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  1. "Giant Crown" -Record your first silver crown or higher in your hunting log. ** This trophy is a special one..
  2. Free 7/11 slurpee today


    Hey guys today is 7/11 Free slurpee across USA.. not sure if outside too. . Enjoy ^_^

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. PooPooBlast


      Touché :ninja: 😂

    3. Silently


      @ShonenCat bro hehe I hope u had it cuz there's a limit start @11am-7pm I was going to grab a third time but got there at 8:40pm.. x.x..

      @PooPooBlast lol I wish but apparent it started at 11am-7pm for free small cup..(today) it would be nicer if started at 7am-11pm lol.. 

      Also November is more like an autumn season, although if I remembered 7/11 had promotion Halloween event last year.. 



    4. PooPooBlast


      Lol it was just a lame joke about how damagingRob and the United States in general uses mm/dd/yyyy system vs dd/mm/yyyy lol. 


      So when you said 7/11 this means it would be November 7 for us here :P. It was just a lame joke lol, don't worry about it. 

      (it's not cool anymore when you explain a joke :( )

  3. Well on Sunday I'm gonna be using my ps3 system to help a friend out for few hours.. and yes definitely a stand fan or a/c on to keep the place cool.. I'm a bit scared when u hear loud tapping noise coming from ur ps3 x.x sounded like about to explode.. hence this was like my 2nd ps3 console..
  4. **Refers to You're lie in April anime
  5. . "Bosom Buddies" -Become fully proficient with any Palico Gadget.
  6. 》Monster Hunter: World《 "Capture Novice" -Capture your first monster **I would like to say thank u to YogiSerpent for ur assistance; beating that monster rolling over non-stop with so many thorns on its body was not easy to attack and boost health ability in hand was a good idea and loyal palico cat too..
  7. "Defender of Astera" -Earn the right to take on four-star. assignments.
  8. **Monster Hunter: World** . "HELP!" -Fire an SOS flare for the first time.
  9. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End "Charted! - Speedrun" -Complete the game in 6 hours or less
  10. 😊😍 Lol the 2nd video with the anime girl dancing left corner has the same outfit I have right now coincidence.. lol except no jacket though.. hehe trying to learn that dance move too.. epp..
  11. I'm really shocked.. wow it's happening.. Hmm I might try to help some of my friends but working almost 6 days is impossible.. I might try on Sunday maybe.. gotta find my uncharted 2 and 3 disc in one of the boxes stored in my closet though.. eep Good luck to all.. I also need to finish raccoon city story mode getting SS rank and professional mode..