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  1. I'm very happy to see that this event is coming back for another year, and I would love to participate in it again (hopefully with more than just 2 games being done). I've been playing alot more Vita games than usual the last month or 2, mainly due to having some time away from my other consoles (a couple road trips, some weekends out camping, etc). Don't have a list yet for what I plan to do, but I'll update my post when I do know .
  2. So I'm finally playing through mk2 in order to plat it, and then I remembered that this event was still a thing. Here's my photo proof for the Was conquest not enough? trophy. Brb while I go cry during the entire Conquest Ending 😭.
  3. Weeblympics #2: Dragon Ball Z; Battle of Z Nice to finally have a second plat for this event, special thanks to Han, ExHasso & everyone else who helped me with the multiplayer trophies in this game. Not sure which game I'll focus on next, as for the moment I'm just trying to get through my backlog that nevers stops growing . I'm planning on doing a spreadsheet update sometime next week, although with my next CPA course having just started I'm not sure when exactly I'll be getting to it.
  4. Might as well add me to the list of victims participants as well, any chance to get something that @Wdjat Prinny Doods doesn't have works for me , and the Weeblympics gainz will be helpful as well .
  5. Wow it's been a long time since I've posted here, but FINALLY I have a new letter to add to my collection. Still need to go for the remaining elusive letters (Like Q), but could you add XBlaze Lost: Memories to my list?
  6. Wow I haven't posted here for awhile . It's been so long that Kent has actually passed me for 1st place, but it's time for me to focus and get back into action. For now, I'm just gonna post my most recent plat as Shana already has the ones I earned over the past few months recorded: #111: Saint's Row IV: Re-elected Rarity: 17.34%
  7. Been awhile since my last update, but I had an exam to study for so I was busy between studying for that and trying to get through this backlog. I started playing Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z and got most of the trophies in it, including most of the online ones thanks to a very successful boosting session. I've also managed to make alot of progress in Gran Turismo 6, which is probably the easiest Gran Turismo game I've ever played, hopefully I can finish this game in the next month or 2. Finally, after getting my 7,000th trophy earlier today, I also managed to plat Heavy Rain after trying the game again for the first time in years on Saturday, thanks to the trophy guide on this site I was able to do Perfect Crime and all of the Endings with little issue. Not sure which game I'll focus on next, but for now here's all of my updated stats:
  8. I just started the game this morning and joined your session, I'll try to have all the characters I need unlocked for the start of the boosting session 👍 I'll also try to have the Weeblympics Spreadsheet updated by then as well, as I never got through my last update fully and that was a couple weeks ago.
  9. After focusing almost exclusively on the game for the last 3 weeks, I've finally managed to 100% Fallout New Vegas. While I really enjoyed spending time wandering the desert exploring things, I was really glad to have finally completed this game that's been in my backlog for over 7 years. The only other thing I made progress in in relation to this event was hitting the $1 million mark in Farming Simulator, and spending a day installing GT 6 (well, more like 10 hours but still a long time), a game which I might add to this list later on. Anywho, here's the list of my updated stats:
  10. *Checks in on the Weeblympics Thread* *Remembers that I haven't updated much in a few weeks* Hey everyone, sorry for the long delay in any sort of response on this thread, I took abit of a break from updating during the Christmas break and it seems to have extended through to now. This is event is still ongoing and WILL keep going until the 2020 Weeblympics begins, but of course with an event set to last for such a long period of time there will be the occational period of low activity on the thread. Regardless, over the coming few days I hope to have the spreadsheet fully updated with all the information that has been posted in the thread (Ideally before I head into work on Friday morning), as for the OP it looks like I'll have to steal more of @Hertz's lewdz to get him in to update the OP (Hertz has been doing alright as far as I know, just been busy with work and life like alot of us).
  11. Not much to report on in this update, other than that I completed my first game as a part of this challenge last weekend. While waiting around before going to work on Saturday evening I decided to start up Monster Jam Battlegrounds just to see what it was like, shortly after I got home from work on Sunday evening I had obtained the platinum. It's an absolutely terrible game (This coming from a former fan of Monster Jam when I was younger), but alright if you're looking for a quick plat for a trophy comp or something. Also managed to make some progress in Fallout New Vegas: Completed the Honest Hearts DLC, did some challenges from the GRA DLC, and managed to find an easy way to get 50 pickpockets thanks to the Trophy Guide on this website. Here's all of my updated stats:
  12. Quick update for me, I've been fairly sick all week so I haven't been able to do much, but I did manage to pop some trophies in Neptuina mk2, along with finish the online to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen thanks to Darkb1ke (A game which I will add to my list as soon as I post this). Also been playing alot of Farming Simulator the past couple days, just relaxing and harvesting some crops , along with trying to find the 1 Horseshoe I missed. Hopefully I can make abit more progress in my games this coming week, might try to finish off Transformers while I'm in the mood for it 👍
  13. Hey there everyone, sorry that I dropped off the face of this thread for a few months, I've been really busy between work, my CPA studies, Weeblympics & other things. Just wanted to give a quick final update on my progress: I failed my goal of reducing my unstarted games in spectactular fashion, but at least I was able to demolish my previous Plat record with 44 of them this year, also managed to blow past my goal for S ranks by ending the year with 117 of them, enough to bring my average rank up from an "A" to an "S". I was able to bring my A's down to below 50 as well, while the rest of my grades.... Are a work in progress. Thanks for helping to inspire me this year to finish alot of my games off, enjoy the rest of 2017!
  14. Been meaning to join in on the fun for about a week now, but it's time to stop being lazy and actually post a list . Some of these are games that I'm almost done with, while some are games that I haven't even installed yet, don't expect to finish every game here but I'm gonna try anyway 👌. I'll try to do this in order of % completed, keyword being try:
  15. Just to alleviate the confusion that Rule 12 has caused: Me and Hertz talked about this rule back in October and decided that the rule should be reworded to fit how we've been enforcing it since the event began. Of course Hertz got distracted by Lewdz or something and the rule has yet to be updated, however I've got Hertz's lewdz held hostage until he updates the OP and fixes that rule. Basically, as long as you platinum a game "while it is under 5.5% rarity" it will count regardless of how long it's actually been out, there have been a couple instances of this happening already and each time we have counted the platinum for that person, so to make it fair for everyone we decided to change the rule to reflect this. Again apologies for the confusion this rule has caused, hopefully this will help prevent anymore confusion in the future. Now for event update stuff: The Spreadsheet (which again, can be found here) has been updated up to ~28th of November (took me a few days to do inbetween work and whatnot), and I'm helping Hertz with the OP update so that everyone's lists should reflect their spreadsheet entries when he updates it. As for myself I started playing Yakuza 0 a couple days ago and have been really enjoying it so far, hoping I can get it (or another Weeblympics plat) done while I'm on break from my CPA courses 👍.