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  1. INUYASHA FINAL ACT Episode 26 Heh, my favorite anime.. reminiscent waking up in the middle of the night just to watch this on tv at 2am hehe.. such a great story wish there's more seasons..
  2. Merry christmas sis! ^_^
    i hope you arw doing good :)

    1. Silently


      Hey happy New Year sis.. and yup I'm doing great thank u.. hope ur doing good as well ^_^v

  3. ~Uncharted 4: A Thief's End~ "First Treasure" -Find a Treasure **heh.. I was just playing through this game for fun then found my first treasure item at the bottom of the well.. It's fun so far.. but gotta finish my dmc1 on dmd mission 20..
  4. GVthanksgiving_16_9_ose1.jpg

    Tomorrow is thanksgiving.. I wanna say thank u for all my friends here and this website is awesome.. stay warm and take care all.. ^_^v



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    2. Silently


      Comdemned09- hehe likewise thank u bro..😊

      Ergoproxy-decay-  😂 let ur tummy decide that.. good luck on ur gaming..^_^v

      Shonencat- thank u bro, and the pic is cute.. 😊



    3. marvelboy10


      Happy Thanksgiving! :D🍽️


      See the source image

    4. BG_painter


      Thank you! you are a sweet <3:)

  5. Right as I come back, you reappear!  :D  Hope to see you around, friend.

    1. Silently


      Welcome back temmie we miss u.. ^_^v same here hehe..





  6. I'm not sure if I should get ps4 pro or spiderman bundle.. can't decide.. for present..
  7. ☆Minecraft☆ "Castaway" -Eat nothing but Kelp for 3 days. "Alternative Fuel" -Use a Dried Kelp block as fuel in a. furnace. "Moskstraumen" -Activate a Conduit. "Sleep with the Fishes" -Stay underwater for one full day without using potions. "Echolocation" -Bribe a Dolphin "One Pickle, Two Pickle, Sea Pickle, Four" -Place four Sea Pickles in one block. **Wow.. this final dlc of Minecraft is way easier compare from the last 2 dlcs.. (-_-) but this time, everything can be done on new update toturial mode.. 😊✌ now back to dmc1 dmd mode..**
  8. Is my co-worker..
  9. Heh.. I still play my Pokemon on my ds.. it will be nice seeing it on nintendo switch and play online..
  10. Cool thanks for the info gotta check em all.. since I'm gotta start shopping list for my family/relatives and some friends.. 😊✌oh I was thinking maybe I should do one give away here on this awesome community.. perhaps one year psn or a $50 gift card ^_^v
  11. I have one game that is still sitting on my backlog game list.. Metal gear rising.. and currently working on dmc1 on Dante must die mode mission 7.
  12. {Devil May Cry} "Boiling!!" -Finish the Game on Hard Mode **2 more trophies to go which are "beating in Dante must die mode and I read you like a book" then Platinum.. ^_^v