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  1. Got my PS5 yesterday, and I can confirm that save transfers are one-way only. The PS4 version has an option to upload a save, and the PS5 version has an option to download a save. That's it. It's always possible they could add a two-way transfer in the future, but I kinda doubt that's going to be a priority for them.
  2. Same here. I was using the weapons cheat to give myself an RPG at the start of the encounter, and if I fired at the helicopter before it finished taking off I crashed the game. Had to wait until the chopper was in the air and patrolling before I could fire on it.
  3. I think you're waiting too long to log out. When you log out in the middle of a dungeon like that, it makes your character stand around in game for 30 seconds as a penalty. If Karrundax kills you in those 30 seconds, you'll log back in to a corpse. Try to log out sooner so that he wastes time flying around, and make sure your back is to the wall so he doesn't have combat advantage against you. I ended up logging out as soon as his health bar disappeared, and while I had some damage when I logged back in, I was still alive. It may take a few attempts to get the timing just right.
  4. It is still possible, though more difficult. I tried soloing it shortly after hitting the level cap and couldn't make it past the second encounter. However, after gearing up some more (I'm now at 17k item level, starting to fill out with ME gear from Undermountain) I was able to make it to the boss on my own as an arbiter cleric. The fights are not easy, and I died two or three times on the way, but I did make it. Farming the two wyrmlings isn't nearly as fast as it could be, since you actually have to fight them instead of merely slaughtering them. I'd estimate it took me about 30-45 seconds in between pulls to kill the pair. I stayed there for about 15 minutes and got my 50 kill trophy. (didn't check how many I had before starting) When I took a break for dinner, found out that you will be kicked from the instance if you stay logged out too long. Definitely not as easy as it sounds like it used to be, but still better than any other method I know of. I'll be devoting a few solid hours of grinding over the weekends from now on until I hit the goal.
  5. With the release of the Commander Lilith DLC, there is now an option to immediately create a level 30 character that has completed all of the story missions except for the last one. You don't get trophy pops until you either play through the story missions on New Game+ or with a different character. They wanted people who had never played Borderlands 2 to be able to jump in and play the Commander Lilith DLC in preparation for the Borderlands 3 release. For anyone curious how to do this, press triangle on the main menu to select a different character. You'll see the options to create a level 30 character there.