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  1. Yep, there's a counter in achievements menu. Thanks for cumulative/non-cumulative info! It's good to know, that I do not need to farm them on one character, but I can progress through the game with different chars, also aiming for this one.
  2. Hi! I cannot find anywhere information is this trophy cumulative? Meaning, Can I collect kills across characters, i.e. 25 on CHAR1, 25 on CHAR2, etc. or should there be a 100 kills on 1 character? Thanks for any replies.
  3. or You have died before save point - this resets collectibles in the area... at least it did for me.
  4. Grinding money is the best between two Timmy points - park one and post office one. Equip all items/patches that increase money drop and run between those points smashing all parkmeters and atm. After clearing everything just use Timmy to tje second point to restore parkmeters/atm
  5. I got an impression, when I started to play Kholat, that it's highly similar to Amnesia - what are Your thoughts? Let me quickly list what brought me to such conclusion: 1. Useless map in Kholat = no map - such as in Amnesia 2. Collectibles, which are not placed on the useless map, just like tinderboxes/Notes in Amnesia 3. Monsters which are not scary - I killed You, so what? Move back to the save point and play again... 4. walking ... walking ... walking ... and no matter what - do not use the flash light/lamp 5. If You want to 100%/plate me - find Yourself a guide ...
  6. Is it known, whether patch 1.06 will include bug-fix for this?
  7. You get one random gear for each completion of the co-op mission: - completed first time = first random gear - completed second time = second random gear - completed third time - remaining third gear. Skill points are collectibles, You have to firstly "mark" them with an eagle vision and they're not so straight forward. For some You need to pick a lock of 3, for some slide below a gate or sth. Best way to leave them for the end, when You have lockpick skill maxed out.
  8. I asked, because EU release dates were always one/two days later, but it's perfect! Thanks zeit86geist for good news!
  9. Latest, which is currently on my plate: Great detective-like game. Similar to Murdered: Soul Suspect.
  10. Hi, Cursed mark stays for the entire game (NG, NG+ and NG++). You can still get free levels for it from Yoel and Yuria will appear. In this case, to get ending number one: Hope this helps!
  11. Hi, I've gone through DLC on NG++, STR build, full heavy armour (100 lvl). Those ghosts were also pain in the a** for me, but fought them 1 on 1, using mostly rogue stab ability (great cause it's knocking opponent down on last hit), lightning mace (orange version of the weapon dropped by the annihilator) and lots of dodging. Hopefully, some of it will help