now changed to 13.01.2021 (Wednesday - The usual release day for games in Europe) so just 2 more days till we cun play 😍