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  1. Yes, that would be great..
  2. Thank u sir.. I was able to get some mini crown however, ya-ku mini crown didn't drop but I'll try again..
  3. I'm still missing mini crown for kulu yaku, tyuradotus, etc.. Anyone know what quest is absolute mini crown for kuluyaku ? I had tried events and investigation for weeks now still no luck.. thank u..
  4. Wow congrats. Heh I still need to finish my dmc1 from ps3 version.. lol
  5. Last Monday, I had my ps4 whirring loud sound coming out and the top base of it turned to orange color light instead of white light. It sounded like high velocity fan (electric fan turned on) I'm too afraid to turn it on today.. T.T maybe I need to bring my old 500gb ps4 to get repair shop. I'm also afraid that my save may get deleted (ram)??
  6. Happy Birthday ^_^v🎂🍕

     I hope u doing ok. Haven't seen u on psn for awhile now. Take care..

    1. MaximumOverdrive


      Happy belated birthday, my friend. It's been a while. :) 

  7. Live simply

    Dream big

    Be grateful

    Give love

    Laugh lots


    Happy Birthday loyal Silence. ^_^


    1. Aurvandils_ta
    2. Silently


      Heh, thank u ^_^. I hope ur days are colorful as the flower landscape depicted above this comment. Take care..