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  1. The last of Us Part 2 Apprentice Learn a player upgrade
  2. Thats so cool I would definitely get it if thats the real cover of the ps5 heh..
  3. **Someone suggest this anime and I haven't seen it.. though the song kinda matches with the anime I think..
  4. Is it too late to work on my Resident Evil Opearation Racoon city on ps3?

    As I'm progressing slowly on grinding mini/largest crown on monster Hunter Iceborn. I get bored from time to time. I had helped a lot of people from SOS investigation over the weekend (off days) I'm also tracking monster for my next trophy.. but seriously I'm no rush. 

    However, Ps3 games I heard it might shut down their system at the end of the year. Rumors isn't actually giving facts but despite that ps5 is coming out..

    Anyway, I'm torn between continue on ps3 gaming or finish monster Hunter plat? Thanks..

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lordguwa


      i only find it's too late if cant get anyone to play the game plus the servers went down.

    3. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      It is never too late :D 

    4. Silently


      Update: yeah unfortunately the server online is down but I could still play it solo.. thank u..

  5. I'm currently rewatching this anime after work. I can hardly wait for the final season of attack of titans. It suppose to come out this year.. Nightcore version: Slow version:
  6. Yes, that would be great..
  7. Thank u sir.. I was able to get some mini crown however, ya-ku mini crown didn't drop but I'll try again..
  8. I'm still missing mini crown for kulu yaku, tyuradotus, etc.. Anyone know what quest is absolute mini crown for kuluyaku ? I had tried events and investigation for weeks now still no luck.. thank u..