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  1. I'm debating if I should buy I am setsuna, Persona 5 or Nier..?? Any rpg for ps4 :dance: or which one is better and not hard at all... heh thank u ^_^v

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    2. Silently


      Eep.. my bad it's DQVC that was shut down.. 

    3. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      NIer Automata game is android awesome with a mix of genres. 

      or Star Ocean The Last Hope on ps4 😁


      haven't played persona 5 or I am setsuna but I do own it.


      Hyper light Drifter is worth a shot, one of my top 5 games ever.


      over and out




    4. Crispy_Oglop


      @Silently - I really enjoyed I am Setsuna - it's a small scale, low time commitment RPG - it feels very cosy and the stories are very endearing. It definitely feels like an old school JRPG. The studio also went on to do Lost Sphear and are working on another JRPG called Oninaki too. They seem to be specializing in small scale less time intensive experiences while retaining an old school JRPG feel.


      I haven't played Persona 5 or NieR:Automata, but you'd be hard pressed to find people that don't sing the praises of both those games. Both of those are in my library waiting to be played, just need to find a window of time in an already packed release schedule this year.

      @Redgrave - Makes a really good point about working out what style of game you'd like to try out of P5 and NieR:Automata for sure. They have very different gameplay structures.


  2. 💞 ♪Nightcore~I Need You♪💞
  3. ☆Nightcore ~ I See Your Monster☆
  4. ♡ Net-juu No Susume♡ 11 episodes ** This anime is cute it reminds me of Hack-sign.. I wonder if they will continue the series.. so far only 11 episodes has been released.. I might start reading the manga.. ^_^v
  5. "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" "Head of the Class!" -Defeat 20 enemies with headshots
  6. Eep.. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Probably the very last game on ps3 that I would play.. I tried beating the last boss in hard mode with no damage for a trophy still no avail.. again practice makes perfect.. my ps3 controller is broken cuz of this (giggles) now I have to buy a new controller.. anyone who could recommend me for alternative for ps3 controller?? I wonder if I have to buy the cheap one from gamestop for 20 bucks?? (Shrugs)
  7. ~Uncharted 4: A thief's End~ . "Shh Sleep Now" -Stealth take-down 30 enemies *Cool interface reaction when an enemy is about to spot you it reminds me of mgs virtual mode hehe..
  8. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End "Still Got It!" -Hit all targets in the attic with the toy gun "Run-and-Gunner" -Defeat 50 enemies from-the-hip or. blind-firing **Such a fun game.. ^_^v
  9. hello, nice to meeeet ya!

    1. Silently


      Hi there.. nice to meet u too.. ^_^v

    2. ntommy123


      just wondeeering, how ya find me? 

    3. ntommy123
  10. It's been awhile.. haven't touch my dmc for so long.. but looking back Dante must die mode mission 20 nightmare showdown was very challenging.. I wonder how on earth can u not let the core turn red.. on YouTube using iffrit and combo kick didn't turn red nor green. It stayed blue. I did everything but whenever get I close to the core it simply change to Red.. anyone knows why??

    Red core is when nightmare become more aggressive attack.. unlike the blue one is less.. 

    Thank u..

    1. ee28max


      Hi Silent ☺

      Sorry I've never played DMC, but I wish you good luck. Just wanted to say hi since it's been a while 👋

    2. Silently


      Hey ee28max no problem.. Been trying it yesterday almost beat him too.. but he got me again on his spike berserk attack.. x.x it's nice to see u for dropping by.. hope ur day is good take care.. ^_^v

    3. Dennis-nine-five


      Would like to help but forgot pretty much about it. Is it this fight? Check out a comment there about the orbs too. Maybe you got already past that fight?


  11. Heh.. dropping by to say hi and ur premium member is now fixed.. have a good one.. ^_^v

    1. fantrig99


      Oh, thank you Silent! Happy New Year!

    2. Silently


      No problem.. and happy New year..

  12. INUYASHA FINAL ACT Episode 26 Heh, my favorite anime.. reminiscent waking up in the middle of the night just to watch this on tv at 2am hehe.. such a great story wish there's more seasons..