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  1. The Vita is a godsend for RPGs with any sort of grind. Being able to stop/start at any moment helps tremendously for when you start feeling bored. Have platted FFX on the ps4 with an older account and going for it again on the Vita this time and personally prefer it on the handheld.
  2. Just wondering how everyone is going with this trophy? Last trophy I need with "Great Hall" for the plat, but I cannot seem to spawn him in level 5 at all, even searching via secret rooms. Was wondering if anyone can confirm whether or not he spawns if you use the shortcut? I've spent a bit of time searching the net but get mixed answers. And for those who have found him on floor 5, did you find him in a secret room or normal? Thanks EDIT: Whelp, finally found him. Just to answer my own post, was able to find him using the elevator shortcut, and in a normal room. Finally got the plat )