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  1. Happy Birthday ^_^v🎂🍕

     I hope u doing ok. Haven't seen u on psn for awhile now. Take care..

    1. ee28max


      Happy belated birthday, my friend. It's been a while. :) 

  2. Live simply

    Dream big

    Be grateful

    Give love

    Laugh lots


    Happy Birthday loyal Silence. ^_^


    1. Aurvandils_ta
    2. Silently


      Heh, thank u ^_^. I hope ur days are colorful as the flower landscape depicted above this comment. Take care..

  3. "Source of Relaxation" -Spend some time in a natural hot spring ** This game is fun..
  4. cheer up...

    It is even quieter without you. ^_^


  5. Sadness? This makes me Thoughtful. -_-




    Ho! Ho! Ho! To the bottle I go
    To heal my heart and drown my woe
    Rain may fall, and wind may blow
    And many miles be still to go
    But under a tall tree will I lie
    And let the clouds go sailing by



    1. Silently




      Lol.. Heh thank u.. welcome bk my friend.. ^__^v


  6. Sadness
  7. "Capture Pro" -Capture 50 monsters. ** Bring shock trap and tranquilizer bomb with u to capture a monster. Once u damaged him enough. It would start to limp. You will also notice a "skull" symbol on the map. This is where u set ur shock trap infront of him or when he stay in one spot or sleeping. It will shock him and use tranquilizer bomb infront of his face. Hit it 2x and the monster is now capture.. Do this 50x and trophy will pop after capture and materials reward at the end..
  8. Update: I'm HR 13. Currently on tracking negigante but I'm more into bounties.. I barely play each day cuz of long duties at work.. I would say my max hour of playing at night after work is 2 hours x.x
  9. "Spreading the Word" -Collect over 50 Guild Cards. *it took me a week for me to get this trophy.. People on playlist rarely send u guide card. So, the only way u can get this quickly is send each every players in the playlist ur guidecard, wait in few if someone send u back.. but beware, some host can kick u out for spamming and even during ur quest too.. (Note: Stay online u must be in online session while asking for guide card. Otherwise u won't see the player list to sent ur guide card) Sometimes it all depends whoever is willing to share their guide card.. unless u have a bunch of friends just ask em' nicely to send it over..
  10. "Monster Slayer" -Hunt 100 large monsters.
  11. I wish I could join some of the events but with Hr 12 I can only join from hr 1-12 lol.. which I already did complete.. Can't wait to level up..
  12. A friend of mine have told me this already, but thank u again for reminding us.. sadly I cant start to play until Sunday and Monday.. been busy working..