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  1. Are you a human, or a robot that's powered by a need to destroy people in trophy competitions and to play games without any concept of the term "fun"? Also, of all the competions you have competed in over the years, which is your favorite to compete in?
  2. I haven't made this many posts in one night in a long time . Just checked the Spreadsheet and yes, Tokyo Twilight was added to your list, unfortunately only Hertz has access to the OP list so I can't edit that myself (I believe Hertz will be making an update there soon though, so I'll be sure he knows to add that to your list). I'd also like to remind everyone that your lists are present on the Weeblympics spreadsheet here and are kept relatively up to date with your individual progress, so if you see any issues between the spreadsheet and your games list feel free to post here asking me or Hertz to fix it, or feel free to PM me about it and I'll get to it as soon as I can ๐Ÿ˜˜.
  3. Also while I'm here, although I haven't gotten full confirmation from Hertz about this yet, the PS4 version of Ys VIII (The new one that came out a month ago) will no longer be counting due to the rarity for both versions of that game jumping way past the 5.5% threshold. However due to the Vita versions having different lists from the PS4 versions, the Vita versions will (for now) still be eligible since both are still UR. Normally the platform a game's list is on would be treated the same way as different region lists would be (aka all versions count provided one is UR), but in situations where one platform's platinum is different from another such as in this scenario, the different lists are treated as being separate. Edit: The Apprentice acted too hastily, after conferring with the Master all versions will in fact count.
  4. Which games did you request? Honestly I've been busy the last couple months so I may have missed them (Or just added them to the spreadsheet the moment you requested them).
  5. Unfortunately no they wouldn't count, only games platted after you join would count. You can however use games that you've already started, provided that the completion % for that game is below 35% as of the point you add them to your list .
  6. I got abit bored earlier today and decided to try a couple random trophies from the one Nep game I've completed so far. Here's me after finding the Kiryu Sword (Something I didn't realize existed until today) : And here's me trying the boss to this dungeon :
  7. Weeblympics #1: Gal*Gun: Double โ˜ฎ๏ธ Finally the Apprentice can update his portion of the spreadsheet with a platinum . Certainly one of the better games I've played this year, for anybody planning on getting this before the rarity jumps above 5.5%, I would recommend getting a spreadsheet together early one with all of the girls outfits & Handbooks on it and referencing to it as you play through the game, it'll make the "grind" at the end a HELL of alot easier.
  8. Sign me up for this, I've already bought most of the Nep games and plan on playing through the series anyway so why not go for a few bonus challenges along the way ? Doubt I'll be importing any games anytime soon, but I'll certainly give the rest a try. I don't think I've done any of the challenges that require "proof" yet, but I'll double-check tonight (I'll also send you a link to my Youtube for when I need video evidence).
  9. After a resounding victory in the THTL That Andrea & Rach totally didn't carry me to, it's time for me to finally update you guys with my new platinums ๐Ÿ‘. Hopefully this will help jog CJ's memory as to who that guy in second place is : #91: Wheels of Auroria Rarity: 60.05% #92: Adam's Boring Venture Origins Rarity: 84.87% #93: Eventide: Slavic Fable Rarity: 84.28% #94: Truck Racer (From this point onwards the plats shouldn't be very trashy): Rarity: 35.37% #95: Murdered: Soul Suspect Rarity: 39.66% #96: Starwhal Rarity: 1.26% #97: NCAA Football 11 Rarity: 3.46% #98: Life is Strange (PS3) (Good Luck seeing it) Rarity: 40.39% #99: Day of the Tentacle Remastered Rarity: 43.24% #100: Dragon Ball Xenoverse Rarity: 4.62% #101: LittleBigPlanet 3 Rarity: 2.58%
  10. Which one, the new one that just came out or World Invitational (I have both on my list so I'm really curious)?
  11. To anybody who's list in the OP needs updating: I was talking to @Hertz earlier today and he wanted me to ask you to make an @ mention (similar to the one I just made) to him so he'll know for sure who needs to be updated (I gave him a list of people earlier that I THINK was comprehensive, but I still may have missed a couple names). He also wanted me to let you know that he's very sorry about not being able to update as much as he'd like, as things have been really busy the past few weeks with work and other irl things.
  12. Not sure if it's been posted here or not (lots of stuff going on since I last checked in on PP), but if the Tales of PP is still open and looking for somebody to take it over, I'd be glad to do so .
  13. Sorry about that! As I don't have access to the OP I've taken to assuming that posts with pictures are just OP changes and not Spreadsheet ones. Your list on the Spreadsheet has been updated, and I'm sure Hertz will update your list in the OP as soon as he's able๐Ÿ‘.
  14. The Spreadsheet has finally been updated again, although with how long it took me to do there's probably a couple of you who have made more progress since then , again feel free to let me know if I messed anything up either via PM or on here. Also, since FF12 no longer counts for the event, I've removed it from everyone's lists who didn't get the platinum in time and messaged those who needed to add a game in order to keep the minimum of 20 games. If anybody would like to have another game added to their games list as a replacement (or just in general), just let me know .
  15. Oh hey, almost forgot to post my latest platinum . Here it is: #90: Dragon Age II Rarity: 8.19%